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When he spoke, his voice sounded like chimes in the wind. His eyes peircing and deep.
Chanyeol watched him as tears streamed down Junmyeon's cheeks. "What is it, what's wrong?" Chan asked, Junmyeon handed him the paper. Chanyeol read it over. "I don't understand, it's the police report." "Don't you see it? It says she was either pushed or she fell down the stairs. That it's undetermined what caused the fall. She had bruises consistent with the fall. Bruises were found on her face and body that were consistent with an assault. Which means she was beaten before she fell." Jun explained. "Pushed down the stairs...." he thought for a long time about that, he thought back to all the times he was in that house. "What are you thinking?" Chanyeol flipped the page over, "I think there was more. This looks like just the first page. Aish, we were in such a hurry, she didn't print the rest." "Maybe she can send the rest of that email." Junmyeon said taking the paper back. He looked it over then folded it and put it back in his pocket. "Where did she say she was going?" "Sehun is the only one who knows." Chan said pulling his phone out. "You're not going to call him, are you?" "No, not exactly." Chan opened an app and went to Sehun's profile to DM him. Junmyeon watched and then they waited. A few minutes went by that seemed to last forever, before Sehun answered back. Chanyeol opened the message. "What did he say?" Jun asked "He said he'll contact her and ask her about it..." he shook his head, "and to tell you, he misses you." Chanyeol laughed. "Agh that kid... tell him I miss him too." Junmyeon said, he looked around at the rest area they were parked at, "Where are we?" "We're About 15 minutes outside of Seoul. You know, I can't think of anywhere to go. I'd hate to be driving around in this car. What about you, you know of any places?" "Only a couple" but they were places he didn't want to go, but they had other choice. "Let's go." As they drove down the road, getting closer to the city, Chanyeol had to ask. It was weighing heavily on his mind ever since he read Junmyeon's statement and the police report. "I have to ask, you said you left her crying on the floor and the report said she was pushed down the stairs, do you think there was someone else in the house?" Jun thought for a moment, "I'm thinking there was, that was either there or came after I left. But who?" "A family member, maybe a friend of hers, or even an ex-boyfriend" Chan concluded. Junmyeon felt awkward and a little stupid. He realised that he didn't know any of her family or her friends but then he never asked either. At first he had been interested but when things started to go wrong, he didn't bother with it anymore. He started to realize, he didn't know anything about her. She never mentioned anything about family or friends, much less ex-boyfriends. He don't know what kind of life she lead, what kind of work she did, absolutely nothing. Chanyeol's phone beeped, he picked it up and seen it was a message from Sehun. He handed it to Junmyeon to read. "What did he say now?" Chan asked trying to keep his eyes on the road. "She wants to meet us. There's an address." Jun tapped the highlighted address and it opened up to a map. Chanyeol pulled over and looked to see where he needed to go. "I know where this is, but first let's get rid of this car. Obviously they know my car and will be keeping an eye out for it." Jun agreed, "I know where we can get a car."
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thanks for tagging me. I'm really enjoying your story. ☺
you're welcome and thank you 😀 I appreciate it