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Ello Everyone! Here is chapter 10! I had slow internet on my phone so super sorry for taking a while to post it on Vingle.


Link---> *Note* This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk!

Ravi X Reader

As soon as I saw him close the door, my heart started to beat faster. I had no clue what I had just gotten myself into. “So…” He began. “Right. I’ll go get blankets and a pillow,” I say. I went to my room, into the closet and got a pillow along with a blanket and headed back to the living room. Ravi and I started to take the couch cushions away and placed them on the other sofa. Then I pulled out the bed that was folded inside out and started placing the blankets and pillows. “Here we go. I hope this is okay with you,” I say. “Of course it is Y/N. It’s perfect.” He replies with a smile.  I nodded and smiled at his response. “Okay well…Goodnight,” I say. “Good night Y/N,” He replies. I made my way to my room to brush my teeth and change into my pajamas. Once I got all that situated, I got under my blankets and stared up at the ceiling thinking about how Ravi is in my living room sleeping. So many thoughts went into my mind just thinking about him laying down on my couch in the living room. My mind finally got tired and I started drifting to sleep. *Few minutes later* (Dreaming) "NO, STOP! PLEASE STOP!" "Shut up or I will choke you until your dead!" "Just enjoy this baby, it will feel so good," "You're gonna love this baby girl. You shouldn't have been walking alone." “NO STOP! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS, I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE!" (End of Dream) “STOP, PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! STOP!” I scream out. “Get away from me! Stop!” I continued to yell. “STOP, PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! STOP!” “Y/N! wake up!” I hear someone call out my name. “Get away from me! Stop!” I kept yelling. “Y/N wake up!” “STOP!” I say as I sat up on my bed waking up crying. Ravi sat next to me on my bed hugging me tightly caressing my hair gently. “It’s okay Y/N, it was just a dream, you are okay I got you,” He says as he massages my arms. I started to calm down from hearing his voice. He kept whispering nice, soft things to my ear while massaging my arm and rocking me back and forth. I felt so safe in his arms. “I’m so sorry Ravi,” I say in between my sniffles. “Sorry for what?” He replied. “I’m sorry for putting you in this position,” I respond. I felt him giggle. His chest vibrated. “You don’t need to be sorry Y/N, you were attacked, so it’s normal to have bad dreams.” He replied. He was still holding on to me. I held him tighter after hearing his words. Then after a few minutes, I started to doze off. Ravi was starting to let go of me but once I felt his warmth leave me, I woke up half asleep to hold onto his hand to stop him. “Please stay here….with me?” I say holding onto his hand. He looked at me confused, thinking of what to say. “Y/N…Are you sure about this?” He says. I nodded ‘yes’ as I looked up at him. He gave me a warm smile and said “Okay”. I moved over a bit so he could get into the bed. “Goodnight Ravi,” I say as I turned around facing away from him. “Goodnight Y/N,” He replies. ~~~~
RAVI’S POV *Before* Something is troubling Y/N. She seemed a bit off today after work. She was happy and cheerful when we arrived there so something must have happened at work that changed her mood. Now that I think about it, she acts different with me when she’s around Yoona and Amber…. Are they behind the reason to Y/N's behavior? Are they speaking bad about me to her? This just makes me angry. I will figure this whole thing out. Nobody makes a fool out of me. My thoughts have been killing me all day today after work. Y/N had changed her mind in walking home by herself. I didn’t want to let her walk on her own but I also didn’t want to force her either. As I was making my way home, I heard a noise that sounded familiar. I stopped to listen. “NO STOP! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS, I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE!” I hear a female voice yell out. That voice was so familiar. After a few minutes I then realized whose voice it was so I ran towards the scream. Once I made it, I was horrified with what I was witnessing. Y/N was pushed up against a wall in an alley. She was bending over as the man almost inserted himself inside her. “HEY! LET GO OF HER YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I yell out pulling him off Y/N and pushing him to the ground. “DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN OR I WILL KILL YOU! GOT IT!” I continued to say as I kicked and punched him over and over again. I stopped as soon as I saw two policemen running towards us. I told them what had happened while I was making my way home. They both handcuffed the man and left. Y/N was sitting down on the ground with her knees close to her chest. I walked towards her and sat down. “Hey Y/N are you okay?” I say looking at her. She didn’t answer. “Come on, I’ll walk you home,” I continued. “O-okay” She responded in between her sniffles. I got up first and then I helped her up. I placed my coat on her to cover her up so that her torn clothing wouldn’t show. She was about to walk right after I had placed my coat on her but I pulled her towards me surprising her with a hug. I felt her hands go around my waist which made my insides feel so warm. “I am so happy you are okay Y/N,” I say as I hugged her tighter. She tightened her grip as well but I also heard a soft whimper from her which made me think she started to tear up. “Lets get you home okay?” I say letting go and looking at her straight in the eyes. She nodded yes and soon after that, we started walking. I held her close to make sure she feels safe. My mind was going crazy. I was so angry at myself when I saw Y/N crying. She was almost raped! If I hadn’t have been walking by, it would have happened! I never should have let her go by herself, I should have argued harder to let me walk her home. ~~~~~ "Here we go" I say. She started to take her keys out but then I saw she was struggling to open the door. I saw that her hands were shaking too so I decided to help her out. "Here, let me." I say as I take the keys from her hand. Once the door opened, we walked inside. I brought her to the living room and sat her down on the couch. "Where do you have the first aid kit at?" I ask. She pointed to the cupboard behind me. I walked up to it, took the box out and walked back to her. I opened up the box taking a soft cotton ball and added some rubbing alcohol on it. "This is going to sting okay," I say. I pushed the little table Y/N had in the middle of the room closer and sat down in front of her. She flinched when I put the cotton on her cut lip. I cleaned up the dry blood and as I was doing this, I noticed she kept staring at me. It was making me very nervous. My cheeks felt like they were turning a slight pinkish color. I started to get all flustered. "Y/N? Are you okay? You've been staring at me for a while now," I say. What? She was making me nervous, I had to do something.. She just chuckled nervously. I was about to get up but Y/N grabbed my arm making me come back down to sit in front of her. She took a deep breathe and said.. "Thank you. Thank you for saving me Ravi," as a tear came down her cheek. I looked at her and brought her in for a hug. "From now on, I'm walking you home to and from work. There is no way you’re walking alone ever again. I am not taking no for an answer so don't bother in arguing with me." I say holding her tighter. "I won't argue on that," She says as she chuckled on my chest. "Good." I say and chuckled too. "In that case, I should be going so you can rest and get some sleep." I continued as I let go of her. I had already made it to the door opening it when out of nowhere... "Please stay..." I hear her say. I turned around in shock. "Are you sure Y/N? Because I can just come get you in the morni-" "Please...I'll feel safer if you stay the night." She says cutting me off. I didn’t know what to say. When I looked at her, I saw fear in her eyes. She was pleading for me to stay. She was scared to stay alone because of what happened. I wanted her to feel safe so I decided to stay with her and keep her company. "Okay. I'll stay the night." I say as I close the door. ~~~~
*Present* After I had closed the door everything became quiet. It was making me nervous as hell so I decided to break the silence. “So…” I began. “Right. I’ll go get blankets and a pillow,” She says. She left to her room and came back out with a pillow and blanket. I helped her take the couch cushions away and placed them on the other sofa. Then she pulled out the bed that was folded inside out and started placing the blankets and pillows. “Here we go. I hope this is okay with you,” She says. “Of course it is Y/N. It’s perfect.” I reply with a smile. She nodded and smiled at me. “Okay well… Goodnight,” She says. “Good night Y/N,” I reply. When she left I made myself comfortable on the couch and after a few minutes went by, I started to drift off to sleep. *Few minutes later* “STOP, PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! STOP!” I woke up to some screams. I was confused and a bit startled. Maybe I was dreaming so I decided to go back to sleep thinking it was nothing. “Get away from me! Stop!” Their goes the noise again. Sounds like Y/N! I immediately got up to go check on her and as soon as I opened the door to her room, I saw that she was screaming in her sleep. My mind already knew she was remembering what happened to her hours ago so I ran towards her to try and wake her up. “STOP, PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! STOP!” She yelled out while moving around her bed. “Y/N! wake up!” I say as I shake her body trying to wake her. “Get away from me! Stop!” She yelled out. “Y/N wake up!” I kept yelling while still shaking her. “STOP!” She yells out as she sat up, starting to cry. I was sitting down next to her on the bed so once she saw me, I pulled her towards me into a tight hug while gently caressing her hair. “It’s okay Y/N, it was just a dream, you are okay I got you,” I say as I massage her arms. I felt her starting to calm down so I kept whispering nice, soft things in her ear while I kept massaging her arm and rocking her back and forth. I couldn’t help but smile, just being able to have her this close me. It felt so right, I didn’t want to let go of her. “I’m so sorry Ravi,” She says in between her sniffles. “Sorry for what?” I reply curiously. “I’m sorry for putting you in this position,” She responds. I giggled. “You don’t need to be sorry Y/N, you were attacked, so it’s normal to have bad dreams.” I reply still holding onto her. She ended up holding me tighter which made me smile even more. Then after a few minutes, she started to doze off. I was about to let go of her and head back to the couch but I felt her grab onto my hand which made me stop. I looked back at her to see her half awake. “Please stay here….with me?” She says holding onto my hand. I had no words on how to reply. “Y/N…Are you sure about this?” I say. She nodded ‘yes’ while looking at me. I gave her a warm smile and said “Okay”. She moved over a bit so that I could get into bed next to her. This was so awkward and nerve racking. I felt as if I was going to faint. I. Am. Sleeping. In. The. Same. Bed. As. Y/N. “Goodnight Ravi,” She says turning around facing away from me. “Goodnight Y/N,” I reply. This is going to be an interesting night.

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