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After School is One of The Hardest Working Groups Out There

I was revisiting some older Kpop tracks and came across the magic that is After School.

And it struck me just how hard these girls work for each comeback.

Check it out below!

Their first three songs were instant hits and blasted them to stardom.

1. Ah! 2. Diva 3. Because of You**

** You hear remixes and covers of this song on Korean TV all the time.

Before their debut, Pledis said that their concepts would be heavily influenced by the Pussycat Dolls.

The Pussycat Dolls must have loved their style because when they had their Asian leg of their world tour, they had After School open for them!

They were already known for their amazing performance skills (((did you see the choreography in the When I Grow Up performance?!?!?!??)))

They then began to commit heavily to concepts, starting with BANG.

The girls learned how to play the drums to fit into the marching band concept of Bang!

And they basically killed it.

The next few years were spent making Orange Caramel a HUGE success and becoming mega-famous in Japan.

Then they came back with Flashback which is still such an iconic Kpop song today. Every Korean probably could sing this chorus :)

Like with Bang! the girls decided to commit to an entirely new concept:

They all learned how to pole dance.

Nana even showed off the ridiculous bruises she got from training for 6 months.

Various members have "graduated" or been added, including Kahi who went solo after her long stint with After School.

(She actually founded the group^^)

I hope that these girls get the attention they deserve! I love how much they put into their work :)

Just seeing Nana's bruises make me clench my legs. That must've been extremely painful! I hope they make a comeback soon. They've worked so hard! After School Fighting!
they were my first kpop group. i loved their song Becuase of you. I went deeper into the kpop world because of their music.
My long lost children 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩
They seriously need to come back soon
Oh wow!! They really work hard and learn new things for all these concepts!!!! O.O I definelty want to become a fan of them!!!
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The pre-primary division of the school has a location at HSR Layout. The site of Harvest International School is the best schools in HRS Layout to get perfect fusion of modern comforts and unspoiled nature, allowing kids to study and explore right away. Additionally, a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1 ensures that each kid receives individualised attention. To ensure the greatest outcomes, the class size is restricted to 24 students and two teachers. The best schools in HSR Layout, Harvest International School activity to Childers: 路 Activity Centre 路 Music 路 Art 路 Dance Studios 路 State of the art auditorium 路 Medical facilities at the campus 路 Cafeteria with vegetarian food 路 Affiliated to CBSE and IGCSE, (AS and A levels) of CIE for Grades 1-9 路 Specially designed equipment鈥檚 for kids 路 Separate computer labs for juniors and seniors 路 Indoor sports stadium 路 Basketball courts 路 Tennis courts and other indoor games 路 Multimedia equipment 路 Interactive boards 路 LCD projectors 路 Tie-up with Educomp 路 Imported furniture which are ergonomically designed 路 Outdoor sports stadiums Why does Harvest make this world a better place? The educational environment at Harvest International one of the best schools in HSR Layout has always been a microcosm where everyone is valued for both their similarities and uniqueness. 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The best school in HSR Layout Physics Lab: It is generally more effective to teach theoretical topics in physics through laboratory experimentation than it is in a classroom. Our lab is up to date, fully furnished with contemporary amenities, and offers a secure environment for learning through trial and error. Biology Lab: A perfect environment for learning biology is created by the amazing collection of preserved specimens, permanent slides, models, and bio visual charts that we house. Chemistry Lab: The lab is outfitted with various pertinent tools that enable experience learning at a pace appropriate for each student's skills. During lab hours, trained technicians and topic facilitators keep an eye on and help the students. Computer Lab: Understanding the study of software technology is particularly intriguing for young school children and is a crucial component of the modern world. Our computer lab provides cutting-edge gear for students interested in exploring animation or software development, as well as cutting-edge computer systems for students to learn on. Library: Our well-stocked library's wide selection of books enables pupils to journey across time and into various epochs. Both students and employees have access to books for education and enjoyment as well as other multimedia tools. The open, roomy library was created to encourage a love of reading and to provide every child with the chance to discover and grow their unique interests. Pre-Admission Procedure to receive a guided tour of the home-room environments, please plan a visit to one of our Montessori campuses. You will receive a briefing on the curriculum and an explanation of how the system works in practise. If you wish to enrol with best school in HSR Layout, you will be required to submit a filled application form along with the following documents: 路 Birth certificate 路 Medical information 路 Four Passport sized photos and two stamp-sized photographs (link to the form can be found on the top-right corner) Conclusion: Harvest aims to provide international quality of holistic education coupled with human values in a technologically supported, joyful learning environment, creating global citizens. Best School in HRS Layout, in order to never stop growing, The Harvest Community has set goals we wish to achieve in the next 3-5 years. Achieving our goals increases our confidence as an institution and helps us target other challenging aspects in the current paradigm as the best school in Bangalore. Thank you so much for reading this article on the best schools in HSR Layout. I hope that it has been helpful to you in your search for a school.
LASU Postgraduate Admission Form
LASU Postgraduate Admission Requirements The University requires five [ 5 ] CREDITS including the English Language at Ordinary Level (GCE, WASC, SSCE, NECO, and NABTEB) for ALL courses and credit in MATHEMATICS at Ordinary Level for SCIENCE, SOCIAL SCIENCES, MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, and EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT courses. How Much is LASU Postgraduate Admission Form? LASU Postgraduate Form for the 2022/2023 session costs N25,300.00 and it is non-refundable How to Apply for the LASU Postgraduate Admission Form Firstly, open the Post-Graduate Application Portal Click on STEP 1 and Generate Your Application Number Note that you can generate your application number only once. Make sure you print out the application number generation page in number (2) above. Click on STEP 2 and Pay Your Application Fee at At the Payment portal on Number (4) above, Choose 鈥楳ain Campus鈥 for the campus dropdown and choose 鈥楽andwich/Post-Graduate Application鈥 for the Study Type dropdown fields respectively. Click on 鈥楶roceed鈥 Follow the step-by-step instructions to generate your transaction ID. Go back to the Online Post-Graduate Application Portal Now go to STEP 3: Enter your 鈥楢pplication Number鈥 and 鈥楽urname鈥 in the fields provided and click on the 鈥楽ubmit鈥 button. Follow the step-by-step instructions and then complete your application. Print out your application form. You can also re-print your application form as many times as you want. CLICK HERE TO APPLY All applicants shall be required to sit for the qualifying Entrance Examination on the Main Campus. Application Closing Date Not yet Out. Application forms for all programs should be submitted on-line and a copy of the e-Registration slip printed out by the applicant.
B峄搉 r峄璦 ray ti峄噒 tr霉ng 鈥 T岷 l谩 ch岷痭 d脿nh cho b岷 tr瓢峄沜 d峄媍h covid-19
Tr瓢峄沜 di峄卬 bi岷縩 ph峄ヽ t岷 c峄 d峄媍h covid-19 v峄沬 nhi峄乽 bi岷縩 th峄 kh谩c nhau. Vi峄嘽 gi峄 g矛n v峄 sinh v脿 膽岷 b岷 an to脿n cho c啤 th峄 sau khi kh谩m ch峄痑 b峄噉h, ti岷縫 x煤c v峄沬 b峄噉h nh芒n l脿 膽i峄乽 v么 c霉ng c岷 thi岷縯. Ch铆nh v矛 th岷, b峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng 膽瓢峄 xem l脿 s岷 ph岷﹎ thi岷縯 y岷縰 t岷 h岷 h岷縯 c谩c c啤 s峄, ph貌ng kh谩m, b峄噉h vi峄噉 v脿 nhi峄乽 c啤 quan 膽o脿n th峄 hi峄噉 nay. B峄搉 di峄噒 khu岷﹏ t峄 tia UV do 膽贸 膽峄 an to脿n l脿 100%, b峄搉 膽瓢峄 thi岷縯 k岷 v峄沬 膽峄 s芒u ph霉 h峄 cho r峄璦 tay v脿 c岷硁g tay. B峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng 2 v貌i Mua b峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng 峄 膽芒u? T峄峚 l岷 t岷 t峄塶h B矛nh D瓢啤ng, c么ng ty An Vi峄噒 Ph谩t chuy锚n s岷 xu岷 c谩c m岷穞 h脿ng thi岷縯 b峄 y t岷, gia c么ng c谩c trang thi岷縯 b峄 y t岷, inox gia d峄g,鈥 ph峄 v峄 cho c谩c c啤 s峄 kh谩m ch峄痑 b峄噉h v脿 膽峄漣 s峄憂g. V峄沬 膽峄檌 ng农 k峄 thu岷璽 vi锚n tay ngh峄 gi峄廼, kinh nghi峄噈 nhi峄乽 n膬m l脿m vi峄嘽, An Vi峄噒 Ph谩t cam k岷縯 mang 膽岷縩 cho qu媒 kh谩ch d貌ng s岷 ph岷﹎ b峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng ti峄噉 l峄 v脿 an to脿n nh岷 trong b峄慽 c岷h d峄媍h b峄噉h di峄卬 bi岷縩 kh贸 l瓢峄漬g nh瓢 hi峄噉 nay. B峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng 1 v貌i Hi峄噉 t岷 An Vi峄噒 Ph谩t 膽ang s岷 xu岷 v脿 cung 峄﹏g nhi峄乽 d貌ng b峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng kh谩c nhau nh瓢: b峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng ph貌ng m峄, b峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng 1 v貌i, b峄搉 r峄璦 tay ti峄噒 tr霉ng 2 v貌i,鈥. M峄峣 th么ng tin chi ti岷縯 xin vui l貌ng li锚n h峄: C脭NG TY TNHH MTV TH漂茽NG M岷營 V脌 S岷 XU岷 AN VI峄員 PH脕T 鈾 膼峄媋 ch峄: 113T/1, 膼瓢峄漬g An Ph煤 07, KP1A, Ph瓢峄漬g An Ph煤, Thu岷璶 An, B矛nh D瓢啤ng 鈾 Email: 鈾 Website: 鈾 Hotline: 0919.659.027 鈾 T瓢 v岷: 0274.6507.879 鈾 Zalo: 0783.480.783
Bharati Vidyapeeth Online 鈥 Eligibility, Admission Process
Bharati Vidyapeeth online education is a private college which was established by the Dr. Patangrao Kadam in the year 1964. Bharati Vidyapeeth online courses has perceived approved by the UGC (University Grants Commission). Additionally the university is recognized by the authority NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) with Grade 'A'. This college is in the list of top college in the field of education. It is additionally has been perceived for its best scholarly greatness and granted the status of deemed to be university by the government of India in 1996. Highlights 路 Name of the institute - Bharati Vidyapeeth School Of Online Education 路 Established by - Bharati Vidyapeeth 路 Establishment year - 1964 路 Institute Type - Private 路 Location - Pune, Maharashtra 路 Approved by - UGC 路 Affiliated by - Grade 'A' by the NAAC 路 Application mode 鈥 Online 路 Entrance exam accepted - BVP CET (Bharati Vidyapeeth Common Entrance Test) Online Courses offered by Bharati Vidyapeeth Bharati Vidyapeeth Online education Courses offered are given below:- Undergraduate Programs 路 BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration) 路 BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Application) Postgraduate Programs 路 MBA (Master Of Business Administration) Distance Courses offered by Bharati Vidyapeeth Bharati Vidyapeeth Distance education Courses offered are given below:- Undergraduate Programs 路 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 路 Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) 路 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) 路 Bachelor of Arts (BA) Postgraduate Programs 路 Executive MBA 路 Master of Business Administration (MBA) 路 Master of Computer Applications (MCA) 路 Master of Arts (MA) 路 Master of Commerce (M.Com) Diploma Programs 路 Diploma in Law BV Online learning Admission Process Documents required for the Bharati Vidyapeeth Online education admission process:- 路 Original copies of class 10th mark sheets of examination for verification and one Xerox copy of each. 路 Original copies of class 12th mark sheets of examination for verification and one Xerox copy of each. 路 Passing certificate of last qualifying examination for verification and one Xerox copy of each. 路 Two recent passport size photographs 路 Transfer Certificate / Leaving Certificate (Original) 路 Migration Certificate (Original) 路 Gap Certificate (If there is a gap of more than 2 years in education). 路 Caste certificate (if required) 路 Gazette Certificate (in case of change in name) 路 ID Proof document (Aadhaar Card / PAN Card / Driving License / Passport) 路 Document of age proof attested (Aadhaar Card / Passport / PAN Card / Driving License / Passport / Election Card / Birth Certificate) 路 Submission of Aadhaar Card (Photocopy) for Indian Students and Passport for Foreign Students is compulsory. Given below the step by step procedure to apply for admission at online education Bharati Vidyapeeth:- 路 Firstly go to the official website of Bharati Vidyapeeth Online Education 路 Secondly pick any one program from the academics for admission from the list 路 Thirdly applicants should register themselves in the Bharati Vidyapeeth site by filling every one of the necessary subtleties 路 In this step of registration aspirant need to upload their desired credentials in the asked size and format 路 At last you should pay the Bharati Vidyapeeth application charge by means of online mode Description - Bharati Vidyapeeth online education was laid out in the year by Dr. Patangrao Kadam. Bharati Vidyapeeth online offer UG and PG courses which are approved by UGC.
How Beneficial is a School ERP Software For Users?
School ERP Software: School ERP, also known as School Enterprise Resource Planning System, is a piece of software that handles a variety of tasks such as data storage and management, attendance management, fee management, automatic communication updates, e-learning management, and other school-related operations. Intelschools School ERP Software is the best for all colleges, schools & Universities. Managing the administration of an educational institution, such as a school, is not an easy task since there are several details that must be addressed in order for the institution to run smoothly. A variety of things are involved in the operation of a school, including keeping a record of everything, such as student and instructor information. Previously, everything was done manually, with records of everything recorded in registers, which were not secure. There was always a risk of information theft because anybody could simply steal the registers and the information may be destroyed if a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake, or other tragedy occurred. The progress of technology has entirely transformed the way every sector previously functioned to its current functioning. The educational sector is one of those that have experienced significant upheaval. Everything is now totally online and can be handled from anywhere in the world. Why do Schools Need ERP Software? "Necessity is the mother of all inventions," as the old phrase goes, and this is also true in the educational sector. The conventional technique of keeping a school's information was time-consuming, and after spending so much time, there was insufficient data security, which paved the way for the introduction of a school ERP software that has all of the capabilities required to manage any sort of educational institution. Members of a school's personnel include instructors, administrators, and others. Aside from instructing, a teacher must execute a variety of other tasks, such as writing progress reports for each and every student and creating timetables, and date sheets. When instructors are required to handle all of the aforementioned responsibilities. A school ERP software is an ideal option since it frees up the teaching staff from the aforementioned tasks and allows instructors to focus on teaching rather than anything else. Furthermore, data security is adequate because all information is kept on a secure web server, and only selected people to have access to the data. Advantages of school ERP Software: There are a lot of other advantages to utilizing this program, including the fact that it saves time, which is a precious asset. When schools use the conventional way of maintaining school information, they must spend a significant portion of their entire budget on stationery. Even some educational software provides the option of online study, making the learning process easier than before. Students can design their own study schedules based on their preferences.
Benefits of having school counsellors in schools
Students are always loaded with a lot of career-related questions and most of them are not sure whom to ask for guidance. They ask around, look for resources, talk to parents and others, but they might end up with half-baked responses. This happens because the person whom they approach for guidance may or may not have a relevant degree or training or knowledge to back the suggestions. To overcome this problem, many schools are setting up career counselling cells with qualified counsellors. They become an integral part of the school system and have a positive impact on students.聽 The counsellors should not forget that they have to get the right certification from places of international repute. That enhances their skills and also helps them to guide the students better.聽 Here are the key benefits of having school counsellors in schools: 1) Student Guidance With school counsellors on board, students get access to better guidance during the school hours. This helps them manage their time well. Otherwise, they have to seek support after the school hours and search for avenues investing a lot of time. The school counsellors can also monitor the progress of students and set an educational agenda for them. They motivate the students, make them expert learners and encourage them to interact more with parents.聽 Counsellors can arrange for individual or group counselling sessions based on the student requirement and help them find their true calling. They can also call for a parent and student meeting so that they are on the same page.聽 2) Parent 鈥 Student Connect Parent-teacher meetings are a common norm across many schools. What if these meetings act as platforms for parents to understand their child鈥檚 career goals? Career counsellors at schools can make that happen. Counsellors walk the extra mile in giving guidance to parents so that they can understand their children better and work towards their goals.聽 With counselling support, the school can facilitate more parent-teacher and parent-student interactions. Parents can round up all the parenting related questions and get them clarified with the counsellors.聽 3) Teaching Effectiveness School counsellors and teachers can work in tandem to meet the educational goals. This also improves the teaching effectiveness and increases the students鈥 achievements. Both can work together to plan the classroom sessions that blend theory and guidance and serve as skill enablers for students. Counsellors can gauge student behavior and learning in the classroom through various activities and pass the necessary feedback to teachers. This helps them in making the career roadmap for the students.聽 Counsellors can also aid teachers in the course design for effective delivery. International career counselling certification will help teachers in upskilling and doubling up as career counsellors. This is a win-win scenario for the schools and the teachers.聽 4) Additional Help for schools Career counsellors can bring in more admissions to schools. A school with an expert team of counsellors is valued more than other schools without counsellors. So, trained counsellors who can help students reach their career goals are need of the hour. Schools also develop an effective student management system so that students can optimally use counselling services.聽聽 Becoming a school counsellor is no mean task. But internationally acclaimed courses such as Global Career Counsellor make it a cakewalk. Listening, speaking and interpersonal skills are hallmarks of career counsellors and if they can complement them with the right certification, they can work wonders in the field of counselling. Schools should encourage their teachers and counsellors to get such certifications and they are a must for individuals who want to take a plunge into counselling.聽聽聽 CLICK HERE聽