2 years ago500+ Views 20 question was What anime character gets on my nerves!? So I already people will disagree with me and probably give me a little hate because of this but this is my own opinion so yeah.
Naruto and Saskue from Naruto! This show is great and has some of the best fights around...but I can't watch it because I can't stand the 2 main people of it. Simply put, Naruto I'd just ANNOYING and Saskue is just a huge IDIOT!
And the main character from Guilty Crown, Ouma Shu! I loved this show and recommend it to any who haven't seen it but Shu pisses me off from the beginning all the way to the end!!
Okay okay let me hear it! I'll just leave it at that! Tagging below! (If you wish to be added let me know) @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @otakudemon10 @biancadanica98 @belakttocs @SAMURXAI @MissHitachiin
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Dude im with you on Sasuke. i have come to love Naruto, annoying as he is, but Sasuke is a whiny selfish bitch. and i havent seen guilty crown. i hear good things though
Lol They are two of the 3 reasons why I don't watch Naruto, the 3rd is cause to many fillers! Guilty Crown is really good I loved it, just not the main character Shu, he had some moments where he was really cool but most the time he just pisses me off! You should give it a wach!