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The wet hairstyle makes her look somewhat younger and cute. I don't know why the creators didn't use this hairstyle instead of the original.
I'm sorry for being absent for some time. I recently had a sudden death in the family and was kinda depressed about it. I'm okay now and ready to upload some more cards! Thank you for being patient with me.
I'm thinking of making an absence card in the future case something like this happens.
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I love it
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Is it just me or does she look like Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist just with pink hair.........
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@SaraHanna that's so true 馃槀 Although now I'm used to the Wrath in the Brotherhood series 馃槀
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wet hairstyle is pretty awesome
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Team Rocket blasting off again oh wait that didn't good thing pikachu is not around
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