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Day 22! And todays question is What is my favorite weapon, gear or armor used in any anime!? I have a number 1 but also wanted to show a few others too, check them out!
My favorite weapon of them all are wielded by "The Black Reaper" Hei from Darker Than Black! They are two customized blades that have a retractable wire attached to them, I just love the style of the blade and the many uses it has!
From the anime Dimension W are the throwing/spin needles used by Kyouma! Some are connected by wire some are not, and a few of them rotate at a high speed on impact making them much more deadly!
From Sword Art Online, made famous by the black swordsman Kirito, The Elucidator! I love the style of this sword and will one day own it myself! Mark my words!
Last but not least, a sword known worldwide through out history! Made famous by the one and only King Arthur! Excalibur! It also made an appearance in SAO and in the Fate series, I picked this one mainly because of the Fate series! Saber made this a sword u will love forever!
That's it for day 22! What did you think? What's your favorite weapon, gear or armor!?? Tagging below (Let me know if you wish to be added!) @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @otakudemon10 @biancadanica98 @belakttocs @SAMURXAI @MissHitachiin