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Hi all I'm back with Chapter 2 titled Aftermath.

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Ch 2 Aftermath

Jackson’s POV I collapse to my knees as she walks out the door. Before she totally leaves she looks back one more time with sadness, and hurt in her eyes. My heart hurts, and I can barely breathe as tears run down my face. I feel my members gazes looking at me in disappointment and sympathy. But Mark’s gaze is one of worry. He goes to put his hand on me but I shrug it off and get up to head to my room. I close the door behind me. I stand and stare at the box she brought to me. I look inside and see every last item that I have ever given her including the bracelet I gave her for our 6 month anniversary last month. I trace my fingers over the engraving of the bracelet our simple initials J <3 (y/initial) and the pain becomes unbearable and anger builds up in my system. I throw the bracelet across the room and start throwing the items out of box, breaking picture frames. I shove everything off my desk to the floor. I hear the knocking at my door. “JUST GO AWAY! I WANT TO BE ALONE RIGHT NOW!” I scream. I know its Mark but I just don’t want to see anyone right now. I am angry at myself for hurting the most two wonderful people that I loved. Hurting her and him. Him because I was making him feel guilty about keeping a secret and ruining a friendship. I hurt her in the worse way possible, not just the pain caused from knowing she wasn’t enough. I made her feel like she was unworthy but in all actuality it had nothing to do with her but with my own selfishness. I love them both. They both gave me happiness in a way others can’t. I pick up a stuffed bear that she use to sleep with and that smells of her. I grab it and go lay on my bed and cuddle it as I cry into. At one point I fell asleep but woke up with arms around me. He hugs me tighter and whispers “It will be get better. I love you Jackson!” I turn around and snuggle into his embrace. “I love you to Mark, and I am sorry for hurting you these past months.” “Shh, you didn’t hurt me. I am sorry you lost her.” he presses a kiss on top of my head I feel his tears fall. I hug him tighter and we both drift to sleep. Mark’s POV My heart breaks for Jackson but at the same time I am secretly elated to now have Jackson all to myself. Though if I decide to look deeper I will find that I feel guilty for her hurting her, and destroying our friendship and that I feel regret. I should not have started this but I was so jealous that she spent so much time with him and received so much of his love. I hurt not only her but more importantly I hurt Jackson in the process of convincing him it was not wrong to love me too. My heart shatters at his pain. He first rejected any comfort I could give him right after she left but now here he is asleep in my arms and I feel so many emotions but the one that is strongest is my love for him and I just can’t help but smile.
Junior POV Now that Jackson and (y/n), I wonder do I have a chance to finally confess to her. I never realized how deep my affections for my best friend ran until she started to date Jackson. Jackson always suspected my feelings but at the same time he never once called me out on my feelings. I feel so angry both towards Jackson and Mark for the betrayal and hurt they have caused but at the same time I want to comfort them both. Most importantly I want to comfort my best friend. I try ringing her and it goes to voicemail. I send a text but get no reply. Hopefully soon I’ll get a response.
Y/N POV As I drive away I have the greatest idea to just keep driving and go away for a couple of days. I am lucky that my work is one I can do anywhere as long as I have my laptop and internet access. I drive and reach a beach and see a place I can stay uninterrupted. I call my boss to let him know I will have my phone off for a few days but will still be able to be reached by me email. I first turn my phone on and just put it on airplane mode. I go into my gallery and delete every picture I have Jackson including group photos of the guys. I go into his contact info and change his name of Bae to Do Not Answer. I block his number from texts. I then switch the phone from airplane mode to regular and power it down. I spent the next couple of days relaxing and trying not to dwell. The stupid fact is I feel so insecure and like I am just not enough as a woman. I feel the tears fall again I wipe them off and repeat he is not worth it. I power on my phone and I see that within the last four days I’ve missed 120 calls From Do Not Answer, 230 calls from JinYoung, 50 calls apiece from Jaebum, Yugyeom, Youngjae, and BamBam. I sent a group message to JinYoung, Jaebum, Yugyeom, Youngjae, and BamBam. I’m okay. I just need a little time. I then I pack up my stuff and head for home. Once I enter my place, I am hit with memories of our times here. It stings my heart but there is no reminder of him here only that of a lingering scent. I turn on the lights and began to put a fake smile on my face. I wonder if I should just do some jobs here domestically or start to travel for my job. As I am pondering this my boss calls to ask if I want to do some traveling for work. That’s when I feel this clarity. I answer yes. Hopefully my lingering feelings will diminish with time and distance. I call JinYoung to let him know. “Hey Y/N. How are you feeling?” “JinYoungie,” I pout through the phone, “I am not great but will get better. I am calling to let you know I’ll be traveling abroad over the next couple of months and will hardly be in Korea. I just did not want you to worry. Also do not tell Jackson or Mark. But you can tell the other guys so they don’t worry.” “Are you sure that’s best?” “I really do. I think with time and distance I’ll be able to get over the lingering feelings of hurt betrayal and love. I just hope to maybe one day reconcile the friendships.” “Ok, y/n. Well I also wanted to let you know in another two months we will be heading out on our tour. “ “Gosh, I am really happy for you guys. Ok well I have to go. My plane leaves in three days and I need to make some arrangements. Bye Jinyoungie!” “Bye.” I hung up the phone and started to pack for this new healing chapter in my life.
Jaebum’s POV Utter shock and disappointment coursed through my body when she shouted that Jackson cheated on her. I want to know with whom but I think I have a feeling as to who. I feel that they took the ship to the level all our igot7s wanted. That Markson is truly a thing. I hear him crying in his room and I knock but he screams he wants to be alone. I sigh and look at Mark who has a worried but guilty look on his face. I look at him and motion for him to come with me to my room. As the leader I need to make sure this will not affect us too much. “So, hyung,” I start off to Mark, “I have a hunch, and you can tell me I am wrong but I think your facial expression is telling me all, you were the one she caught with him right?” His eyes water as he answers “I never meant for this to happen JB.” Exasperated I run my hands through my hair. I then pull him into a hug. “Just be there for him now and forever. He’s going to need you.” The rest of us will try to take care of her. She has become like family to us.” He walks out the room. I try calling (y/n) but it goes straight to voicemail. I try texting. It seems like she went incognito. A few days later and Jackson comes to my room. “Hyung?” with a quiet sad voice. I look up at him. “Nae.” “I am sorry for messing up in practice again. I just I really am trying, but it hurts so much.” I sigh. “Jackson, I know you’ve been trying. I also think you at some level knew that you starting a relationship while in another was wrong. It was really selfish. You just didn’t hurt yourself, (y/n), and Mark. You hurt all of us especially JinYoung who put his best friend in your care. Your actions ruined a friendship and trust. You need to apologize to everyone because everyone loves her and she has cut contact with each and everyone one us. She hasn’t spoken to us in days. We are really worried.” “Hyung, I feel incredibly apologetic. How can I make the pain lessen?” “Concentrate on Mark’s and your relationship. But apologize to everyone. Try putting your all into the routines and all when not concentrating on your relationship. It will do a wonderful distraction.” I pulled him into a side hug.
YoungJae’s POV I sigh as I look at Jackson and Jinyoung. The tensions are high in the dorm. With Jinyoung ignoring Jackson. Its been days since he has said a single word to him. I walk over to them. “Jinyoung,” Jackson whines, “when are you going to accept my apology and talk to me again.” The glare Jinyoung throws him is no joke. Jinyoung sees me and smiles. He walks up to me and whispers in my ear. “Please get me away from him before I commit murder. I am not ready to forgive him until I hear from her.” I nod my understanding. I send a reassuring smile to Jackson and I pull on Jinyoung’s hand to take him to my PC to play a game. “Still no word from her?” I ask to Jinyoung. “Nothing.” yet. As we said that his phone went off as BamBam and Yugyeom come into the room. He smiles and puts the call on speaker because it is her.
BamBam’s POV I am in shock. She called just to tell us she would be leaving the country for a couple of months. I was happy to hear her voice. Then the way she congratulated us for our world wide tour was cute. My crush on her always made me feel guilty but now that she is single I thought I would at least have a chance to comfort her and tell her my feelings. Looks like it will be months without seeing her. I feel so sad now. Then an idea pops in my head. I look at Yugyeom and he smirks.
Yugyeom’s POV “Are you thinking what I am thinking Bam?” “Sneaking out and seeing her?” “Yes.” We both dab and go to our room to plot our sneaking out. Later that night we find ourselves at noona’s door. We knock and wait. She opens the door and she smiles a little and ushers us in. “What do I owe this surprise?” “Noona,” I say, and start to get teary eyed. “I am going to miss you.” my voice cracks embarassingly on the you. She pulls me into her small body and pats my back. “Yugie, I am not leaving forever. I’ll have my cell phone we can still SNS.” “Noona, that’s not the same” Bam Bam pouts. She releases me and takes us both by the hand and leads us to her couch and pulls us down alongside of her. When her phone rings and it is DNA. We look at her in confusion as she rejects the call. She receives a call from Mark hyung and rejects it as well. Jaebum calls and she answers. “Yes, they are here. I’ll be sending them shortly. No need. I’ll drop them off. Yes I know it’s not to much trouble.” She turns to us and mouths “YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE,” as she listens to JB hyung. She hangs up. “Why would you leave your dorm without telling anyone? Me leaving the country is not an excuse. Do you seriously think I would leave without meeting up with you to say goodbye? Well JB and I have agreed your punishment is not to see me off to the airport in two days.” Our faces fall crestfallen. My lips quiver and eyes water giving me my best puppy eye look that I know she won’t be able to resist. I pout my lips. I look at BamBam and he’s doing the same thing. “She trying not lose the stern look on her face. “Those faces, no, not going to work this time.” We just keep staring. And I see the crack in her facade. “Argh, fine you are both forgiven but still not coming to the airport.” Here is my skype info. We can skype and talk and text. Ok. See I need you to adorable creatures in my life. Now let’s go. I’ll drop you back off to your dorm.” I look to BamBam and we high fived. Mission accomplished.
Jackson’s POV Something is going on strange here today. Youngjae, Jaebum, and Jinyoung are leaving somewhere and not telling me or Mark. After they left the dorm, Mark and I were on a mission to find out the big secret. We corner the maknaes but instead of getting any information out of them all we got was the silent treatment. They hung out in their room where we heard a lot of laughter coming from. A few hours later and the others return. Jinyoung walks up to me and Mark and pulls us to his room. I look at him in confusion. “You aren’t forgiven yet but I promised her I would stop giving you the silent treatment. Also because I think is she is being a little unfair to you will break a promise I made to her.” He takes a deep breath and then looks at us. “She just left on airplane. She will be out of the country weeks at time and will be hard to get a hold of. Why did you two have to hurt her so bad?" The tears streaming down his face break my heart but the fact she left the country and didn’t want me knowing hurts more. “Jinyoung, I am so sorry. I never wanted to hurt her or you. I just….there really are no words.” “Jinyoung, I am sorry too,” Mark says. He pulls us both into a hug. “One day I will forgive you for hurting my best friend, but know I love you two just as much as I hate you right now.” We walk out of his room. We go to our room; were I flop down on the bed and pick up her bear and hug it. “Will we ever be friends with her again Mark?” “I don’t know love, but we can hope.”
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