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Smut Swearing Rate Mature Angst drama BoyxBoy


Namjoon is an undercover agent who was order to kill the son of the chairman of the most well known and biggest company of Hong Kong. the plan was to eliminate the boy name Jackson before he could become the next to be chairman. it was a simple order but things didn't turn out as plan.. and feeling began to erupt.
'But what if you were to find out my true intention would you still have these undying feeling for me...'
a unercover love story. Need to catch up Part 1
The feeling of the warm water streaming down his body as the steam fills the bathroom and fogs up the mirror, Jackson rakes his fingers through his wet blonde hair as he tilts his head back a bit making it so that the water would fall against his face and wash away the stress of yesterday. Jackson then hangs his head low as he stared at the shower floor. While the water hits the back of his head and neck using one arm as support; places it against the wall in front of him. "Another day with the same story line to play out once again," said Jackson under his breath.  Jackson didn't live a normal childhood; From the moment he learned to walk and talk he was forced to learn manners, math, profit, business, negotiating, etc. Jackson never knew what it was like to be kid, to have fun and get hurt while playing. Make friends in school and eat lunch with them. To hang out with friends after school, Go to a bonfire at night at the beach with a couple of close friends and talk about deep feelings to cry and laugh. Jackson wanted to make precious memories to feel free, to have fun without to worrying about the future. To be able to laugh with joy and amusement while getting in trouble. Jackson just wanted a normal life to smile with so much feeling without it being forced to or pretend. He wanted to be able to set a goal for his future but Jackson’s future was already planned out for him. Jackson was to become the next heir of a very important and power organization. This organization is the most powerful organization in Hong Kong, South Korea and in the U.S. This was the future Jackson was given, the goal he must achieve even though he didn't want to be the heir to the Wang Inc. Jackson’s dream... ah yes his dream was to hear the sound of people chanting his name. To feel that funny excited feeling in the center of his stomach. Jackson wants to see the smiling faces of people as they shouted with excitement as he walks up on stage. To stand up in front of a crowd and singing songs of both sadness and joy.  To be able to create something that will make people smile with joy and scream with excitement. "...I just...I just want to feel happy," Jackson whisper as a single tear slid down his cheek.  Suddenly a knock was heard from the bathroom door; startling Jackson as he was lost in his thoughts. "Young master are you alright?" asks a servant. "mhmm," Jackson respond as he rolled his eyes. "Do you need anything my lord?" "No i'm okay" said Jackson. He didn't like his maids well most of them at least. He knew that they didn't really care about him as a person. They only did their jobs for the money and wouldn’t blink an eye if he was really in danger and his family went bankrupt.  He hated how fake they were it was annoying and frustrating to Jackson. What he hated most though was then they bugged him when he was trying to focus on something or they disturb him while he bathing or using the bathroom. Especially when its constant and someone keeps knocking on the bathroom when you’re trying to take a dump in peace. There are moments when Jackson wants to curse at them. Even more when he has those days when he just wants to be left alone. But Jackson was taught to listen and obey. That way he would become a well-respected leader someday. Another reason why he hated his servants is because they've tende to mock him behind his back. Once Jackson over heard them saying "I can't believe he the next in line instead of his older brother." "Right, He won't survive and end up failing while bringing down the rest of the organization with him." "Damn fool can't do anything on his own." "He is useless." "How pathetic." Their laughter brought pain to his heart because one of the maids was the girl he had strong feelings for. He thought that she cared for him truly not just because she had to but because she wanted to get to know the real Jackson Wang, not the heir of the Wang organization. But he was fooled by love and taken for granted, ever since then he knew that everyone here weren’t truly people he could call "friends." They were only forced playmates to keep him from feeling alone but he only felt lonelier surrounded by people.  "I just want to have someone to laugh with me..." Jackson sighs. Again a sudden bang on the door was heard along with the voice of a woman shouting from behind the locked bathroom door. "Jackson! Open up!" Jackson was startled, nearly falling out of the tub, "Aish! Yah! I can't I just shower in fu-ugh" Jackson slurred as he turned the shower knobs off. "How long does it take you to shower? You take longer than a female! What are you doing in there? Pulling one or what?" "Noona!" He shouted with embarrassment as he wraps a towel around his waist and quickly opening the door. "About time ja- wow what a view!" Seol teased as she ran her fingers across Jackson’s chest and stomach. "Stop that! seriously noona I've told you before to knock it off," said Jackson as he moved her hand away. "Oh stop being such a cry baby," Seol said in a baby tone of voice. "Oh and stop calling me Noona it makes me feel weird I'm not really your older sister." she adds. Jackson rolled his eyes again as he moved Seol aside. "well it makes me uncomfortable when you touch me that way" "but I'm a woman touching you" Seol states,"But your like family to me." Jackson responds "wait... did you just family zone me?" she question with a shock tone of voice. Jackson chuckles at how puzzled Seol as he walked pass her to get to his bedroom. Seol wasn't someone close to jackson she was a child of a friend of his father. Her father was the owner of a large company; one of the second biggest in Korea to be exact. Because of that Seol spent a lot of her time at Jackson’s place since both her parents were busy people and hardly home. Seol would always hang around Jackson. she stuck to his side like glue and followed him everywhere as kids. But as they grow older Jackson got busier and Seol couldn't be with Jackson. but even though Seol was someone who knew Jackson as a child. He never really saw her as a close friend or anything other then a sibling or a child without a home. Reason why Jackson only saw her that way was because he hated how spoil and selfish she is. how Seol only ever mention that she likes Jackson because of his father’s money. he hated people like Seol he couldn't stand her yet he was force to be wed to her. Jackson tried to protest against it but his father refuse to listen to jackson. jackson wanted someone who likes him for who he is. to meet the love of his life and live happily. someone who doesn't care about his family background or if he rich or poor. Someone who make Jackson feel comfortable and loved, someone truly sincere. Jackson stared at himself at his reflection in the mirror as he exhaled heavily. "hate it here... When will I be able to do things I want" he whisper with a sad tone of voice. ~~~ On the way to school Jackson stared out the car window as he let his mind wonder off again. Lately Jackson has been having trouble concentrating and tends to daze out a lot. Sometimes he'd just daydream about nothing or he would've forgotten what it was he thought about. but whatever it is, it's bee been bugging Jackson thought for quite a while. especially today as something is different in air. He wasn't sure what it is but there is something He could feel it in his gut. almost like if something new was about to happen. After getting dropped off at collage Jackson looked for his new classes. While looking down at school map Jackson accidentally bumps into someone on the way to his first class. Suddenly Jackson feels somebody arm wrap around his lower back. Jackson quickly looks up at the person who caught him before he could hit the ground. But the sun light was so bright it blinded Jackson’s vision making it difficult for him to see the boy’s face. "Are you alright?" the boy with a smooth tone of voice asked, his arm still place behind Jackson lower back. "Yeah I’m okay thank you" Jackson responded. "Sorry about running into you, I wasn't looking where I was going.” Jackson apologizes. "Oh no, it’s okay" the boy with red silk like hair said.  Finally getting a good look at the boy in front of him Jackson was in awe at how handsome the boy was. Let alone that smile that formed with such a cute dimple upon his cheeks. Let’s not forget how tall and long his legs were and those wide slim shoulders that fit perfectly with his body. He even had a nice side curve for a guy. "is he even human?" Jackson mumbles, "excuse me?" "oh. uh. no. ummm.. nothing." Jackson smiled awkwardly. "My name is Jackson by the way" he introduces himself as he extended his hand out. "You can call me NamJoon" the boy smiled again, so warmly your heart could skip a beat. "So jackson was it" Namjoon confirms as they begin to walk the same direction. "I take it you've heard of me or know who I am right" Jackson said. "should I?" Namjoon questioned. "you don't?" Jackson respond shock at the fact that Namjoon didn't know who Jackson was and how his family is. "I mean If I should will sorry because I don't" "no no its fine actually I'm kinda happy you don't " said Jackson as a small smile appeared upon his face. Namjoon watched as Jackson continued to walk to his class as a smirk grow. "this is going to be easy" Namjoon exclaim under his breathe. Jackson turns to look behind me and notice the way Namjoon look at him. something didn't feel right about Namjoon but what could it be? shrugging his shoulder and light shaking his head Jackson didn't bother to think to much about it and ignore the strange feeling in his stomach.
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