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Guess what everyone? It is the rapping monster of BTS's birthday!!!!!! *cricket cricket* ....Are you kidding me?? Come on guys!!!!! Who isn't secretly (or openly) in love with this pink haired dancing machine???? *More crickets* ......Come on!!!!! His English is perfect and his rapping skills are to die for!!!!!!!!! *Silence just silence, even the crickets are bored* .................................What about his dancing skills......? *Laughter and applause!!!!!* :D There we go!!!!!! Haha, even though Rap Monster is not Dance Monster, his dancing is still amazing and hilarious cx And of course, we are all very happy that the leader of BTS exists in this world. So let's show some appreciation with adorable pictures and funny gifs of him, shall we?
Ahhhh the conclusion with the Queen of Rap, CL I-I mean R-Rap M-Monster of course, haha silly me. Th-Thats what I meant, R-Rap Monster!!! Y-You're definitely the Queen of Rap as well as the King :3 Well I don't know about you guys, but I love Rap Monster!! He might not be my bias in BTS, but that doesn't mean he can't make me laugh and just love him entirely!!!! I mean, just look at his adorable dimples and eye smile!!!!! Ahhhh sooooo cute!!!!!! Cx Rap Monster is so silly and adorable and definitely fits in with the insane group known as the Bangtan Boys. I think he's the perfect leader for the group and is definitely one of my favorite k-pop rappers out there. He's just an amazing human being and I am so glad he exists and is a part of BTS. I love you Rap Monster!! We love you!!!! I hope you, as well as all of you, have an amazing day today and just continue being your perfect monster selves!!!! Happy birthday Rap Monster!!! Stay strong and fighting!!

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He is my BTS bias! He's awesome!
@MaggieHolm He's not my bias, but I love him to death!!!!! cx