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Hello friends! Part five is here! So I haven't decided yet, but there might only be one more after this chapter. It depends on how the next one ends. This chapter gets romantic, much more serious than its been. Enjoy!! Part one Part two Part three Part four ~all photos from Google, ©where its due!
You paced anxiously with your phone in your hand. Looking back at the large clean windows to check your appearance multiple times. You were doing anything you could to keep your cool, biting your nails, twirling your hair, picking at the hem of your pants. You were on the verge of freaking out and running when you heard footsteps. You turn to see a tall slim figure standing only a few feet away from the spot your feet were firmly cemented to. Feeling your stomach drop and your skin go white, you gasped loud enough for the figure to hear. Your heart beat out of your chest when a familiar voice broke the silence. "Y/n? Is that you?" The voice spoke. Without thinking you dropped your things and ran to the man, wrapping your arms tightly around his middle. You were instantly intoxicated by his scent. After what felt like an eternity, you felt his cool hands on your waist. He wrapped you in himself. He placed his head in the crook of your neck and spoke against your skin. "You can't actually be here. I'm having anther dream. I'm going to wake up any second in my bed." He said with a sadness in his voice. Feeling like you needed to prove that you were more than some ghostly figure thought up by Namjoons brain, you pinched him hard on the back of the neck. He yelled in pain and released you from his grip. A look of pure confusion on his face. You burst into laughter as he rubbed the back of his neck. It wasn't long before he was chuckling along with you. He quickly took you back in his arms, this time in a rougher way. Like you would float away and disappear if his grip was any less tight. "I'm here oppa. I'm really here." You said, digging into his back with tears in your eyes. "You really are, my jagi. You're really in my arms. I don't want to let go." His scratchy voice cracked as he finished. After your long hug he led you to a bench nearby. You explained that you had been here for a week, and that Australia was a lie so you could surprise him. What you failed to mention was that you thought about him all day every day since arriving. You thought it would be best to keep that to yourself. "Y/n I can't believe you pulled this off so well. I must admit, I was getting a bit depressed that I couldn't really talk to you. But this! This is 100 times better than a text or phone call." He said slowly reaching for your hand. "Now I can actually feel you." He finished, looking to the ground. You tangled your fingers around his, as those lovely butterflies woke up once again. You analyzed every inch of his face. Every pore and freckle and hair that weren't visible in pictures or broadcasts. You wanted nothing more than to kiss his beautiful lips, and cheeks, and forehead. You hadn't realized you were staring at his lips until they started moving. You quickly looked up to see him smiling like a fool. "Staring at my lips? Hmm? Is that a hint or something jagi?" He said placing a hand on your waist and pulling you closer, teasing your already fragile person. "W-what n-no. Of course not!" You said turning away to hide your reddened cheeks. He chuckled and let go of you. Standing up, he grabbed your purse and spoke in a low tone. "As much as I would love to keep you all to myself, I should bring you inside to say hello to the boys. Maybe you can even meet our manager Hyung! If you're up for it. I'm sure they'd all be amazed and excited that you're here. But not as excited as I am. You're my Jagi after all." He finished, putting emphasis on 'my', almost babbling. You giggled and grabbed his hand, pulling him back towards the building. You walked confidently until you realized you had no idea where you were going. So you slowed your pace and let Namjoon take the lead. You stepped into an elevator and he pressed the button for the third floor. The elevator stopped at the second, and a crowd of people huddled in, causing you to hug Namjoon once more. He casually placed his arm around your shoulders. When you got to the third floor, you exited the group with his arm still around you. After walking down a long clean hallway, you arrived at a door. "Let me go in first. I'll try to keep them calm. I'll yell for you when you can come in." He said. He then ruffled your hair with his large hands, and disappeared behind the door. You leaned against the wall, listening to the commotion behind it. After ten minutes of yelling too fast for you to understand, you heard Namjoon call your name from behind the door. You gave yourself a once over, to the best of your abilities with the lack of a mirror, and slowly opened the door. As soon as you entered the room, you were surrounded. The boys engulfed your small figure in a tight group hug. Tears threatened to spill once again as you felt a sense of home. More at home than you've ever felt. Namjoon stood back and smiled for a moment, then began pulling the boys from you. You all made yourselves comfortable on the floor and they began asking you questions all at once. Trying to sound as confident as you possibly could, you spoke up. "Oh gosh! Guys! One at a time! I couldn't understand you all even if you were speaking English." You said, rendering them all silent. They were surprised at your nearly perfect Korean. Even your teacher Namjoon. Feeling proud, the eight of you chatted for a few hours. In the middle of your conversation, there was a knock on the door. The boys quickly rose to their feet and stood in a wall in front of you. The butterflies turned to nerves as the wall of men in front of you spoke in a much more formal tone than before. You knew instantly that their manager was the one that walked in.
After a small conversation, Namjoon spoke up and asked his Hyung if the two of them could speak outside. The manager agreed and the two of them. Left the room. You took a deep breath and plopped to the floor. The remaining six members followed suit. You continued your conversation for about fifteen minutes. You heard shuffling behind the door, and got to your feet as soon as the manager barged through the door. Before you even realized what was happening, he had you in a tight embrace. Tears threatened to spill from your eyes, again, as you hugged him back. You didn't expect him to act the way he did. He broke away and held your hands as he spoke. "I'm honored to finally meet you, y/n! Namjoon has told me so much about you! I'm glad you can make him so happy. This surprise must have taken a lot of planning." You smiled in reply, and spoke up. "The honor is all mine, the boys have told me a lot about you as well, sir! Trust me, Namjoon oppa makes me happier than he knows. I wait all day for messages from him." You said, looking to the ground and feeling shy when the manager cooed at your sweet remark. "And no, the surprise was very spur of the moment actually. The only hard part was staying strong and keeping it from Namjoon." The manager made himself comfortable on the couch and had you sit next to him as the boys took their place on the floor. Conversation started quickly as they all spoke highly of you, telling their manager all about you. You couldn't help but feel awkward and flattered. Namjoon, who was sitting Indian style in front of you, sensed your discomfort and pulled you into his lap, earning a loud gasp from you. Normally you would fight sitting on someone's lap, but you settled in so easily that you didn't even bother. After quietly asking him if you were too heavy and receiving an eager 'of course not jagi', you tuned back into the conversation around you. Namjoon snaked his arms around your waste, and folded his large hands on your lap. You, in turn, placed your much smaller hands on his. Holding tightly to his index finger. At times, keeping up with the fast paced conversation would become too much for you. You would periodically take a break and rest your head back on Namjoon chest for a few moments. When you would return to your original position, you could feel Namjoon eyes burning into your back. The manager finally brought you back into the group by asking what made you want to come visit. You told him about your job, and how your boss never failed to give you amazing opportunities to see new places. And when she told you the gym in Seoul needed your expertise, you jumped at the offer. "Not only have I always wanted to see South Korea, I also felt like I needed to see Namjoon and the boys again." Lowering your head and voice, you began playing with Namjoons hands, and continued your speak. "I've always loved the group, but when I had that once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with Namjoon, I felt special. I started talking to Rap Monster, but I quickly got to know Kim Namjoon. The everyday, normal man, not just the famous idol rapper. That doesnt happen often. I don't usually put myself out there and talk to people, let alone someone as famous as Kim Namjoon. When he spoke to me, I didn't feel like just another fan. He made me feel like a friend. He actually tried to break my walls and learn about who I was. That doesn't ever happen. There's a connection between us that I've never known. And I can say that because I know he knows exactly what I'm talking about." You finished, you knew you were babbling, but your brain wouldn't let you stop. Soon you saw the manager crouching in front of you. He lifted your head and wiped the tears you hadn't realized you cried from your pink cheeks. Namjoons grip on you tightened, and you rose to your feet. Fussing with your hair and playing with your hands, you stood there awkwardly, quickly realizing you said too much. The rest of the members stood as your tiny, hushed english voice cracked through the silence.
"I-i'm sorry. I-i said too much. I tend to get really emotional when I'm talking about things I care about." You said in almost a whisper. You sniffled a few times. When you looked up from your hands, you jumped as you saw how close Namjoon was to you. He pushed your loose hair behind your ear and spoke just as quietly as you had, as if the two of you were the only ones in the room. "Y/n, I do feel that connection, only stronger. You have no idea how much I care for you. I can't bring myself to tell you just yet, but in the time you're here with me, maybe I can show you. Don't ever feel like you're being too emotional or open with me. I love your mind. I love hearing you talk and ramble like no one is listening. Your quiet voice as you rant about everything and nothing is music to my ears. You'll never know how often I get the chills when you're doing nothing but being you." He says in his broken English, while keeping his eyes locked on yours. You were speechless. For once, your mind was quiet. That or your thoughts were racing so fast you could hear them. Whatever it was, you felt calm in his presence. Your eyes wandered from his. First to his beautiful lips, that you wanted nothing more than to feel against yours. Then to his shoulders, strong and comforting. Next his arms and hands, that were placed on your hips so gently, it seemed as if he was worried you would break. As your gaze met Namjoons once again, your body went limp. He held tight to you as you sobbed into his shoulder. Namjoon ran his cool fingers through your long hair and down your hot back, giving you chills, as he whispered a soft 'sh' into your ears, instantly calming you. The other members quickly made themselves a part of the moment Namjoon and you were sharing, wrapping themselves around the two of you. After a moment you felt someone tickling your neck. You jumped, and wiggled yourself out of the group hug. Hobi followed at a fast pace, revealing his identity of the mystery tickler. A game broke out as you ran to keep away from his hands. Bangtan joined in one by one, trying to catch and tickle you. They didn't realize just how quick and slippery years of dance had made you, because not one was able to get a grip on you before they all plopped to the ground in exhaustion. You followed their lead and laid on the cool floor to catch your breath, far enough away that should they get a second wind, they couldn't reach. "I have an idea! How about we skip practice for the rest of the night and take y/n to our favorite restaurant? We can take her to a couple touristy shopping spots afterwards if she would like. I doubt she's had much time to be a tourist with work." Manager said after a short silence. Jungkook was the first to his feet, yelling 'gogi gogi gogi!' In excitement. You took a step towards the overly excited Maknae and patted his head with a smile on your face. "I would absolutely love that! I haven't eaten all day today, I was too nervous. I didn't want to get too excited or nervous and puke as soon as I saw Namjoon." You said, followed by a nervous giggle. Chaos ensued around you as the members scrambled to get their things that were scattered around the room. You sat on the couch with your bag in your lap, waiting patiently. With the excitement of the day, you had completely forgotten just how hungry you were. You smiled at the enthusiasm of the seven men around you. They playfully pushed one another around like they had never been to a restaurant before. The manager took your hand and escorted you from the room.
"I thought a moment of calm quiet would be nice for you, so you can stand with me while I make the reservation." He said with a smile. He pressed a number into his phone and walked away, speaking quickly. He returned after a moment. "All set! We will have a private table waiting for us. With no worries of disruption from the curious eyes of bts fans." He said, reminding you of a question you had for him. "Oh! Manager oppa, I've been meaning to ask you! What made you decide it was okay for Namjoon to contact me? Weren't you worried of the possible consequences? What the fans would think if they found out? And this dinner, what if any of the fans see me with the eight of you? I don't know what I would do if I was the cause of any problems for the boys or their company." You said, obvious discomfort in your face. "Y/n, the boys may live their life in the public eye, and of course they have a reputation to uphold. But they are adults. They are all capable of working out problems with fans, Namjoon especially. He's the leader for a reason. And I'm positive that if an issue would arise, the other members would take a stand and help, because its clear that they all care for you a lot. More than you know. More than what makes sense for only knowing you personally for such a short time. The fans of BTS can be crazy, but if they saw that there was someone truly making a member happy in a way they can't, they would suck it up and accept it. Theres only one point I want to make to you. You're young, beautiful, and outstandingly talented. If your intentions are to be with Namjoon in a way that's more than friends, you have my complete blessing. But you would have to do things my way, because I know what's best for the company and Bangtan as a whole. But thats not an immediate concern, I'm sure. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. What I feel you need to know, is something I'm sure you've thought about. Like I said, the fans would accept you eventually. But you would most definitely have some problems in the beginning." He said, placing his hands on your clammy shoulders. "The Namjoon Stans all over the world will feel like you're cheating them of an opportunity they never really had. Just the same if Taehyung or Yoongi, or any of the members announced they were seeing someone. There's no telling the kind of hate you will get. I wholeheartedly believe that you have enough love for Namjoon, and that you're strong enough to get through it with the added support of the other members and myself. But, you could still be attacked, that's the reason I want to do it my way. Something like releasing pictures of you with the group first, having Namjoon retweet something of yours, posting a picture of you on one social media site or another. Start small, and work our way up." He finished with an enthusiastic smile on his face. You nodded your head in agreement. You have most definitely thought about the back lash, but never enough to scare yourself. You didn't want to get it in your head, because you swore you weren't going to be one of those girls that let's other people define your relationship. If you were on equal ground with Namjoon, and the two of you decided to take the next step, nothing was going to stop you. You agreed with everything the manager said, about the other members caring about you enough to stand up for you, and his method of announcing things. The manager went to the rehearsal room to move the boys along, leaving you alone in the hall with your thoughts. "He made plenty of good points, and even told me some things I hadn't thought about. But why would he bring it all up now? Does Namjoon want a relationship with me? Has he said something? He told me he cares for me a lot, but he's not ready to tell me how much. What does that mean?" You snapped out of your thoughts just as the boys piled out of the rehearsal room. Namjoon took his place at your side, your bag thrown over his shoulder. You thanked him for grabbing it and tried to retrieve the bag from his arm, only to get denied. "I got this, babe." He said with a wink. He then placed his arm around your waist and rested his hand against your hip, holding tight. It sat so comfortably, almost as though your hips were made for his arms. The manager lead the walk outside to the car that he had waiting. The two of you close behind, followed by the rest of the group. Everyone was engulfed in their own conversations. You overheard Yoongi and Jungkook talking about how excited they were for lamb skewers. The fan girl inside you giggled, knowing just how excited they were. ~Namjoons pov~ I looked down to see her smiling to herself again. I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking about this time. I still can't believe she's here. With my arm around her. The beautiful woman that had stolen my heart so quickly it made me dizzy, was walking out of my entertainment company nuzzled up against me. I was so happy to see how much our manager hyung liked her. How could he not? She's beautiful, passionate, talented, and an overall joy to be around. She lights up my mood even when she's quiet. Her showing up really took me by surprise. When I got that come outside text, I didn't know what to expect. Thank god it was getting dark outside so she couldn't see how teary I got. I hadnt realized I had been staring at her the whole time we had been walking until I almost ran into the door. I was embarrassed until I heard her angelic giggle, calming my nerves. I rustled her hair and chuckled along. Then pressed her head into my chest as we walked to the car. ~Your pov~ The manager got into the driver seat of the black SUV and started the car as the rest of you climbed into the back. You were comfortably sat between Namjoon and Hobi. The car started moving as you put on your seat belt. After a few moments of driving in hushed conversation, you leaned against Namjoon as he placed his hand on your thigh. "You all seem so excited, you don't go out all together like this very often, do you?" You said, looking up at him and placing your cold hand on top of his. "No, we don't go out much at all actually. Were usually so focused on practicing and song writing. We only go out on special occasions." He said, using his free hand to gently play with your hair. "So I'm a special occasion? I'm flattered!" You said in a joking manner. The car broke out in chuckles as they all agreed, you were indeed a special occasion to all of them.
You all had a wonderful time eating, and talking. The manager took lots of pictures of the group hanging on you. You walked out of the restaurant to see a gorgeous sun set. You took a moment to take pictures. Your favorite one was a shot of Namjoon looking at it. He looked like a model. He was so gorgeous it took your breath away. You walked in front of him to get better pictures, and without warning, he was behind you. His arms back where they belonged, around your waist. You took the opportunity to take a selfie with him. The manager called the two of you back so you could get going. Namjoon and you walked back to the car, hand in hand. After a short ride, you were in a crowded area full of stores. Little family owned restaurants and shops, and big named makeup and clothes stores. You walked through the crowds without a care in the world, Namjoons arm still wrapped around your waist. Being in public not only with the boys, but with Namjoon still wrapped around you, gave you a high. You were on top of the world, and nothing could bring you down. You browsed through tons of stores. One by one the members broke off and did their own thing. Namjoon and the manager stayed by your side. Every time you bought something with your own money, the two of them would protest and try to buy it instead. You always won. You later found yourself in a cute little jewelry and souvenir shop. You were so into the items, you didn't notice that Namjoon had left your side. You went off to find him handing money to the little old woman at the counter, bag in hand. You ran up to him and put your hands on his chest. "Oo! What'd you get?! Show me, show me! Please oppa?" You begged in a teasing manner that wasn't you, causing him to chuckle and hug you. "Oh this must be the little lady that you got that stuff for! You make a perfect couple if you don't mind me saying. Have a good night!" Said the woman behind the counter. Namjoon replied with a thank you and goodnight, as he pulled you out of the store. You were still hanging on him but now you had a confused look on your face. "You got me something?" You said, trailing off. He smiled a goofy dimple smile and pulled you tighter against him. "Yes baby, I did! But you don't get to see it until tomorrow. I was thinking maybe I can come to the gym tomorrow while you're working and see you in action. Then I'll give you your gifts, because I have a few more at the dorm." Namjoon said as he pulled up the bts group chat and told them where the two of you were. It was getting late and you had to work in the morning so it was time to go back to your hotel. You moped in reply, but agreed as you yawned. He pulled you into his lap an petted your hair. Everyone met at the car, and you told the manager what hotel you were staying at. As you drove home, you cuddled Namjoon the whole way. Dreading the goodbye that was to come. You pulled up to the hotel and everyone got out with you. You felt an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach as you said goodbye to everyone. Namjoon offered to carry your stuff to your hotel room. You nodded, and held his hand on the way up. You unlocked the door and led him into your room, fingers still interlocked, not wanting to say goodbye. He set your stuff on the floor and without words, wrapped himself around you. You cried yet again, making him hold you tighter. "Thank you for such an amazing day Namjoon. it went better than I could have ever imagined. These tears aren't sad ones, they're happy. I promise!" You said, barely pulling away from his chest. "Don't cry anymore, beautiful. I'll see you tomorrow! And the next day, and the day after that. And every day until you leave, if you're up for it. I haven't even left yet and I'm already excited to see you again. I'm not going to say goodbye, okay babe? I'm just going to walk out." He said, holding your face. You nodded, tears still in your eyes. You closed your eyes for a second taking a deep breath. You suddenly felt warmth on your lips. Your eyes shot open to see Namjoons face against yours. You closed your eyes again, head spinning, taking in the kiss. He pulled away, leaving your body feeling cold. You open your eyes as he walked out the door. Smiling to yourself, you closed the door behind him.
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