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Alrighty I know this took me awhile to post but I hope you enjoy it!!!! If you missed the last chapter by @SweetDuella click here
"Hey guys." Sarah said walking over to Kookie and giving him a hug. "What are you doing here?" Jenni asked walking over to the guys. "We wanted to eat dinner with you guys." Jimin said smiling. "Yea we feel like we haven't eaten together in forever." Tae pouted. "Well we are going with the guys from 24k but I guess.." Jenni turned towards them "Can they join us?" Sarah asked "Yea that's fine." Cory said with a smile. "Alright guys come with us." Sarah said with a smile. They headed to a Korean BBQ and ordered a lot of meat. And by a lot of meat they got several plates full. Thankfully they were able to get a private room. So before the meat got to them they were all talking. "Your name is Kisu right?" Jimin said pointing to Kisu. "Yes." Kisu smiled "He's my best friend." Jenni said smiling "Wait what! Ok listen here Kisu, I know why she wants to be your best friend. It's because you look like me." Jimin said "Dude calm down." Yoongi said trying to hold back a laugh. "No. You are not allowed to take my best friend away from me, she can't replace me with you." Jimin said causing things to get awkward. "Ok Jimin I'm not replacing you, I'm allowed to have more friends. Heck Sarah has Cory as her Best friend." Jenni said "What?" Tae said "Oh come on you two are acting like girls on their periods." Sarah said laughing "No you are ours you can't have anyone else." Tae said "Woah guys hold on." Namjoon said "Yea If anyone gets to claim Them it's us. We are dating them." Kookie said "HEY guys! We are not items to be claimed….. We are freaking people." Sarah said "I'm so sorry about this." Jenni said turning to the guys of 24k "It's ok." hongseop said And at that moment the food arrived and everyone's mood changed. After eating Jimin and Tae apologized for what they had said. They said that they were Hangry and would make it up to them. They treated everyone out to ice cream. And having 14 guys with the energy that they had worn the girls out. Before the night end they made sure to exchange numbers they wanted to hang out the the guys of 24k again because they did have a good time.
The Thursday morning show went by super-fast. After the morning show the girls were planning on going back home to get some rest. They had gotten home and were about to fall asleep but there was a loud banging on the door. Sarah was the first one to get to the door. "Hobi what are you doing here?" Sarah asked rubbing her eyes. "Well I wanted to bother you two." He said walking into the apartment. "Where are the others?" Jenni asked "Oh they are on their way, they just were trying to figure out a way to distract Namjoon." "Why were they trying to do that?" Sarah asked finally shutting the door. "Because we need to discuss his birthday." He said sitting on the couch. "Well I guess no sleep today." Jenni said sitting next to Jhope. After 15 minutes everyone but Namjoon was at their apartment. They had a discussion on everything that they could do and Jimin had a great idea for a birthday cake for Namjoon. They decided that Midnight on Monday they would surprise him with the cake and sing happy birthday then later in the day they would do something. The guys left and then the girls got ready for the afternoon show. "One of these days we will get sleep." Jenni said with a little giggle. "Yea, I think I'm starting to go crazy. Like I need sleep." Sarah said yawning. "Well maybe after the show we can get to bed at a normal time." Jenni said and Sarah gave Jenni a look. "Yea, I doubt that. All those dramas we want to watch and trying to spend time with the guys….I don’t see it in the near future." Sarah said as they went to the studio. Once again the show went by super-fast. They were heading out and wanted to get some food. *DING* Jenni pulled out her phone. Jin: Hey come over after the show, I'm going to make you ladies food. "Jin is going to make us food." Jenni said out loud "YES! JINS FOOD FINALLY!" Sarah said getting very excited and started running out the door. Jenni: Alright Sarah is already out the door, the mention of you cooking had her gone in a second. See you soon Jin: Lol well then see you soon. The girls got there in record time. When they got inside Sarah ignored everyone and headed to the kitchen where she sat and watched Jin cook. "Geez Sarah don’t you think this is going to get Kookie Jealous?" Jhope said sitting next to her. "Nope, He knows he is the only one for me, I'm just so excited to watch Jin cooking." Sarah said placing her face in her hands. Jin and Sarah and Jhope talked for a bit while Jin was cooking food. Jenni and Yoongi and Jimin and Tae were in the living room deciding on what they were going to do for the night. After they enjoyed the amazing dinner Jin had made they all made their way into the living room. Sarah ran to Kookie's room remembering she had left one of her notebooks there last time she was over. She saw it was on his desk and grabbed it. She opened it and saw that he had written something on the first page. 'You don't need to write fan fics about me anymore, since you already have me. No more fantasies. I love you.' She smiled but then quickly went to the page she had. She blushed. She didn't realize she had written a smut part in this notebook, and worse thing was that he had read it. She quickly closed the notebook and left the room and went back to the living room. There was a seat next to Kookie that was open and Sarah quickly jumped on the seat next to him and Jenni was sitting on the floor getting ready to play a game with some of the guys. Sarah saw a pink pen and grabbed it. This would make her want to write more because of the pretty color. She started writing and felt like someone was watching her. She glanced to Kookie who was looking at her writing. "Didn't I tell you, you didn’t need to write about me anymore?" He said with a smile and she started blushing. "This isn't a smut, like the last one…and who said this is about you?" "Is it not?" "Nope it's about someone else." "Who?" Kookie asked and she smiled. Was he going to get upset with her writing fan fics about the other members. "Yoongi." When she said this Yoongi turned his head. "Excuse me?" he said and Jenni laughed "Um, Yea I wrote a story about you…and a person." "really?" He smiled "Hey you don’t have special treatment I do it for every member." Sarah blurted out "Sarah you just admitted to them what we do." Jenni said "Wait you do it too?" Namjoon asked "Yea?" Jenni said going back to the game. "Hey Where is my pink pen?" They heard and looked at Jin. Sarah looked at her hand and saw she had a pink pen. She handed it to Kookie. "I don't know what you are talking about." Sarah said getting up and moving to the floor and taking a controller from Tae. "HEY!" HE said and tried to take it back. Sarah used her feet to keep him from her. "Kookie why do you have my pen!" Jin said and Sarah stopped fighting to keep Tae away and started laughing. "Sarah gave it to me." HE tattled on her. "No….No…he is lying." "I don’t think so, you are laughing like crazy so I take it you did it." Jin said looked at Sarah which she continued to laugh. "You're mad over a pink pen." Jenni said now joining in on the laughter. "It's my special pink pen." He whined "I'm Sorry Jinnie!" Sarah said trying to control her laughter. "HEY! We have Joonie, Jinnie and Jiminie…… this is going to be confusing, maybe we should change nicknames." Jenni pointed out. "Well call Jimin Chim chim or better yet Chim times 2…. You actually say it that way." Sarah laughed For the next few hours they played games and talked being goofy, Then around 10 the girls decided to go home so they could try to get to bed early so they weren't tried.
Friday Morning went by with a breeze. The girls were on their way home when they were kidnapped. They were thrown into a van and when they looked at who was there captor it was none other than the boys of BTS. "You jerks!" Sarah yelled "Why would you do this! Your messing with my fears here!" Jenni said trying to pretend to cry. "Were sorry, we called your names a few times but you ignored us." Namjoon said hugging her. "Ok Jenni to calm your fears we are going to watch a movie with a dragon in it" Jimin said with a smiled "Dragons!!!!" Sarah said with a bounce in her seat. The guys took the girls to see the movie Pete's dragon. By the end of it several of them had cried and several were denying that they had cried. The girls then were dropped back off at their work and they started there afternoon show. "Good afternoon, how is everyone today?" Sarah said into the mic. "I was good until that stupid movie." Jenni said "Oh I agree. We saw Pete's Dragon this morning and man that movie had me bawling the last 20 mins." "Hey at least the guys we were with some of them were crying too." Jenni said laughing "Yea that was the best thing ever. Although they were trying to deny it." "Well they are guys." Jenni laughed "Ok so before we get side tracked again, Ruby has been listening to ' in the illusion' which is from the drama W and some more GD, and T.O.P with 'High High" Jenni said "Talking about yourself in the third person, that's great. I'll do it too. Diamond here has been listening to superfly by 24k and I'm Sorry by beast" "These are great songs, we will play these four for you now while we take a break please enjoy." Jenni stated and pressed play. "Dude, we need to go into a padded room and bounce off the walls like Jhope did." Jenni said "Ha yea you might just end up staying there." Sarah laughed "so maybe we shouldn’t go then." Jenni said as she pulled up the web page and the song ended bringing them back. "Sooo Ruby what would you say if I brought home an animal?" Sarah asked "You told me I couldn’t have an animal why do you get one."Jenni stated "I said you could have a caged animal." "well where's the cage? Wait what kind of animal is it?" "Um, I don’t know I just found it on the side of the road. It looked like it needed love." Sarah laughed "If I can name it panda whatever it is." "Panda tiger" Sarah exclaimed "no panda kitty." "OH MY GOD, we need to find a kitty that is black and white with tiger stripes so we can call it panda tiger kitty." Sarah said "Oh no its just panda kitty." Jenni laughed "NOOOOOO tiger kitty…." "Are we going to fight over this name?" Jenni asked "Yes. Let's just name it panda tiger whenever we find one." Sarah said "Oh for the listeners…. We are just hypothetically talking about this. I don’t think we will find a kitty like that." Jenni said "What if it’s a dog?" Sarah asked "WE don’t get a dog, that’s what we would do. Just a kitty." Jenni said with a laugh. The rest of the show they had more random talk and went through what they would be doing over the weekend. They had a lot of suggestions and they both finally agreed on a food show. They heard great things about it and wanted to see what it was all about. The girls ended up going over to the dorm to bother those who were there. The ones that were there at the moment were Jhope, Jimin, Tae and Yoongi. The girls walked into the kitchen. "JENNI CAN YOU COME KILL MY NUTS?!" Jhope screamed running over to her. "Excuse me your what?" Jenni said with a shocked expression and Sarah started laughing. "My Nuts." He said again with a serious expression. "Can you describe them?" Sarah asked with a laugh "You know the little black buggies." He said "Nats?" Jenni asked "Yea those." he said pushing Jenni towards the kitchen. She saw the vaccum and started sucking them up. While Sarah was trying to kill them with her hands. "I swear those little fuckers don’t die!" Sarah and Jenni said at the same time making them both start laughing. After several minutes of getting rid of the nats in their kitchen Namjoon, Jin and Kookie came back with grocerys and the girls helped put things away and then they all made there way into the living room to watch a movie. The girls ended up staying the night at the dorms and were going to their activity in the afternoon the next day.
The girls both woke up next to their guys. They both didn’t remember going to the beds. Sarah rolled over and snuggled into Kookie's chest while he put his arms around her pulling her closer to him. "Morning." He whispered into her ear. She didn’t say anything and just looked at him and kissed his lips. He smiled. "What are you doing today?" He asked "We are going to a food show." "Can I come along?" he asked "If Jenni is ok with it." Sarah smiled IN NAMJOONS BED Jenni felt arms go around her and she smiled and leaned back into her boyfriend. "Are you awake Panda?" He whispered and she giggled "Yes I am." "Good, can we spend time together today?" He asked "Well we are going to a show today if you want to join us?" Jenni said turning around to face him. "What kind of show?" "Food." She leaned in putting her face against his neck. "Sounds good." He said rubbing her back. All of a sudden there was kicking happening underneath them. "WAKE UP YOU TWO!!!" Sarah said as she continued to kick the bed. "were up were up." Jenni said sitting up finally. After several more minutes they went out to the kitchen and had breakfast and were talking to everyone about their plans for the day. When Jenni mentioned food Jin was quick to want to join. Then all the guys decided they wanted to see it too since they had time before they had to go back to practice. They ended up at the show called Cookin Nanta.
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Man I'd be laughing my ass off too if a guy ran up to me and asked me to 'kill his nuts'!😂😂😂 So unexpected and random! dang my eyes are tearing haha!
funny thing is this was a real thing but it was a lady that said it to me but I thought I'd be funnier with a guy saying it.
@MaritessSison and then sarah has to ask to describe how they look 😂
had to add to that lol...wouldn't you be confused why he was asking for you to kill his nuts??? and food. Sounds good to me.