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Who: Reader x Kim Jongdae What: Smut, Smut, Smut, Angst, dramatic af Warning: intended for mature audience only (18+) viewer discretion is advised. Chapter 2 Story: Ah boyfriend troubles, he's sleeping with his secretary so you sleep with his best friend. Because life's more delicious behind deceit and lies, right...
Minseok's POV "Baby girl." he whispered in the night. She was asleep. This was getting harder to do. The past three months things had been awkward when they got home. She turned him on before she went to bed without ever satisfying him. He needed her but she was asleep. Why did she keep doing this? She liked to make him jealous so that he'd be rough with her but this didn't make sense. He wondered if she knew, was she aware of his cheating? Y/N had a temper of her own though if she knew what he was doing she wouldn't just let him keep doing it. She wouldn't sleep beside him at night. She wouldn't let him sleep with her if she knew. Things didn't change much between them in extreme ways their sex life was the same, their dates were always kept, nothing really happened. The atmosphere between them was just awkward though, he felt like she was pulling away from him. He kept his hands and lips on her body just to make sure that she'd stay with him. He gave her body what she wanted and it seemed for those moments of bliss he had her all to himself. In the past three months she bought sexier underwear and she stopped wearing pantyhose to work. These were little things he noticed about her. Tonight when he whispered in her ear he loved her he watched her playful seductive smile fade. Did she not love him anymore? He didn't believe her the first time but the second time it sounded as though she did but she wasn't happy that she loved him. Was she not happy? Minseok was aware of how wrong it was to cheat on her. Y/N was a great girlfriend, she was faithful and she treated him right. She kept the right amount of adventure in their lives. He tried to think back to why he decided to sleep with Sin Hye in the first place. Some issue with one of Y/N's Ex boyfriends, he worked at her job now, Wu Yifan he recalled was the name. Jongdae said that they didn't talk though in fact they worked on separate floors. If they ever saw each other it was because they were in the break room or he caught the elevator with her but they were never alone together. Y/N repeatedly said she couldn't stand to look him in his face he pissed her off that much. Minseok was upset that she was working with him and she didn't tell him. He'd gotten so jealous that when Sin Hye practically threw herself at him he took advantage of the opportunity. She clearly hated that anytime they slept together he'd call her Y/N at least four times. He kept sleeping with her because she threatened to reveal that they were sleeping together to Y/N which he knew would end their relationship for good. He tried paying her off, he had the money to do it but she didn't want his money she wanted him. She didn't give a shit about Jongdae but he knew from the beginning this girl was a toxic mess. She wasn't the type of girl that Jongdae should be with. He knew that he was a shity boyfriend and a shity friend. He didn't even hire Sin Hye to be his secretary she came in as a temp and because of their little deal he kept her as his secretary to keep the secret safe. He was trying to think of a way out of this mess. He loved Y/N, Sin Hye was just a bad decision that he should've known better than to make for more than just one reason but he was controlled by his emotions. She looked too obvious when he had his hands all over Y/N in front of her. Y/N had probably figured it out by now that something was up with her but she never liked Sin Hye to begin with. She called her annoying, snobbish and too high maintenance. Jongdae progressively eased up on his affections towards her to the point that sometimes he seemed not to care. Minseok called a whore once and thought Jongdae would say something to him about it or maybe ask him to apologize but Sin Hye was furious that he had said it, that Jongdae ignored it and that Y/N practically collapsed on the floor laughing at it. He wondered if she was really thinking about him when she was in their bathroom? She didn't shower with him tonight either they always showered together but today she jumped in alone. She very quickly got ready for bed and didn't say much to him when she did. She gave him as kiss which he had deepened and made hot in the hopes it might start something but she gave no encouragement. She kissed him back, turned over, shut off the light and went to sleep. Minseok's mind went back and forth trying to figure it out. Did she know? She wouldn't sleep with him if she knew. She might be suspicious, but even then she'd have an attitude with him. There was one night she rented out a hotel and didn't come home. She said one of her coworkers and her boyfriend got into a fight so she stayed with her at a hotel while they talked about it. Minseok asked her why she didn't just bring her back to his place and she said being around men at that point was a bad idea plus they got wasted in the hotel room and she knew Minseok hated when she got drunk. He was wondering if something happened then, did he not know the whole story? Something that happened three months ago wouldn't reflect on her actions just now though. Y/N was an in the moment type of girl meaning if she felt it she made it known then and there. Too many times they had gotten each other off in public places because the thrill of almost getting caught doing something dirty turned her on. Too many times she yelled at him and said things she didn't mean to hurt him just because he pissed her off. He wasn't sure what was going on but she some how changed in subtle ways. Y/N was too good for him. "Baby girl I need you." he said into her ear when he rolled over. She didn't answer him, she looked peaceful when she was asleep as opposed to that sneaky face she had when she purposely prayed on his jealousy so that he'd fuck her hard. He pressed himself closer to her, his hand snaked around her clothed body. He moved the blankets to see her see through nightie greet him. The light from the moon washed over her features and he drank it in before he came closer. He pressed her hips into him, he began to slowly grind against her butt. His hand reached down to the end of her nightie. "Baby girl wake up I need you." he whispered again. He said it in her ear and he could see her twitch a little. His hand went on her thigh and then he let his finger tips trail up to her panty line. His finger tips ghosted over her skin tickling her. He saw her slightly part her lips to release a little moan and then her bottom lip tucked under her top lip as if she were biting it in her sleep. He let his hands move over her panties. He peaked at it and smiled, "Sexy." he said. He would've loved to see her stripe tease him with this on. "Come on baby girl, Daddy needs you. Wake up sexy. Wake up." he coaxed her. His hand slipped into her panties and his finger gently played with her clit. He felt her body jerk a little against him. He rolled his hips against her butt and he could feel her shudder. Her breathing became shallow and he licked her ear lobe. He whined for her one last time. "Baby girl please wake up, I need you." She hummed for a moment before she said groggy and still half asleep, "What is it Minseok?" Her eyes hadn't opened yet, he rolled his hips against her and used two fingers to rub her clit. Her hips wiggled making her butt move against his increasingly hardening erection. He groaned and she released a moan as if she were crying. "Baby girl I need your body. Come take care of me." he said. She rolled away from him and onto her stomach. She lifted herself up on her hands and looked at him with sleepy eyes. "Who were dreaming about that got you that hard?" she said. She pushed up until she was sitting on top of her knees. She had pushed the covers off of herself completely and the moonlight behind her made her a silhouette. His eyes couldn't quite find hers so they followed the lit outline of her thin nightie. He licked his lips and brought the fingers that just teased her clit to his mouth. "I haven't slept yet baby girl. You went to bed in that sexy lingerie, I've wanted you for a few hours now. I can't sleep, I want to be inside you. I want to feel you squeeze me and scream my name. Baby girl I need to make love to you." he said. She shuddered every time he said make love. That phrase alone had a strong effect on her, it always had. "Let me have that body. Let me make love to you baby girl." "Shit." she breathed. He smiled in the darkness of her shadow casted over him. When she cursed like that, he knew he had won. She crossed her arms in front of her and each hand grabbed the trim of the flimsy nightie. She pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. He wished he could've requested her to tease him with a little strip show but she had work and it was late, she was going to move this along as quick as she could. Had he been successful in seducing her before she fell asleep he could've taken his time. She leaned over and popped his dick out from his boxers and she pushed the fabric down. Minseok kicked it away then he felt her warm mouth come down on him. He let out a loud groan, the action too sudden and he hadn't been able to prepare himself for it. "Y/N- fuck baby girl I want to taste you too." he said through moans. She shifted herself carefully until her clothed core was hovering over his face. He let his thumb hook onto the part of her panties that covered up her delicious folds. He pushed it to the side and he gripped her ass tight. He could feel her jolt from the pressure of his fingers biting into her flesh but she only got wetter for him. He could hear her sucking him off and he lapped her up like his life depened on it. Her hips rolled, riding his face while she started to jerk him off. He slapped her ass hard and she moaned with him in her mouth. His tongue began to push in and out of her and she moaned more against him again bringing him closer to a release. He slapped her butt again but this was more in warning. She moved slower, seeming to understand but he needed her to stop. He moaned more and he gripped her ass hard. He felt her pop up to take a breath but then she went back to sucking him off, taking him deep into her mouth. Closer he was coming to his climax and he pushed Y/N's bottom half up. "Y/N if I cum in your mouth I'm not letting you sleep." he said. She stopped what she was doing and moved away from him. She stepped off the bed, panting. He sat up and looked at her, she yawned as he said, "Baby girl?" "I need my sleep Minnie. Next time get yourself off on your own." she said. "What did you say to me baby girl?" there wasn't a threat in his voice just more confusion. He saw her crack a smile though. She swayed back and forth in the light and her hands moved on her body slowly. She started from her stomach and slowly trailed them up to her breast. She cupped the clothed mounds before she started to gently pull down the straps from her shoulders. She finally reached behind her and unclipped her bra and stretched her arm out. He caught her biting her lip and she dropped her bra far away from her. She gave him the show he wanted without even having to ask. He licked his lips still tasting her on them. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and swayed her hips slowly. She pulled one side down then back up. The way the light hit her hips accented her curves even more. She hummed small moans as she teased the removal of her panties. His climax having died down a bit he wrapped his hand around his erection and slowly jerked himself off while he watched her tease him. He bit his lip as she dipped her hand in her panties, she touched herself sensually with seductive moans. "Damn it Y/N I need to be inside you now." he groaned, frustrated from wanting her so bad. She finally slid her panties off, painfully slow, and climbed onto the bed. He was about to sit up so that he could take her down but she pushed him back to the bed. She made sure she was aligned with him before she came down. Her hands went to his chest and she moved up and down half way and far too slow. She would come up until he was almost out of her and then she came back down. Each time she came down deeper and deeper but she still moved slowly. His hands were on her hips but one hand went to her butt and slapped her. She let out a louder moan. She sat up straight and brought her hands to her breast. She messaged them as she kept riding him, pushing her breast together and moving at her own pace no matter how many times he slapped her ass. If she was going to move faster it was going to be because she wanted to. She must've been in a sleepy daze though because she didn't get a condom before she took her position. He wasn't about to stop her now though. His groans were dipped in lust and he aided in the sensations by thrusting up into her. Her hands went into her hair and she tucked her arms under all her hair. She lifted it all up and let it fall down slowly. She was so sexy the way she moved her body. Her hand was in her hair and she messed it up on one side as she looked down at him. Her moans were light and little but he could feel her tighten around him. He went to sit up to kiss her breast but she pushed him down again. He looked up at her, half her seductive face illuminated by moon light. Her eyes looking like she was completely fucked out. She stopped bouncing on him and rolled her hips with her moans. Her hands moved all over her body. He wanted to touch her too. He ran his hands up her thighs and stomach. He squeezed her breast and she threw her head back in a moan. Again she began to bounce on his dick, her hand laced in her hair and her head tossed back. More moans escaped her lips turning him on beyond his control. The look of her body in the moan light sent him to a higher level of ecstasy. He slapped her butt again and she looked down at him. Her hair a mess and her lip caught between her teeth. "So fucking sexy." he moaned. Her movements slowed down, he wasn't ready for her to stop. He need more, he wanted to fuck her fast and hard. His right hand lifted up cupping the shadowed area of her face and he looked at her looking back at him with a tired smile. He sat up this time pushing her hands away when she tried to push him back down. Her breast were in his face, he gave them a quick kiss before he pulled her head down. He caught her lips in a hungry kiss and the more she leaned in the more his arm wrapped around her waist till he confidently flipped her over on the bed. The moon light now completely coming over her face and the top of her body. Her hair spread out on the pillow behind her. Minseok snapped his hips into her easing her leg in the air and onto his shoulder. He looked down and watched as he slowly pulled out of her till he almost fell out. He slammed into her issuing a loud cry from her. She grabbed his arms and he leaned down to put his hand to her neck. Nothing was sexier than seeing her like this, wanting him to fuck her rough and grab at her throat. "More." she begged him. He gave her what she wanted. He fucked her harder, slapping into her body to the point that the headboard beat against the wall everytime he came inside her. He could feel her walls tighten and he looked down at her, "Not yet baby girl. I want you to come with me." "I can't Minnie." She cried. "Yes you can sexy. Don't come till you have my permission." he said She grabbed at his body and cried out her moans, much louder than she did before. Minseok moved faster, "Fuck Minnie I can't take it let me cum." she said. He moved her leg off his shoulder and leaned closer to her. He pressed her legs into the bed not letting her move them at all. He kissed her as he fixed his position to hit her harder and deeper. She gasped into the kiss and her arms shot up around his neck. "I'm gonna cum." She cried. "Baby girl." he grunted not being able to say much else. "Fuck, daddy I'm coming!" she warned him. Hearing her call him daddy made him pound into her harder and quite unevenly. She tightened so much around him he came quickly after her. Hard enough that he kept bucking his hips into her with so much force. Her fingernails scratched at his back and then she let him go when their highs settled down. She was panting uncontrollably. He pushed the hair sticking to her face out of the way before he captured her lips. He kissed her hard stealing any breath she had left in her. He continued to kiss her even as he rolled off of her. His hand on her cheek and keeping her mouth close to his he devoured her lips. She put her hand on his chest and pulled away from him. "Sleep." she said. It sounded more like she was saying she needed sleep rather than she was commanding him to sleep. Like the first half of her message was lost in his mouth. She rolled over naked and tucked her arm under her pillow. Her other arm rested in the curve of her body. He couldn't help but think two things: she was so damn sexy and he was disappointed she rolled over to sleep separate from him instead of curling up in his arms so her breath hit his chest and her head was just below his so he could kiss the top of it before they fell asleep. That was his favorite way to fall asleep even if, when he woke up, they wouldn't be in that same position. She was pulling away wasn't she? She knew something or she was falling out of love with him. Minseok scooted over to her, determined not to let her go. He wrapped his arm around her body and spooned with her. Her arm moved to rest on top of his and her fingers sank between his. He kissed the nape of her neck and then her cheek before he said, "Baby girl." "Hm?" "Do you love me Y/N?" he asked. "To the moon and back Minnie." she mumbled. She was tired and she gave him the answer he wanted so he left her alone. He still felt like something was wrong. He still felt like she was pushing herself away from him. They were subtle things she did that was different but that's what made him worried. She was never subtle.... Y/N's POV You walked to your office smelling like cinnamon from head to toe. You put your best outfit on and you replaced the underwear set Minseok had dirtied up last night. You didn't know what got into him but every time he touched you, you got confused. A part of you was hanging on to him because you loved him and god you loved the sex but then there was Jongdae... There was a smirk that formed on your lips as you walked past his office. He was sitting at his desk typing away. You stopped by his door leaning against it in the best way to accent your frame. Perhaps sensing eyes on him or catching your scent, he looked up and smiled at you. "I asked Minnie if we could have a game night tonight, Baekhyun and Junmyeon are coming with their girls why don't you and Sin Hye show up." you said. "A game night?" he asked like you were joking. You cocked an eyebrow with a smirk and walked into his office closing his door behind you. You walked up to his desk and leaned over, your cleavage poked out from your button up shirt. You purposely unbuttoned it when you showed up at work. Your sole purpose was to have Jongdae under you or in you. You leaned close to his face and his eyes flicked from your cleavage to your lips then your eyes. You had a wicked smile on. "What are you planning?" he asked. "What ever do you mean Sunshine?" "You know what I mean Princess. I know that smile, you've got something up your sleeve." he looked at you suspicious. "Do not. Come on, you can check for yourself." you said. You waved your wrist in his face and he caught your scent, slightly leaning into it. He shook his head so he could focus. "Princess I have work to do, besides I thought we agreed we would only sleep together if they did something." "Right, like you don't want me." you chuckled. "I do want you but you want him." he retorted. You sighed, "I want you too. Jongdae you said you didn't love Sin Hye anymore right?" "Right." he said looking back at his computer finishing his work. "Why?" you asked. "She cheated on me and she's still cheating on me." "Aren't we doing the same thing? We're just as bad not better. Revenge is nice but in the end were just as guilty. Jongdae I can't help but fall back into his arms when he does those things. If it were that easy for me to fall out of love with him that would mean I never really loved him at all right?" you said. Jongdae looked at you, "I know you're right but sleeping with someone for three months straight, feelings start to grow." "Are you talking about Sin Hye or yourself." "Both." he said bluntly. He was now looking at the computer and you smiled at him. He wanted you but you had basically proven you still loved Minseok. That didn't mean you didn't have feelings for him though. In fact, that's what was confusing to you because Minseok had meant so much to you but Jongdae did something to you. You weren't sure if everything was just physical or if it was emotional too. You two worked well together and you had a lot of fun and he was an amazing lover. Even if you decided to break things off with Minseok though, that didn't necessarily mean you two would be a good match. You weren't even sure if you could trust what you felt for him; you got a thrill out of the fact that he was your boyfriend's best friend. The sheer danger in getting caught made you hot for him, the look on his face if he ever caught you would be priceless. You loved him and he cheated and you had no idea why. What you were doing was calculated and deliberate though. You wanted him to hurt but then there was the side of you that would just bend to his will. You were his. "You did all those things while I was watching Y/N, you know that's cruel." Jongdae said. "Really, because I thought it was hot." You made your way behind him pushing your chest against his back and your arm coming around his body to unbutton his shirt. You felt his chest rise dramatically as he took in a deep breath. You laughed at him trying to resist you. His fingers worked faster on his keyboard and you kissed his jawline. You got down to his neck and he cleared his throat trying his best to concentrate. You nipped at his skin hard enough to hurt but light enough not to leave a mark. Your hands moved around his body touching his chest and abs, "How can such a sweet sunshine face like yours have sexy dominant abs like this? You're just a wolf in sheep's clothing aren't you?" you chuckled. "Princess cut it out, I have to finish this." "Yeah and I have to finish you." you chuckled. "Y/N- why are you doing this?" His tone got painfully serious. You turned him around in his chair and leaned over, your hands gripping the arms of his chair and your face just inches from his. You looked him in the eyes, "Because I hate him but I love him and I hate that. I hate that I'm confused and I hate that he continues to fuck her behind my back and then posses me and call me his baby girl. I hate that I can't win against him because everyday I get closer to leaving him, he touches me or kisses me or tells me he loves me. He keeps lying and lying and I keep letting him and I hate it. I know I'm a shity person for wanting you both but I do I want you when I want him and I want you when he pisses me off. She's texting him calling him babe, telling him she's wearing all this sexy stuff for him but when I do it, it goes unnoticed. I'm not enough for him so I want to hurt him because I hate him..... but I love him." "You want to forget Princess?" "Just look at me Jongdae, the way you did in the bathroom. We don't have to do much just look at me that way, look at me the way you did in the kitchen and tell me what you feel. Tell me if you can trust it because I can't trust myself. I want to end this. I don't want to be his anymore, it just hurts too much. I want you to see me the way he used to. I'm not a toy Jongdae, I just want to be seen." "I see you Y/N." he said. He reached up and kissed you hard. Normally he would've ripped your shirt open, popping the buttons in the process but you two were still at work. You were Minseok's toy, his sex partner when he couldn't have her but you were weak around Jongdae. Another side of you came out when you two were alone. He pushed your shirt away and looked down at your naked top half. "Shit Y/N you wore this for him?" he said breathless. The sexy lingerie you had on had gotten him beyond hot and bothered. "I wore it for you." you said. He chuckled, "Lucky me." He smiled and gripped your hips and pulled you on top of him. You began to grind against him, your covered heat rocking against his clothed erection made you so excited. He groaned into your breasts, his hands came up your back while yours rested on his shoulders. He bucked his hips up into you and you moaned lightly. Your hand made it to his neck and played in the hair closest to his nape. His hands came back down to squeeze your butt. Your grinding became more determined, more precise. "I hate him Jongdae, I hate him so much." you moaned into his ear. "I know princess, I hate her too." he said. You began to grind harder against him. Your moans becoming more needy. There was a knock on the door that shut you up though. "Jongdae can I come in?" You both heard behind the door. You got off of him and grabbed your shirt putting it on quickly. You buttoned the buttons while he said, "Sure come in." You fixed your lipstick and he hurried to wipe his lips off. He looked at you as Chanyeol walked into the room and you winked at him with a smirk on. "Hey Y/N." Chanyeol said. "Hey handsome." you smiled at him. Chanyeol chuckled and handed Jongdae some papers. "Why is your shirt undone?" Chanyeol asked him. Jongdae had forgotten to button it back up and you laughed loud enough to catch Chanyeol's attention. "He buttoned it wrong, he missed a button and the other one wasn't even buttoned up." you lied. "Geeze Jongdae you're becoming sloppy. That's not good." Chanyeol teased. Jongdae just chuckled and looked at you before he looked down at his papers. The way he licked his lips made you want to go back over to him and let Chanyeol watch. You stayed silent sitting in the chair in front of his desk. Your hand going up and down your thigh in a sinfully sweet way. Chanyeol was too dense to get it but you saw Jongdae's eyes flicker to your legs and then farther up. You wished you could've let him have a taste. You wished you could've tasted him. Jongdae looked up and said, "Y/N we'll have to finish our business later it looks like these papers are going to take a little time." You nodded, damn so close to having him. You wanted to feel how he would treat your body. You still had things to do though and you stood up, "See you for game night. You better be prepared." you said. He looked at you with a still open shirt, "Leave the door open." He said. The strength in his voice almost made you cuss. Chanyeol just had to come in the room before you could get anything started. Grinding against him was amazing, he liked what you wore. So this game night would be a really delirious treat. He was right though you did have something up your sleeve. Something to make Minseok mad and you wanted to see what he would do. Call you a cheater? You'd call him out on it too. Take your body in front of everyone? You'd let him, that would be amazing! Just the idea made you hot, everyone seeing him rip your clothes off and dig into your flesh. Damn, you wished Jongdae had gotten to touch you more. The feeling of his hands gliding up your back was lingering made you want more. Jongdae fulfilled your wishes a little later on, once he finished his assignments he snuck into your office. He had you up on your desk while he ate you out, he had you down on your knees while you sucked him off. He had you bent over the arm of your couch, his hand in your hair and your cheek pressed against the couch seat. He fucked you from behind only telling you to straighten up when he was ready to have your hot body writhing against him while his hand wrapped around your neck. He felt so good, his length hit spots that had you begging to scream as loud as you could but he covered your mouth and whispered in your ear, "Shut up Princess." Man was it hot when he told you to shut up. You made yourself loud on purpose just to feel him ram into you harder, pull your hair so your head moved back and you could feel his lips to your ear giving it a kiss before saying, "Shut the fuck up Princess or I'll stop right here." You chuckled and said, "Like you could." At that point, he stopped moving and made you beg for him. You twisted your top half around to face him and gripped the shirt he was still wearing. The buttons were down again. He looked so hot when he wore his shirt while he fucked you. You wanted that shirt to be around you. You cried for him quietly and begged him to move, you wiggled your butt so you could feel him a little more. "Fuck me Sunshine. Please baby I need you." your begging mirrored that of Minseok's from last night. He seemed happy to hear you say that and he slammed into you roughly once he turned you around so he could see your face twist in pleasure. His hand rubbing your clit as he moved quickly and eventually brought you to a climax so amazing you had him keep moving in you until you could fully adjust. He kissed you satisfied with the job he did and removed the condom he wore. You watched as his long beautiful fingers tied it up, you licked your lips as you observed how much he released inside it. You smoothed your hands over his shoulders and said, "You've been saving up for me haven't you?" He chuckled and kissed you before he started fixing up his clothes and helping you clean yourself up. "You look beautiful in that, Minseok is an idiot." Jongdae said. "Thank you Sunshine. You're always there when I need you." you smiled. He smiled back at you. You kissed his neck gently and pecked your lips before he left to go back to his office. The rest of the day went by quickly. You and Jongdae hadn't seen each other until you guys took the elevator to the bottom floor to leave. Yifan was there and you made sure you kept up a conversation with Jongdae just to have a reason to ignore him. You met Minseok back at his place and you two changed into comfortable clothes. He put his hands all over you but you didn't let him have much. He liked the smell of cinnamon and he wanted desperately to have sex with you but you forced him out of the house and into the car. He was slightly off, like he didn't want to go over there in the first place. You guys arrived and as always Sin Hye didn't look happy to see you. Baekhyun was there with a new girl, Hwasa, and she was nice. Minseok kept his hands on you and you could tell Jongdae hated that a little bit. Sin Hye sat away from Jongdae and sat on Minseok's other side on the floor which he seemed to be annoyed by. Jongdae sat next to you while Baekhyun and Hwasa sat in front of you. You brought out a couples game that had dares to spice up the relationships. There were very risque dares and you and Hwasa were all giggles about it. Baekhyun looked a little embarrassed by some of the stuff. Jongdae forced himself to entertain Sin Hye and she did the same. Minseok was happy to do all the dares he got for you. You got one dare and read it out loud, "Choose one player and give them a kiss for at least one minute." The smile on your face grew into a smirk, you looked at Minseok. That smirk was the biggest tell that you were up to something. You were waiting for a dare that would get you into trouble. Something that would really piss him off. You sat you on your knees and fixed your skirt. Minseok's eyes narrowed as you flipped the hour glass and turned to Jongdae, sitting on his lap and you kissed him right in front of Minseok and the others. It sent a rush through your body having them watch you kiss him. You kissed him slow and sensually and you could hear the irritation in his voice when he called your name. You held up a finger to him as if to say hold on. Jongdae's hand trailed up your back while the other rested on your butt. "Hey don't touch her like that." Minseok said obviously jealous. You laughed at him as you slowly pulled away from Jongdae's lips when Baekhyun called time. You got off Jongdae's lap and wiped your bottom lip with your finger and looked at Minseok with a smile on. That dangerous look in his eyes made your core tighten but you wanted him upset, you wanted him hurt. The look on his face gave you complete satisfaction but you would've liked to have done more. "Well I think I'll need more wine let's pause the game shall we?" Baekhyun said. "Is Junmyeon not coming?" you asked Baekhyun. "Ah, he said he would but it's been an hour by now. I doubt he'll show up until you guys are about to leave." Baekhyun answered. "Why, are you going to kiss him too?" Minseok said pissed. His eyes fell to Jongdae and then looked slightly guilty for an eighth of a second and he looked back at you. You smiled bigger, "I might." you teased. He hated that even more, Baekhyun walked into the kitchen with Hwasa behind him. Minseok took you by the back of your neck and kissed you hard. Trying to remind you, you were his and show you how pissed he was. That made you even hotter because of how angry he was with you. His hand met the side of your butt that Jongdae had touched and slapped you without carrying who saw you. You laughed a little at the squeal you let out. "Jongdae can you check the messages on the machine for me? I'm waiting for a call from someone." Baekhyun called from the kitchen. "Sure." Jongdae said lowly. You saw him get up when Minseok moved his affections to your neck. The vicious attack to the sensitive skin had you biting your lip and releasing light moans, only getting off more that he did all of this in mixed company. The messages played on their home phone on loud speaker and it sounded like a few generic calls came in from sellers they didn't really care about. Then a voicemail for Sin Hye came up from a doctor, "We went over your results Ms.Hae, congratulations. You're pregnant." Jongdae looked at Sin Hye just as Baekhyun and Hwasa walked back into the living room with their wine glasses. Minseok had stopped kissing you and for one reason only: You slapped him in his face. That sound echoed within the silence of the room. Minseok looked at you wide eyed and you stood up, "I hate you." you said. "Y/N?" he said. "You got her pregnant, you sick fuck! I hate you!" you yelled Jongdae went and grabbed you to calm you down. You already had tears in your eyes though, on some level you thought maybe you might forgive him and things would work out. On some level you still loved him and that was just hanging on by a thread but this new information just cut that thread. Jongdae was telling you to calm down, "Y/N what are you saying? Sin Hye is Jongdae's girlfriend, you don't think he got her pregnant?" Minseok said. "Stop the bullshit Minseok, you were fucking that whore for three months behind my back and you got her pregnant! I hate you, I fucking hate you." you said. Minseok knew he couldn't lie anymore and the fact that you had known for three months made the pain wash over him like a wave. Jongdae held you back but when you saw the smirk on Sin Hye's face that their little scandal was out in the open, you picked up the cordless phone and threw it at her head. "Y/N calm down." Minseok said. "Fuck you and your fucking slut. I'm done." "What are you saying baby girl?" "I'm saying what I should've said three months ago when I saw you fucking her in your office Minseok- we're done." "Y/N don't." He said now standing up and coming towards you. You pushed Jongdae from you so you could walk out. "Y/N stop come back." Minseok said chasing you "Go Fuck yourself asshole." That really was the last straw,cheating was bad enough, you both were doing it. That little tease of kissing Jongdae in front of him was just to hurt him a little. A bit of payback for everytime he texted her and kissed her and slept with her but her being pregnant was an entirely different thing. You hated him, Minseok had caught you by your arm and said, "Baby girl please don't do this. I'm sorry, please don't leave me, don't leave. Please." he begged. You looked at him through tears of anger and pain and pushed him as hard as your body would let you. He stumbled backwards but only a little. "Go to hell." You said. You walked out slamming the door behind you. No more... You weren't going back this time.
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