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Zootopia • Black❤️Jack Part lll✨

Parts one & two! Part lll Subtitle is "Chasing Hearts"

Art by Rem289❤️ Story by aoimotion✨

I love this comic so much!!!! thank you for the tag!
You're welcome!!!😁❤️I will be tagging everyone again once the new part comes out!
Thanks so much again for tagging me!! This is so freaking adorable!! 😊😊
Yes ma'am!!😊❤️ I will tag you whenever they reveal the next one!!
Awesome!!!!! Thank You!! 😁
Absolutely adorable! Thank you for tagging me!
You're welcome!!❤️❤️❤️I can't wait to see what's next! I will definitely tag you!!
Yaaaaay!! Seeing talent like this on display, I would honestly buy this if you guys ever turn this into a comic book.
tag me please
Tag me plz
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