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RM Day!
Its is officially Namjoon's birthday in Korea! Happy Birthday to the greatest mastermind in this century so far. My love for you is never ending. To celebrate his special day let's look at two concepts. First, his airport fashion. Second, if Namjoon had an instagram account they would be covered with this photos.
Airport fashion. Always looking amazing even if dresses in suits to soft sweats
I swear, I am ok with this. You know I would follow you. But your seclas and having the other members take your photos for you, you are always flawless.
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listening to his mixtape on repeat
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I really really really like this card~!! 😍 It's really organized and amazing lol sorry if that was weird. Proceed with your day πŸ˜…
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Yeah, it looks very good 😊
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Love (most of) his airport fashion!!!! And he looks so good in all of those pictures!! Rap Mon is the best!!!! πŸ˜†
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