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Chapter Ten is here! This chapter switches viewpoints partway through, though it's pretty obvious, I've put a break. Enjoy!! If you want to be tagged/untagged let me know, and if you've missed chapters, find them in my Masterpost here.
Chapter Ten It seemed easy, once they had their original story to figure out other small details of their faked relationship, easily figuring out ideas for dates, laughing together at the idea of doing cringeworthy dates, just to see if anyone called them out on their tiny bit of crazy. It was odd, she thought, that they were able to slip into this whole comfortable situation. They were settled, in a strange way. They sat and ate, while they sat in comfortable silence. It was honestly better than she expected. Shed expected things to be weird, even awkward. Instead, they talked for hours, the sun rising through the windows behind them as they continued talking. Soon enough, however, she grew tired, leaning out across the couch, as they continued to talk, more slowly now, about their pasts. At one point, she decided to shut her eyes for a moment, taking a breath slowly. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: He took a second as her words hesitated, and took a sip of his water, waiting for the completion of her sentence. It was a minute or so later, he looked more carefully at her, and smiled slightly as he saw that her eyes were shut, her breathing even. Siwon wasnt really surprised that shed fallen asleep, he was simply glad that she had. Carefully he picked up the dishes, washing them before putting them in the dishwasher. He quietly went back to the couch, sitting near her head, watching her sleep. He put out an arm, leaning his head against his raised hand, feeling the first bits of the suns rays on his face as he closed his own eyes. --- It wasnt until his phone rang, forcing the sleep from his head, that he even realized hed fallen asleep. Stretching slightly, he reached over the sleeping girl, smiling slightly as she slept still on the couch. Answering the phone as he got up, moving into his room to take a hot shower as he confirmed with his manager that theyd be on their way soon. Stepping out of the shower, he inhaled deeply, smiling at the smell of coffee permeating through his apartment. He realized that he hadnt started the coffee, and wrapping a towel around his bottom half, he went into his room, changing into clothes before heading out to get a cup of the morning brew. He entered the kitchen and stopped in the doorway. He couldnt help the smile that appeared on his face. Rather than sitting and waiting on the couch, shed gotten up and went into the kitchen, and was waiting on her tiptoes, bouncing back and forth in what he figured was anticipation, watching the coffee dripping in front of her, a mug held tightly in her hands. He wasnt sure how shed managed to get the mug, as the cupboard where he kept them was nearly out of his own reach, let alone hers. Shaking his head slightly, he stepped in, and went to the cupboard, pulling out a mug of his own. He quietly went over to stand just behind her, reaching around her form as the coffee maker beeped its completion. She jumped slightly at that and he smiled down at her, pouring first into her mug and then his own, gesturing to the refridgerator for cream. He couldnt help but watch her as she went, smiling into his mug of black coffee. He stretched slightly, sipping as he watched her prepare her overly sweet beverage. Manager called, and I told him wed be in in a while. I figured youd want to head down to your place to get changed and shower probably… He let his voice miander a bit at the end, still not fully awake. Do you want to eat? He wasnt sure he wanted to eat anything, his stomach was tight with nerves of the meeting to come. Her face, finally revealing something to him appeared to reflect the same. He was unsurprised when she shook her head. She drank deeply of the coffee and smiled at the flavor. Ill head down and get ready… Ill call you. She frowned. I dont know how to get a hold of you. I cant call you, I dont have your number. She shook her head and looked at him. Ill just come back here then. It took him a moment before he shook his head. No, thats silly. Give me your phone. He took it when she offered it to him, carefully entering his phone number under the name Oppa. He grinned at the entry before showing her. Oppa, Oppa! She replied to seeing it with a lyric from the DE song and if it was possible his smile got bigger. Hed never thought about dating a fan, but having them be in on the jokes was definitely a plus. He passed the phone back to her and looked down into the darkness of his coffee. He couldnt wipe the smile off of his face, and it seemed, the longer he spent with her, the less he wanted to. Do you mind if… She spoke and he blinked, lifting his head to see her. She was gesturing to the coffee. Oh, no… go ahead. Just send me a text when youre ready, Ill come down and get you. He watched as she bounced slightly on the balls of her feet before turning and almost skittishly exiting the room. He closed his eyes, listening to the shuffling of her feet in his house, unused to the extra noise of having a second person around. Ever since hed gotten back from service, hed been surrounded by the silence, and maybe that was part of what he was missing. Hed been spending so much time with the rest of the people on the force, that being alone all the time was strange. Overall in Siwons life having so much alone time was unheard of. Hed always been so busy with Super Junior that he only really went home to sleep. He pulled out his own phone, taking a snapshot of his coffee, and uploading it onto instagram, fiddling with some filters. When it felt acceptably artsy, he confirmed it, and set his phone on the counter with his unfinished coffee. He was quite sure he didnt need the caffeine today, and although his fingers were itching to do a search to find out how far the picture had spread overnight, he decided to wait until he was with her again. He knew what kind of things he would find, and part of him was scared to find out what the fans were thinking. It didnt take long for Siwon to finish getting ready, and he sat, antsy, waiting for the text message.
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