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(Bella/Xin Qian POV)

I was feeling lazy when I woke up, so after showing I just throw on shorts, a tank top, and my limited edition Nike black sweater. I pulled my hair back into a loose bun, before heading out to my imported ford GT purple mustang.
I just hope my (godfather) Daebu doesn't get mad at for dressing like a greenhorn (bum). As I was driving towards JYP Entertainments, I remembered that my friends Jackson and Yubin worked there as well.
I mentally cursed to myself, as I realized, Jackson normally likes to talk in all three languages. My Mandarin was still a bit rust. Just hope he picked English and/or Korean to speak in most.
When I pulled into the company underground Yubin was getting ready to get in a van with the rest of the Wonder Girls. "Unni!" I shouted, getting all of their attention. "XIN QIAN -AH!!!!" Yubin noticed me, as I parked behind the van. I got out my car, to run over to Yubin, for my hello hug.
"When did you come to town? Why didn't you give me a heads up?" She petted my head, as she pinched my cheek. I just smiled warmly at her. "I just got in last night, super jet lagged. I Daebu knows, I though he would of told you. Looks like Jackson gonna be shocked too."
She laughed when I mention how Jackson would react. "That boy gonna tackle you." She joked as I giggled softly. "I don't wanna hold you up much longer Unni, have fun on your schedule. I'm gonna be living in Korea for the next couple of years. We can catch up later."
She nodded her head before she went off with the group. I got back to my car, and parked it in an empty spot. Once that was done, I made my way to the front desk, to check in and get my pass.
JYP Daebu set it up, so I can give myself a tour of the company, while I waited for him to wrap up what ever he was working on. Which I didn't argue, and gladly put the lanyard pass around my neck. My main mission was to find Jackson, and meet the rest of GOT7.
If I got to meet the other talent, I would have done even better than expected. I made my way to where the dance studios were, and peaked inside each room. I spotted a few trainees, but not one already debut talent.
It was a it heart breaking, but it didn't hurt that much, since I knew they were all active. I decided to actually go wait in my Daebu's office, when 2pm's Jun.K came out of the elevator. Right as I was about to go up to him, and greet him.
My brother decided to snap chat me videos and photos of him and the AOMG crew having fun. Ugh, he was annoying me by rubbing this in my face. I looked up from my phone, to noticed Jun.K was looking right at me.
I grinned from ear to ear, as I got butterflies from, having his attention. "Annyeong." He just looked me over, and started at me. I offer my hand out to him, to see if he would snap out of it. "I'm Xin Qian-ssi."
Jun.K blinked a few times before actually shaking my hand. "Minjun-ssi." I remember I was a new person to him here, so I decided to play dumb, after letting of his hand. "Oh as in Jun.K, from 2pm, correct?"
The way I went about it, seem to have startled him a bit, as he look dumbfounded. "N-ne... I'm sorry but I'm confused by you. Plus you greeted me with a Chinese name, but you look like you're American."
He bit his lip, to show that he regretted his choice of words a bit. I did my laughter behind a warm smile. I was going to actually answer him when I heard someone speak Mandarin. "Jiejie! (Older sister)"
We both looked in Jackson's direction, as he ran over towards the both of us. "Oh there you are my xiao xiongdi (little brother)!" I ran over to Jackson, and held him close. "JYP hyung, told me you were in town. You have no idea how happy I am about you being here!"
It warm my heart to know, Jackson at least knew I was coming to Korea. Jackson noticed Jun.K though, and looked a bit surprised to see him. "Oh Hyung!" Jun.K just waved at him, as his way of greeting. "Is this the first time you two are meeting?"
Jackson waved his hand at the both of us, as he asked us his question, whilst looking at the both of us. "Honestly this is the first time ever, he let me come into the company building. So this is my first time meeting a lot of people here."
Jun.K looked a bit taken back, as a familiar voice caught our attention. "Daenyeo(Goddaughter)? You ready for that lunch with my wife?" I smiled widely when I saw it was my Daebu. He greeted me with a very loving warm smile.
"Ne Daebu, I can't wait to meet her. Feel guilty I couldn't attend you're wedding. So I bought you both a wedding gift. Its gonna meet us there." He walked over to me, and gave me the best hug ever, as always.
Reminded me of the times he came to visit me, when he was in town. "Then let's get going?" I turn to look at my friend Jackson one more time. "See you both later I hope." He nodded his head and bow, while I left with my Daegu in the elevator. I felt two sets of eyes burning a hole in my back, as I started to play catch up with my god father.
I looked at Jackson and Jun.K once we were in the elevator. I noticed Jackson was grinning in bliss, as Jun.K actually looked as if in a trance. Made me want to know what he was thinking.
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