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READ ALL DETAILS HERE... Valley Location rush September Min Ho heirs Tachi (article) ★ Lee This news early in the morning. With joy, ~ ~ ~ I wanted to see soon It is scheduled to depart on September 3. Besides, I stay for three months. Overseas location It is a long time. Is it the first time in two years, Min-ho? Information from the United States, fun! Ah ~ ~ ~ you can not wait anymore Article Lee Min Ho - Park Shin Hye departure in September, 'heir' Valley Location rush Actor Lee Minhopaku Cine Crystal is leaving for the United States. 'If you try to use the crown of, please withstand the weight - heir' Mizuki new mini-series of SBS these, shoot for (heir screenplay Kim Unsuku, direction Kanshinhyo, below), the 3rd September, U.S. I go up on a plane bound for. Production staff made a preliminary inspection already "last month. Official of the 'heir' to shoot about three weeks, Lee Minhopaku-Cine, plans to proceed with the image, such as Malibu Beach United States and LA. Amount taken in the United States, was published in the first half of "heir". It is a plan in mind that attract the attention of the viewing public Reflect the luxurious lives of children of chaebol family. "Heir" is a trendy draw friendship and love of high school students of the wealthy. The mole can spread harmony with these heirs of chaebol family, heirs of the luxury resort, heir of power inherited the poverty. Lee Hye Minhopaku
not 100% sure but they are suppossed to be there in early september. @dramacrazy bit i won't have the money to get there by then :-(
@StephiiKins, @mheekell, hey I'm in So Cal. I want to see them. exactly when in September?
i wanna go 2 but i don't think i can :(
wow, lucky...all my family is on the east coast and in Florida. so i would have to get a hotel
Air Canada.. Coz im in Toronto.. Thats why i always wish he come to NY atleast a bit cheaper.. I can take Coach bus just $150 only.. And i have relative there to stay.. Lol
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