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ok so we all know how this past week and today the boys have been none stop with videos that are making it confusing. let alone bring out our investigating skills together.
After reading this I finally understand. over the past year so many of us believed Jin died. With the INU, Prologue, and RUN Jin was believe to be in the afternoon life and watching over the boys. However Jin having different personalities. that makes more sense then him dying. when I watch his video before class I really thought that the theories that I have watched before were true. Now I think all if this was showing us the process of growing up. just woth a BTS twist.
I know it's hard to read but this breaks down on how it makes sense even more.
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Wow I love this!! I love when they play tricks like this
Wow amazing
I took psychology and I agree with the conclusion. The creative process they use to explain it has been phenomenal. I've enjoyed their expression. No matter how much they grow into mature adults they will remain forever young at heart.