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A Yarn's usefulness is judged by several factors, such as: - loft: ability to trap air - resilience: elasticity under tension - washability, colorfastness, hand: feel (softness vs. scratchiness) - durability - resistance to pilling - hairiness: fuzziness - twist: tendency to twist or untwist - overall weight and drape - comfort: breathability, moisture absorption, wicking properties - appearance: color, sheen, smoothness, ornamental features Other factors include allergenicity, speed of drying, resistance to chemicals, moths, and mildew, melting point and flammability, retention of static electricity, and the propensity to accept dyes. Desirable properties may vary for different projects, so there is no one "best" yarn.
Thank you for the tip I was always trying to start kniting.
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@camille78 Haha, once you start, you won't be able to quit ! :)
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