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My Little Monster High School Of The Dead Kampfer Watamote Attack On Titan Future Dairys Denpa Kyoushi K Death Note Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Kill La Kill The World God Only Knows Corpse Party Another Ben-To Re:Zero Orange Sweetness And Lightning Taboo Tatoo New Game @nicocoup @Ritu
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very good taste
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@StephenMorse Okay good 馃槀 I love my list so far. Watch 122 if you haven't yet
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@Alcides13 ok then
a year agoReply
@StephenMorse You will not regret 馃槀
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Fairy tail Food Wars Sacred Blacksmith black bullet yona of the dawn dragonaut raigun index to lov ru highschool of the dead hogscool dxd sekeri free eyeshield 21 kurukos basketball the world god only knows Hitman reborn clannad golden time freezing toradora tomyo ghoul one punch man soul eater summer wars higurashi FMA love live AKB0048 sailor moon witchblade deadman wonderland attack on titan control
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i have more but didnt want to type them all
a year ago