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I recently ran through all three seasons of Game of Thrones, so I was very intrigued when I first read about this castle. Sitting on a cliff next to the sea, Dunvegan Castle reminded me of Pyke, seat of the House Greyjoy :P This place is the seat of the House of Macleod, and has been continously owned and occupied by the Clan Macleod for EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS -- making it the oldest castle in existence in Scotland. I wish I can say my full title is something like, "Hugh Macleod of Macleod, 30th Clan Chief" (the current head of the house). The interior of the castle, I must admit, did disappoint me a bit...it seems too fancy and cushy (I hoped to see something more like the barren castles in the Game of Thrones). But then people still live here today, and I suppose it's unfair to expect them to live in Medieval conditions. Visitors to this castle include Sir Walter Scott, Queen Elizabeth II, and Sir Alex Ferguson (just last month in July 2013!) The Macleod clan have opened their four gardens and a part of their home to the public. http://www.dunvegancastle.com/content/default.asp
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Ah, one of my favorite castles by far. Have you read the books as well?