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1. Warm-Up Sit cross-legged, using core to keep back straight. Pull belly button toward spine and reach crown of head toward ceiling, relaxing shoulders away from ears. Close eyes and take deep breath in. Hold it for a few seconds, then let it go. Repeat twice. 2. Easy Spinal Twist Bring knees together and roll down onto back. Extend left leg straight out on floor. Bring right knee toward left side of room while keeping shoulder blades on floor. Extend right arm straight out from shoulder and look to right. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on opposite side. 3. Rock Up to Standing Lying on back and hugging knees to chest, rock back and forth from shoulders to hips. Once you get up momentum, rock up onto feet and stand up. (You can make it easier by using your hands to push yourself up.) Take deep breath and, exhaling, bend forward at hips. Bend knees and grab hold of dumbbells. Inhaling, slowly roll up to standing. Raise arms toward ceiling while holding dumbbells. 4. Chair Pose with Triceps Kickback Stand with legs together, feet touching. Sink hips back and down as though about to sit in a chair. Bend elbows and bring weights up to chest. Slowly extend arms behind you, squeezing triceps. Repeat 5 times. Return to standing. 5. Warrior I with Overhead Lift Holding dumbbells, step back with left leg about 3 feet and bend right knee to 90-degree angle. Raise arms toward ceiling, keeping upper body straight, coming into Warrior I. Make sure hips and shoulders are squared (aligned and facing forward). Bend elbows and slowly bring dumbbells down to shoulder height, then raise them back up. Keep elbows in and palms facing each other. Repeat 5 times. Next place dumbbells on shoulders. Hold pose for 60 seconds. Slow transition to the next pose. 6. Warrior II with Biceps Curl and Mini Lift Begin in Warrior I, right leg forward. Shift hips and shoulders to left, coming into Warrior II. Extend arms at shoulder height, palms up. Curl weights toward shoulders, then return them to shoulder height. Repeat 5 times. Keeping arms extended, flip palms down. Lift arms a few inches and hold a few seconds before lowering arms to shoulder height. Repeat 5 times. Return to standing. Repeat poses 5 and 6 on opposite side. 7. Hero with a Lift Come down to floor or mat with knees together and sit on feet. Holding dumbbells, bring hands to tops of thighs, palms facing down. Take a deep breath in and, exhaling, slowly (an inch at a time) come up onto knees, raising arms in front of you and lifting dumbbells toward ceiling. Using core strength, slowly lower back down (an inch at a time) and return to starting position. Repeat 5 times, moving slowly and with control. 8. Boat with a Burn Begin seated with knees bent, feet on floor. Grab dumbbells. Bring knees together, then raise feet off floor and cross arms at chest, keeping spine straight and chest lifted. Keeping belly tight, lower torso a few inches, then come back up and straighten arms alongside knees. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times. 9. Bridge with a Lift Lie faceup with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Bring heels close enough to butt that you can brush them with your longest fingertip. Grab dumbbells. Lift arms up and over, lowering them behind head while lifting hips into air. Once backs of hands touch floor, slowly reverse the move, lowering hips. Repeat 5 times. Hug knees to chest and rock side to side, massaging back. 10. Easy Spinal Twist Repeat pose 2 (slide 3), holding stretch for 30 seconds on each side. 11. Corpse Lie down, straighten legs, and allow feet to fall to sides. Rest arms by sides, palms facing up. Close eyes. Inhale deeply through nose and exhale from mouth. Take 2 more deep breaths and allow body to relax. Remain in pose at least 2 minutes. To end your practice, gently roll onto right side and push up to seated position.
ok .thanks a lot
@drrunjhun pics are included ... :)
@DerawAbdullah pics are included ... :)
please post the exvercise with images
I tried all this but chair pose hard to me
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