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"Hello boys and welcome. Did you guys ate?" Jiyong and Mino looked at the lady. Then they smiled and said yes. So the lady walked to the kitchen to prepare the food for them. The boys then went to take a walk through the orphanage. The children was sleeping, and then Mino let go of Jiyong's hand. Mino began to look at the children. "Jiyong, her hair is so pretty" "Don't touch Mino, not yet. Let's see what we can do in this place. Come on." "Awe, I wanted to shave her hair off, maybe her scalp" "Mino.." "Coming Jiyong." The boys walked into a room, which belonged to the lady of the house. They began to look around. "Jiyong, why daddy got taken away" "Its Ok Mino. We promised dad to have fun. And We will" Jiyong pulls out a rope. Mino smiles. Then the boys quietly began to walk downstairs. They can hear the lady whistling. Then Jiyong gave Mino the rope. "Go tie it around the chair's leg" Mino quietly goes to the kitchen and tie the rope to the chair's leg. Then he goes back to where Jiyong is. They slowly waited till she stand on the chair. Then the lady goes to her tipy toes to reach up high. Then Jiyong quickly pull the rope. The chair moved and the lady screamed and hit her head hard on the corner of the kitchen counter. "Awesome Ji" "Come on" The boys run towards the lady and see if she is alive. As Jiyong checked if she is alive , Mino took the rope off from the chair. "She is still alive" "Damn It. What can we do?" "Did you hide the rope?" "Not yet." Jiyong began to look at through the kitchen. Then he found a metal chopstick. He grabs them and goes to the lady. But the lady opens her eyes slowly. "Hey, look Jiyong. She is awake. Hi lady, you ok?" "Call 119" "Aww, sorry but not yet, lady" "What You mean not yet? Please call the ambulance" "But there's no reason to keep you alive" Mino smiles and Jiyong stands behind him with the metal chopsticks. The lady popped her eyes open, but she can't move. "Boys listen to me, Don't do this please" "Say whatever you want" "!" Jiyong got closer and kneel down to her face. He bents down and looks to her eyes. "Good Bye lady" Then he quickly grabbed the chopstick and stabbed her in the eye. Then she died. "Come on Mino, Time to hide the rope." "Wait.. the chopstick." "Leave it, remember she was cooking for us." "Ah gotcha" Jiyong grabbed the rope as Mino called 119. Jiyong buried the rope behind the yard. As Jiyong finished, he stands and turns around to go back inside. He looks up the windows and saw a little girls looking through the window. Jiyong looks at her. But all she did was smile and mouthed to him "thank you" Jiyong smiles and waves at her. Then he goes inside the house. He grabs Mino and they go upstairs where the little girl is. They knock the door and then the little girl opened the door. "Hi" She only looks at them, and she began to smile and giggle. Then she signal them to come inside her room. The boys sit on her bed and she stands in front of them with a smile. "What's your name?" She giggles and quickly grabbed a notepad and began to write. Then she show them what she wrote . "Ruby? Your name is Ruby !?" She nod her head yes and smile at them. "Wait, are you a mute?" She looks at them confused. "Meaning you can't talk" She quickly understood and nodded yes. "Jiyong, she is a mute. Why is she doing here in the attic." "I don't know. Let's find out. How old are you Ruby" Ruby held out five fingers. "Ah Five. We are also Five. He is my brother Mino, and I'm Jiyong. We are twins. Ruby, why you at the attic" Ruby began to write and write. Then Jiyong gets up and goes behind her. Then he began to read as she is writing. "My parents left me. I was sent here since I was two. The lady kept me here cuz I'm a mute. She hates me and I don't know why. She never let's me out of the room. So yes I'm happy to meet you boys" She puts the pad down and look at Jiyong. Jiyong looks at her and then to Mino. Then Ruby quickly wrote something and flip it to the boys. "Please! Let me stay with you boys" Mino looks at Jiyong. Jiyong cross his arms and look at the floor. Then he looks at Ruby. "Ruby, if you stick with us. There's no way out." Ruby quickly began to write and flip the pad. "I know what you guys do" Jiyong and Mino looked at each other and agree to the terms to accept Ruby as thier own. "Mino, we must protect Ruby at all cost. Now she is our sister. Got it" "Yes Jiyong. Agree" Ruby got all excited and began to jump up and down and giggled. Then sirens began toscream outside. Mino quickly ran downstairs to attend them and pretend to be the crying child. Jiyong grabbed Ruby. "Ruby, you stay here ok. I promise I'll be back for you ok" She nod yes happily. Jiyong runs downstairs and go to the lady's body and pretend to be crying and began to shake her body. Then Mino came running in crying with the cops showing what happened. "She fell officer. She was cooking for us and ... and she fell" "Its Ok buddy. Its ok. Guys in the kitchen. Now Please come with me boys" The officer took the boys to the living room as the paramedics came to deal with the body. Then the officer looked at the boys. "What are your names boys?" "Jiyong and Mino." "You guys ok?" Jiyong and Mino put their heads down. "Ok.. its fine. Seems like you boys are brothers. You guys look alike." "We twins" "Ah... well what's your whole name. " "Kwon Jiyong and Kwon Mino" "Ah Kwon..... wait..... Kwon! You boys the children of..." "Yes. we are!" "Ahh I see. Be right back boys" The officer went to the front porch and called the station. "Hey, where is Mr. Park? Look I need him to come to the orphanage. The same orphanage he dropped off the twins of Mr. Kwon. Well there's been another an accident. The lady died. Ya. just let him know. and hurry." He goes back in and saw the boys standing in front of him. "Holy shit. You boys scare me" "Jiyong he swore" "Its ok Mino, he is off the hook" They both smiled at the officer which gave him chills down his spine. Then the officer turned around and went outside. The body was then taken to the ambulance truck. Then the boys went outside as the children started running outside crying. Then they saw Mr. Park. They smiled and they both put their fingers on their lips.
The boys walk out of the cafeteria, and walked outside. The other students backed away as soon as possible they walk near them. Jiyong sat down on a bench and pulls out a cigarette and lit it up. "You need to turn that off, young man!" Mino turns his head towards the voice, and saw it was a teacher. Jiyong grabbed the cigarette and smoked it and then as he throw the cigarette to the floor, he blowed it at the teachers face. "Jiyong!" "What?" "Go to the office!" "For what?" Jiyong gave the teacher a serious look. Then he turns around and began to walk away. Then the teacher grabs his shirt and began to pull him towards the office. Jiyong quickly grab the teachers hand and twist it back. A sharp pain ran through the teachers whole arm. Jiyong went to the teachers ear and began to whisper. "You ever touch me, you will die in my hands. Got it?" "Yes... y...yes" Jiyong let him go and fixed his shirt and Mino began walking along with Jiyong. They enter the school and wemt to thier next class. "Jiyong, whats the point of coming to this school" "I know theres something about this school. We must find it" "What if we end up empty handed again?" "We better not. So keep your eyes out and you better pay attention Mino. Stop looking atthe girls, or you will regret it" "Yes" The boys looked around the classroom. Then they agree to a final decision. A decision to split and walk around the school, amd see what they can find. Jiyong took the second and third floor, as Mino took the first and gym. "You betta text me of anything. And Mino..." "Ya Jiyong?" "No blood!" "No blood. I gotcha" Mino began to walk hubbly to the gym, with a smile on his face. As he enters inside the gym, he saw many students playing basketball and running around. He vegan to scan each student. Mino is the type who can see every small details, which any other human wont notice. He is also super friendly but he is deadly. He enjoys to hear screams and see them beg and beg. Mino is the most reckless person. He is more easly to snap in seconds. A man who enjoy the touch of blood in his skin. "Hey, can you pass the ball" Mino smiles and picks up the ball and throws it back to the kid. The kid was impressed of how strong the throw was. "Hey, you wanna play with us?" "Basketball?" "Ya if you know how to play" "For sure. Whats the catch?" "Catch? Um.. no catch. just play" "Ahh, too boring." "Wait, aint you that new kid" "Yup." "Come on, lets see what you got" Mino enjoys competitions. So he took off his jacket and walked to the guys. He quickly scan of how the guys began to smirk and see how their attitude chamged as he stepped in. Mino chuckles. "Ok, Game on" The guys left and it was a one and one challenge. "Ooh, one on one?" "Since im the best top player." "This is juicy. Lets play"
Jiyong began to walk up the roof, amd then he pulls out a cigarette. As he lit it up he let the wind blow his face softly. Then a memory of his past hit him. Jiyong was walking from the bedroom to his mothers room. His mom looks at him and smiles brightly. Then a flash of his father came and beating his mom. Jiyong could only do is watch. Then Jiyong went back to reality and began to walk down the third floor. He walked around and began to scan the environment. He can see some studemts are afraid of him and see how they look at him. "why your at seniors floor, boy" "Boy?" Jiyong turns around and saw the senior student, looking down on him. Then the senior began to walk towards Jiying and Jiyong walks back with a smile on his face. "You need to back off, kid" "Kid? Who the fuck your calling a kid?" "The only person in front of me" "Do you want a beating?" Jiyong feels the fire inside of him. A fire which he always try to control it. He looks at the senior and his eyes began to look deep. Jiyong got serious and quickly grabbed the senior's neck, he squezes so hard and pulls him up. "Do you want to die? Because i can make that happen in seconds. Your choice bastard?" "Im... sor. ...sorry." Jiyong lets him go and the senior falls to the floor gasping for air. Then Jiyong kneels down and look at the senior's face. "Now, if you dont want to get killed tonight, why wont you help me with something to get you off the hook. What you say?" "Ye... yes yes" "Good boy. Now i am looking for a girl named Ruby. Do you know her?" "There's no one in this school name Ruby." Jiyong looks around and felt frustrated. "You dont have no one here in this school who is a mute" "no." Jiyong smacks the back of the senior's head. "Think again!" The senior began to think and he looked around the hallway and then he quickly looked at Jiyong. "There is one girl. But her name is Alice. She came from the US like 2 years ago. She is a mute." "See ... gotta think hard. Now where can i find her?" "Its gym time so they should be in the gym" Jiyong smirks and began to walk downstairs towards the gym. He took out his cellphone and he began to dial Mino. No answers. Then a bunch of children began to run downstairs and Jiyong overheard thier conversation. "That new kid Mino is fighting with one of the top student." Jiyong's eyes pops open, and he began to run towards the gym. As he arrived at the gym, there was a huge crowd of students. Jiyong push them away till he saw Mino. There was five students on the floor in pain. Jiyong saw the blood coming from thier faces. Then he saw Mino beating the top sturdent over and over again. "MINO!!" Mino quickly stopped and his eyes open. Then he stands and faced Jiyong. "Mino, didnt i told you not to get into a fight. Didnt i said no blood. We in school. This is public." "He punched me.ll All did was push him off and all of a suddden these kids started coming at me. The fuck you expect me to do." "I rather have you brake thier bones than making it bloody. You got that?" "Yes." "Come on, I think we found her" "Seriously?!" Jiyong stands and Mino grabbed his jacket. Then Jiyong began to look around and the students backed away and gotten frightened. "Who is Alice?" Everyone began to whisper and then theu began to back away and look at one direction. Then the boys saw a beautiful girl in front of them. Jiyong and Mino began to walk towards her. "Are you Alice?" The girl looks up and smile at them and nod yes. "Jiyong, We found her. We finally found Ruby!" "We finally did" Alice smiles. Jiyong looks at her and he began to sign language. "Alice do you remember us?" She nods no. "We used to grow up together in the orphanage. Im Jiyong amd he is Mino. We twins." Alice looked puzzled but nothing. Then she signal Jiyong that she gotta go. Alice grabbed her stuff and began to leave fast. Jiyong felt something not right. "Mino, theres something odd. Did you realize her eyes popped open a bit when i said our names" The boys see Alice leave the gym.
Alice quickly went to the bathroom. Oxygen was low into her lungs. She sat down on a toilet and and began to look around. (Speaks in her mind) "How did they found me? Like how is it possible? Oh god...what if .. no no no.. theu must not find out. I cant let them find out about my life. Ruby relax... remember they dont know your real name. Your name is Alice. Just act like you dont know them... but ugh... i miss them. They were my angels. They were my family when no one wanted me. But i cant say or tell them to what happened to me. I cant... they will hate me. Ohh Ruby, get it together. Breath in and out... Ok.. I can do this. I can avoid them and ignore them." Alice gets up from the toilet seat and walked to the sink. She washed her face and began to take big deep breaths. Then she opens the door and Jiyong stands in front of her. "Ruby, what happened to you? I know its you because of your eyes. Dont trick me Ruby. What happened?" Alice looks deep in Jiyong. She cant seem to look at his face. Alice quickly put her head down and began to walk away. Jiyong quickly grabbed her from the arm. "Ruby?" She looks at him and nod no to him. Then she push his hands off of her. She began to walk away. Jiyong walked behind her till a student goes to her. He puts his arma around Alice and Jiyong froze. "Whats wrong babe?" The guy looks at Jiyong, and all he did was smile at him. Jiyong gives him a cold stare. "Jiyong.... Did you found her?" "I did, but she is hidding something though. And we must figure it out." Mino and Jiyong began to walk home. It was dark and they was on a mission. Jiyong feels the heat inside. They began walking down an alley. "Hey!" Jiyong and Mino turns around and they see a student. Jiyong quickly recognized him. He was the same kid who wrapped his arms around Ruby. Mino began to laugh and then the kid quickly walked towards Mino. "You want to die?" "Whoa.... me die? haha, kid you should be worried about who you talking to. Jiyong... may I" "Yes you may!" Mino quickly grabbed his poclet knife and stapped the kid on his leg. The kid began to scream in pain and fell down to the floor. Then Jiyong quickly headlocks him till he fell asleep. Jiyong then carried him on his back. They enter inside thier house and went to the basement. Mino grabbed three plastic bags and lay it out on the floor. Then he grabs a chair and placed it in the middle of the plastic. Jiying place the kid on the chair and then tied him up. 20 minutes later, the kid wakes up and began to look around. A panic began to build inside him. He struggles hard to try to brake free, but nothing. Then fear came along when Jiyong and Mino enters inside the room. "I need some information and it seems like i can take it out from.. so imma get a tic for u to give me a tac." "Wait. wait... stop. Come on man." "Say what ever you got to say, scream and shout. No one.. I mean no one wont hear you." Mino grabs tape and tape his mouth. Jiyong grabs a small electric saw. The kid began to scream and muffle through the tape. Tears began to appear on his eyes. Jiyong brings the saw closer to one of his fingers. Screams filled the room. Blood splatter on Jiyong's face and Mino. Then Jiyong stops. "Now tell me. Where does Alice lives?" Mino rips the tape off the kids face. "She... liv... lives two blocks... from school.... in a brown .. house" "Good. Sucks you must go. I had fun" "No wait.. wait.. please NO!!" Mino quickly walked behind him and grabbed a knife and looked Jiyong. "Mino finish him" In seconds Mino sliced the kid's throat. Then Jiyong put the saw down.
What are the secrets that hold beneath Ruby? Why the twins need Ruby? Preview Chapter 1
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HOLY SHIT.....this this needs to be a movie or something holy cow this is great
This story is interesting!! Tell me more
@MorleeCorielus stay tune love. more will be coming
OMG I can't decide if I like Ruby or not yet... but I do love Jiyong and Mino
tagged me and @BBxGD I freaking love this