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I was revisiting some older Kpop tracks and came across the magic that is After School.

And it struck me just how hard these girls work for each comeback.

Check it out below!

Their first three songs were instant hits and blasted them to stardom.

1. Ah! 2. Diva 3. Because of You**

** You hear remixes and covers of this song on Korean TV all the time.

Before their debut, Pledis said that their concepts would be heavily influenced by the Pussycat Dolls.

The Pussycat Dolls must have loved their style because when they had their Asian leg of their world tour, they had After School open for them!

They were already known for their amazing performance skills (((did you see the choreography in the When I Grow Up performance?!?!?!??)))

They then began to commit heavily to concepts, starting with BANG.

The girls learned how to play the drums to fit into the marching band concept of Bang!

And they basically killed it.

The next few years were spent making Orange Caramel a HUGE success and becoming mega-famous in Japan.

Then they came back with Flashback which is still such an iconic Kpop song today. Every Korean probably could sing this chorus :)

Like with Bang! the girls decided to commit to an entirely new concept:

They all learned how to pole dance.

Nana even showed off the ridiculous bruises she got from training for 6 months.

Various members have "graduated" or been added, including Kahi who went solo after her long stint with After School.

(She actually founded the group^^)

I hope that these girls get the attention they deserve! I love how much they put into their work :)

Just seeing Nana's bruises make me clench my legs. That must've been extremely painful! I hope they make a comeback soon. They've worked so hard! After School Fighting!
they were my first kpop group. i loved their song Becuase of you. I went deeper into the kpop world because of their music.
My long lost children 😢😢😢😢
They seriously need to come back soon
Oh wow!! They really work hard and learn new things for all these concepts!!!! O.O I definelty want to become a fan of them!!!
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