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This is my final card for the Guilty Crown Challenge, it's a bittersweet feeling finishing this challenge, I had fun doing it and had an even better time watching the show! Well let's get started, My favorite weapon and song.
For favorite weapon I would have to go with Inori's void. That sword is just so badass! I would love to wield that baby and cut down some endlaves!
This is probably my favorite out of the show, it's so relaxing and I can listen to it all day!
Sadly this is my last card regarding the Guilty Crown Challenge! So if you feel like you missed it don't worry go ahead and make the challenge cards whenever you so choose, just be sure to tag @NeoNinjaRaiden in it if you do.
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@assassingod Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!
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I'm all for it! I'll support anyway I can!! If it was my choice I'd say either Log Horizon, Steins;Gate, The Irregular at Magic Highschool or A Certain Magical Index