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even when he sneeze he does it Cutely❤
Shyly singing..Oh look that way is my BBF❤ dont leave me❤
Playing swords with BFF..well on this one you can't win him Mark LOL!
remembering the
hahaha.. what did he touched?
so sentimental..Aaaaaww my bae,❤❤
ugh! handsome our charming..❤
lol..Bff looking for your hearts to share? oh you found it is ❤❤
omg? Mark what are you doing? close your legs
being cute..
beautiful smile ❤❤
ooh yeah..thats when you sleep and your friends (the boys) are around.. LMAO!!
Markie-pooh Most of the time in dorms lol.
aaw..thats was you in school too..hahaha getting distracted for anything..
oh Wow!! 16 hrs!! straight?? well may be you can after so much work you guys have..all of you can sleep all that probably ..
and Lastly ..Markie-Pooh and BFF Jackson..Markson.. ❤❤MARKIE-POOH MONDAY ❤❤
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I feel mark on a spiritual level with surfing the internet