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This is honestly my favorite pic of Jimin.♡
It's no lie that our Jimin is charming, talented and beautiful inside and out. A star indeed, but my FAVORITE picture of Jimin is.....


There is just something about Jimin's natural beauty that drives me crazy!♡ Even if he wasn't an idol id find myself attracted to him. :) I have always loved his eyes and that's probably the first thing i noticed about him. ^_^ *Just a random thought i wanted to share with you guys :) *
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Dude that smile would've have melted my heart.
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@AlittleJoy omg this is just too adorable
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I seriously can't understand how can people say mean things to him. Just look at him! he's such precious cinnamon bun!
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Exactly!! 😢 He is so beautiful! 🙂🙂🙂
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@EverieMisfit its sooo hard to compreheND HOW TF HE GOES FROM CUTE TO SEXY AND BACK AGAIN I JUST
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It's his super power haha
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in my opinion all idols look better natural
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