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Hi Babies Resident JenNakta here:

I'm going to combine the weeks, since I missed alot. I'm trying to take today to get caught up on everything.

❧ 1: A-Tom ♡

A-Tom to me is an adorable arrogant floofball. He does have one of the prettiest smiles I have ever seen.

❧ 2: B-Joo ♡

☆☆ B-Joo is one of my favorite dancers in Topp Dogg. When they say Stan Talent, Stan Topp Dogg, well you should. B-Joo is highly talented.

❧ 3: Hojoon ♡

Beautiful Hojoon in glasses ♡ and Spams.

❧ 4: Xero

Xero is one of my favorites aside from my bebes. ♡

❧ 5: Yano

Yano is just adorable. Case closed.

❧ 6: Nakta {Hubbywubbs} (๑♡3♡๑)

Nakta has legit some of the best facial expressions ever. He's Quiet, but you can basically tell what he's thinking with his expressions.

He's my tall Giraffe ♡


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B-joo is my sweetheart ❤
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yes! He so is 😍
a year ago
I need to do this still. I LOVE IT WIFEY
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No problem, Love!
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