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Hello guyyyyys!!! So I'm here again with another Fanfic Appereciation card. Right now its 12am and I'm not asleep yet because work got me all wired up to sleep. hehehe Anyways!!! So this week I read this on her Wattpad account instead of on here. If you wanna follow me you can @MyBabyBamBam. Today's Author: @JesseWang90 Fanfic: Scared Of Falling For Him Group: Got7 Description: The main character gets sent to south korea by her parents know nothing. They already bought her a apartment and got her school ready for her. When she arrives, she meets Jackson but doesn't know that he is in Got7. Plus Jackson is scared to tell her that he is an idol because of the last relationship he was in didn't turn out well. Which leads to the ex-girlfriend comes back who is also her best friend, sets up the main character with JungKook. I'll just say things got heated real quick between those two. But as they were together. The main character couldn't push her feelings away she has for Jackson so that is when she finally learns the truth behind everything. What I think: I really like the plot behind the story. Its different from other Got7 fanfics I read. Although I don't read alot of Got7 fanfics. I enjoyed this Fanfic very much and I hope you all can check it out. I'll be back next time Bye!!!!!
I have to check this one out!
Jess!!! is awesome I made her card cover lol xD