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This week we are looking back and remembering who our first bias was? Is he still your bias or did you bias someone before than who you do now?
As for me Jungkook captured my attention but it didn't last long because my eyes went to V almost immediately when I first laid eyes on BTS.
And it stayed that way for few solid months until SUGA decided to snatch my soul with his intense rapping but super gummy smile.
But when Dope came out Jungkook shoved them both out of the way with his police baton and assumed his rightful place as solid bias.
Since then it hasn't changed at all and I couldn't be any happier! Except those damn heart attacks when he does something sexy UGH WHY KOOKIE?!??
Who was your first BTS bias and is it still him or someone else now? Feel free to comment! Kookie Monsters @NaughTAE @staceyholley @VeronicaArtino @ChelseaAustin @SaiT @Emealia @sarahdarwish @herreravanessa9 @DestinaByrd @AlloBaber @LaynicornLay @PrincessUnicorn @RihannaTiaMay @KatieRussell @SugalessJams @ILikeHisFace123 @heidichiesa @SugaOnTop @katiems @DesireeChucklez @jaebug @moonchild03 @terenailyn @xsandos17 @SarahVanDorn @11erinmims @kpopandkimchi @JinsPrincess86 @Tigerlily84 @PrettieeEmm @byeolbit @ChelseaJay @KellyOConnor @poojas @VixenViVi @StephanieDuong @KDramaKPop1015 @MadAndrea @VIPforever123 @fallchild @solodaywithB1A4 @SimplyAwkward @MorleeCorielus @JaxomB @ARMYStarlight @luna1171 @AgentLeo @Roxt1903 @amandamuska @GDsGF @amobts @sherrysahar @kpopdeluxegirl @CheyenneJesse @KaceyDodge @MyaIsNotSexy @DeniseiaGardner @abiersack666 @Taehyungkey @BtsIsLife @Bitterlimelight @KpopQueenaBee @Rhia @Kieuseru @sherrysahar @VIPFreak2NE1 @yewookyu @Kyokeo @JohnEvans @taetaebaozi @RainaC3 @reyestiny93 @terenailyn @LilySilver @KpopGaby @heidichiesa @KeziahWright @Dabaesaplayer @ShimJooKyung @SamanthaRae19 @DawanaMason @destiny1419 @AlloBaber @SugalessJams @ninjamidori @PrettieeEmm @JadeOwens @Helixx @Dabaesaplayer @Ercurrent @KwonOfAKind @JasminMartinez @torchix @jessicacheung97 @MandyNoona @jaykook @HarperKennett @DawanaMason @btsgotshinee @AdiaJasinski @shisuschrist @SugaMint @KokoroNoTakara @saraortiz2002 @tinathellama @wordlesseyes @ChelseaGarcia @externallyeli @imahurrucane @amberg171997 @ArmyofKookie @JordanShuler @SunshineChang @tazneemhinnawl @mrsjeon @NancyVongvilay @LexiMintkgtopty @kpopbunny9 @ManaiaPio @LizaNightshade @clstap1 @Defy24601 @Chocolat09 @KaiJae @Dalicity @BetseyBleau @IsoldaPazo @LinnyOk @AnnieGoodman
my was jungkook at first then it was suga back to jungkook again then finally v
my first ever bias in bts was jin yeah I said 'was' because now they are all my bias u can't have just one or is that only me? lol anyway I love them all! ❤ they are all just to loveable
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@VKookie47 exactly!
who did I not bias in the beginning? hahaha j - hope and Jin were first place but over the years once I saw them in person it's still hard to choose but rap monster is my ultimate bias I love him so much and it's also a bonus that he does heart to u :)
Jungkook caught my attention first, but then it was Jimin and V that made me stay, and then Suga became my first bias 😂😂
mine was jungkook then j-hope came in and went hello sunshine here needed it for a good four years of high school and now it is Jungkook Jin and Jimin fighting for first while v is on the side like hey I'll be number 1 for now
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