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Hi guys I miss you all! I am here to inform you what will be happening for all the games/collections I have done here on Vingle... so without further adue let's get started!
All the fun games I have made on my Collections Pokèmon, and Guess that Anime Character, will be move to the weekends so that way we have someone fun to look forward to on the weekends RIGHT!! Pokemon Go: I no longer have the app for it since I haven't been using it but I will be posting either helpful hints or memes of Pokèmon Go. Love Live!: for Love Live, nothing will really change with me posting random stuff of love live.
what I would like to do with the Who's that Pokèmon is to not only do Who's that Pokèmon but also do other things with Pokèmon that everyone will like, so you can comment down below of what different game I can make so it's not just Who's that Pokèmon...
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I enjoy the "Who's That" games.