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So conflicted right now, because Changbum of 100% is leaving and the remaining five will have a comeback in October!
TOP agency released a statement, saying they were grateful for the fans who have loved 100% for a long time, but Changbum had talked with the label and group for a long while, and decided not to promote any more. This decision came after a long time of thinking hard about it, and the remaining five have decided to support Changbum in whatever he's going to do, and he's going to do the same for 100%.
It's a sad day, but we can only sit by hopefully, waiting to see what 100% and Changbum do in their careers!

Anyone else conflicted?

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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NOOOOOO. 馃槦馃槪馃槶
I legit started crying when I found out. I did not expect him to leave! I was hoping that this upcoming comeback he was going to take part of.... oh well. He has my full support. I'm still quite devastated but he knows what's best for himself.
MY CUTIE PIE!!!!!!! (;锞熜达緹)......this is sad. I don't want him leaving!! As for the comeback.......FINALLLLYYYYY PEOPLEEEEE. I'VE MISSED THEM.