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For those of you that saw my card before I took it down, I got released early from that place! Also, since I've been waiting for this day, I am posting chapter 1 of my new series, In A Relationship with BTS! On another note, I already chose which other groups I will be doing these series with. If you're wondering about this series, please go here! x This story contains the following; -Abuse (physical and mental) -Violence -Depression/ Suicidal (maybe) -Language -Sexual content (This is a huge maybe since I don't usually write these things.) -Mentions of religion (I am not downgrading religion of any kind. The main character is a religious person.) Read at your own consent. Follow the collection here! x
She looked up at the dark ceiling for what seemed like the millionth time. Her banded hands clutching the other with what little strength her bones had. She closed her eyes slowly and started mumbling her words, praying when her father came down to the basement where she was being kept. He looked at her figure, eyes full of disgust and hatred. "Tsk. Good for nothing," he mumbled loud enough for her to hear. His words have been nothing but a knife to her heart. He always said those words without thinking twice, and even though she has heard them too many times, it still hurt her. She opened her eyes as he walked towards the shelf near the wall with different supplies and as he bent down, a key fell out of his pocket. At the same time, his hands moved around the items clouding the sound of the key hitting the ground. Feeling hopeful, she quietly she moved slowly towards the key, grabbing it with her skinny fingers. Not wasting any time, she placed the key into the keyhole and fumbled with it a few times before it was unlocked. As soon as she was free, she dashed out of the room, as quietly as possible of course. Once outside the house, a yell was heard throughout the cursed house. Her father knew she had escaped. Ruth// Everything could have worked out if only I would have paid attention. Now I'm running for my life. What's going to happen to me? I can't let them get to me! Suddenly a severe pain shoots up through my leg. Quickly looking down, I see that I am bleeding. The sound of the gun shot just before, makes me realize that I have been shot. Another gun shot is heard and it hits the tree next to me. I scream as it takes me by surprise. I ignore the pain in my leg and run. I run and run without turning back. The adrenaline renewed Every time I heard a sound. Before I know it, I'm stepping on pavement. A light from my peripheral vision on the right, indicates that there is a car coming. My hopes finally going up that I'll survive quickly arise. I raise my hands, "Help!" I tell out. The car slows down and a smile reaches my face. I stumble towards the car, the pain coming back into my leg. A gun shot is heard, and everything goes black. . . . Tabitha// Ruth ran out of the woods, damn. That bitch is fast. A light came out from the left and my eyes widened as I realized that it was a car. I took out my gun as she stood in front of the slowing car and aimed. If I can't catch her, might as well kill her. I pulled the trigger and her body fell forward. I laughed loudly to myself and then ran back to the her father's place. ~ "You shot her!?" Gilbert started, "I fucking trusted you, you piece of trash!" He paced around the room. He then stopped. "You said that someone came to her aid, correct?" I nodded my head. "She might've gotten help and probably survived... make sure that she's alive or dead. If she's alive, bring her to me." "What if she's dead?" I questioned. "Then you're dead." . . . Ruth// Everything seemed to hurt, but at the same time I couldn't feel anything. Am I alive? Or am I dead? Slowly, painfully slowly, my senses were coming to me and I could hear people talking. "Where did you find her?" One voice asked. "We were driving passed some woods and she suddenly came out. Before any of us could get out of the car, she was shot." A deep voice responded. They continued talking, but I paid no attention. I focused on my body before anything else. 'One finger at a time...' I thought to myself as I tried moving my index finger. After about five minutes, two of my fingers were able to move. I heard a door open and close. I started panicking and started screaming in my head to open my eyes or move my bones. A few seconds passed and I managed to open my eyes. Brown eyes looked back at my grey ones. His eyes widened and the corners of his lips outstretched, showing his dimples. I tried voicing out my thoughts, but I couldn't muster out a single sound. The boy stood up from his sitting position and looked down on me, the smile on his face never leaving. It was almost comforting. "My name is Namjoon," he stated. He raised his hand and I found myself flinching and my eyes showing my exact emotion; fear. His own eyes widened as he saw my expression, and he took a step back, "No! No! I was just going to fix my hair... I would never do something like that..." His expression showed that of immense sadness and I found myself believing in him. I opened my mouth again and tried speaking, "Where... am... I?" I managed out. His expression from before came back, but this time his eyes were sparkling. "You're safe now."
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