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I'm in momma bear mode right now I'm pissed off no body and I mean nobody should every send death threats to Kpop idols I don't give a fuck who you are. We all know Kyungsoo loves jongin and just cause he said something about his skin everyone is all bend out of shape. First of all in Korea is in not pretty to have tan skin I mean the make base that has whitening in it to white your skin more that is just how it is over there they are not being racist about the skin that is just how it is and when they meet black people they ask to touch their skin and hair cause it different from them. You have to remember Korea is not like America they use to not have a lot of different culture together it was just their now is become more like America where they don't have that.
Trust me when I say I will protect Kyungsoo no matter what and I will raise hell if any of you have something to say. @Tigerlily84