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Follow the Collection here! x There are three other stories that have been published and are all on the introduction card! x WARNING This story contains the following; -Violence -Language -Mentions of Death Without further adieu, here is the prologue! EDIT: I changed the prologue, because the first chapter didn't necessarly go with it.
She was supposed to kill just one man. One man, and then she was to go home. How the heck did this happen? Hoseok was doing his morning run at 3 in the morning. He ran into an empty alleyway, and he froze. There she stood, looking down at the dead body. She was smiling and then she turned and looked at him in the eyes. He has never been so afraid. He took a step back, but his knees felt weak. He fell on his butt again, and finally he got up and fled. However, she wasn't going to let him go that easily.
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