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Who: Reader x Kim Jongdae
What: Smut, Smut, Smut, Angst, dramatic af

Warning: intended for mature audience only (18+) Viewer discretion is advised.

Chapter 3
Story: Ah boyfriend troubles, he's sleeping with his secretary so you sleep with his best friend. Because life's more delicious behind deceit and lies, right...
You caught a cab back to Minseok's place and started packing your clothes. You were going to have to come back eventually to get everything that was yours. You were so upset and that fucking smirk on her lips, you should've thrown more than a phone at her. You should've punched her in the damn face. She took him from you but he let her. Every day he decided to fuck her, he started all of this, he broke your heart. How could he even have the nerve to be jealous? Every advance you had come across in the past three years you two had been dating you had ignored them because you loved him and only him. Yet he couldn't show you the same amount of respect. He was fucking his best friend's girlfriend, did he feel no remorse?
You certainly didn't give a damn anymore. You didn't care that you had been sleeping with Jongdae, you had done it to one up him, you had done it because you liked Jongdae and he was heartbroken too from his Sin Hye's cheating. You both were hurt and you couldn't imagine how much he hated her now that she was having his kid. Unless Sin Hye was fucking a third guy you knew it was Minseok's child. Jongdae hadn't slept with her in a month. He just slept beside her and when he had the chance he would sleep on the couch just so he didn't have to look at her. You were still in love with Minseok though, you still liked the scent of his cologne and how it clung not only to his skin but to his shirt. When you two had days off and you'd wear nothing but that buttoned up shirt with his scent on it, you'd curl up in a chair or on the bed and he'd hold you close to him. He'd whisper in your ear until he could get you excited enough for another round. He had been your everything and you had meant nothing to him. That's why it was so easy for him to cheat wasn't it? To fuck that whore, when it was you that came home to him every night. Yes, you were a cheater too. You had no problem with admitting that. You had no problem with admitting that you may have feelings growing for Jongdae, you did have a problem with Minseok getting Sin Hye's pregnant. Even you and Jongdae were careful, it made no sense that he'd be that reckless.
You were in the bedroom crying as you packed your bags and you heard the front door open. You tried to stop crying as you moved with haste to close the suitcase and zip it up.
"Y/N?" You heard Minseok's voice from behind you, almost as broken as you felt.
You weren't going back to him, you couldn't.
"Baby girl please don't do this just let me explain." Minseok said.
You could hear the shuffle of his feet entering the room and you turned around so you could avoid his touch. He saw the bag on the bed and his jaw clenched. He looked at the ground before he looked at you,
"Please don't leave me. I love you." He said.
"You're just lying to me again." you said.
"It's not a lie. I do love you. I do Y/N, please just listen to me, don't leave me we can work this out."
"You think I want to fucking work this out?"
You threw the picture of you two together, that was sitting on the night stand, at him. His arm came up to protect himself and when the picture fell the glass shattered on the floor. You knew exactly how it felt to be that glass. There was hope that you were hanging onto that you would eventually fix this, that eventually you would get tired of sleeping around behind his back and eventually he would get sick of sleeping around behind yours. You two would confess to what you did, he would explain why he did it and you would explain why you did what you did. You two might find a way to make things work but that hope was gone now. It had been shattered like glass when you heard that she was pregnant. Fucking pregnant with Minseok's kid. The more that idea rolled in your mind the more you wanted to just go back and ram her face into the damn pavement.
"There's nothing to work out any more Minseok. I'm done with you." you said turning back to your suitcase.
"Would you stop fucking saying that! You love me Y/N you said so yourself last night. I love you too you just need to believe me. Stop fucking packing you're not leaving." he yelled.
He grabbed your suitcase and tossed it into his wall. You looked at the suitcase on the floor and headed towards it but he pushed you on the bed and forced your hands down so you couldn't move them.
"Baby girl just listen to me." He pleaded.
"I hate you." You said all too calm for his liking.
"No you don't, stop saying that. You love me." he said.
He kissed you and you tried your best to fight off the familiar sensation that always kept you running back to him. In the back of your mind, you kept chanting that Sin Hye's pregnant, she's pregnant by the man you loved. You shouldn't go back to him. You couldn't go back to him. You tried hard to ignore his tightening grip on your wrists as you moved your head side to side trying to free your lips from his. You tried to ignore the warmth of his body on top of yours but all of it only sent your into more tears.
"Why did you do this time me? I hate you so much." you cried.
"I'm an idiot Y/N but I love you so much. I slept with her because I was angry at you for not telling me you were working with your ex boyfriend. You know how I get when I'm jealous. She was just there and she was flirting with me."
"So you fuck her? Get off me!" You said upset.
You half way got your arms up before he slammed them back into the bed,
"No, just listen. After that I wasn't going to touch her ever again, I wanted to be with you, Jongdae told me you and your ex never even spoke to each other but she said she'd tell you what we did. I know you Y/N you would've done what you're doing now, you would've left me. I couldn't lose you baby so I did what she asked. That's why I made sure I was always on you when we're together so she sees I don't want her. I never wanted her I only wanted you, I only ever want you Baby girl. Please don't leave me I made a mistake I don't want you to go. Please baby- please." he begged you.
He knew you'd leave him then and he was right, the only thing that stopped you
from leaving him was sleeping with Jongdae. Since you two got drunk and slept together, you figured you could take all your frustration out by sleeping with him. You could cope with his cheating by cheating yourself. You felt disgusted at your realization of the person you had become but that still didn't make this right. That still didn't mean that Minseok could have you, that he should have you. She seemed very proud at the fact that she was having his child and she would use that child to get between the two of you. She would use that child to drive him nuts and cause you stress. You two were headed for even more disaster if you stayed. You shook your head still crying,
"No." you said.
Minseok looked hurt, he dipped his head down to kiss you but you pressed your lips together and turned your head. So he kissed your neck instead and your body enjoyed it because it was him. You moved under him trying not to give in,
"No, Minseok get off me." you said.
He looked up at you, his eyes were still wet so you looked away from him but he cupped your cheek and made you look at him. You squeezed your eyes shut so you couldn't see him. That hurt expression killed you, it made you weak. He pressed his lips against yours adding just the right amount of pressure to push his tongue through your lips. Again you were putty under his body but you were fighting it, you were trying to at least.
"Stop Minseok. I don't want you anymore." You said
"That's not what your body is saying." he said.
The hand that had cupped your cheek reached down into your skirt to rub you and you moaned out helplessly. It didn't make your argument any more convincing when you fell to him like this. It was the reason you knew that three months ago when you found out, if you had said you were leaving him, it wouldn't stick; you were too addicted to him. You were addicted to his jealous attitude and his possessive nature. You loved him and it hurt. You used your free hand to push up on his shoulder,
"Stop resisting baby girl. Let me make love to you, let me treat you right let me show you that I love you. You're the only one I love."
"I don't love you." you said cryino.
You were trying harder to convince yourself rather than him. You could feel three fingers push into you hard causing you to cry out a moan of pain and pleasure. Three fingers so sudden and so rough, you were caught between feeling amazing and wanting more and trying to find the strength within yourself to push him off. You just kept reminding yourself that he got that bitch pregnant.
"Your body is more honest than you are baby girl. You love me, you love this. That's why you're going to stay. You're not going to leave me ever right baby girl? You love me don't you?"
"You didn't even use a fucking condom with her." spit through gritted teeth.
"I used a condom every time baby girl, I'd never do that to you."
"Then why the fuck is she having your baby?"
"Condoms break baby girl." he said before he kissed you to shut you up.
He stole your breath from you. You were soaking wet for him and he was loving it. He was loving that you still responded to him that you were still weak to him. He was loving that it seemed like you were still his but you didn't want to be his. The next thing that came out of your mouth was meant to hurt him.
"Every time you fucked her I was with Jongdae." you said.
You looked at him angry and his fingers stopped moving inside you. You bit the inside of your lip so you wouldn't beg for him to keep moving them. He looked at you in shock.
"You're lying." he said.
"No I'm not. For three months anytime I saw you with her I went to him. We both knew you were fucking behind our backs. You wanted to fuck us over so we did the same. Do you really think I still love you Minseok?"
"So that's why you kissed him in front of me like that? You've just been playing with me? If you knew for three months, why didn't you just say anything why would you sleep with him Y/N?"
"Does it hurt Minseok? Multiply that by a thousand and you'll start to feel a inkling of how I fucking feel. You chose to sleep with that whore, you did this, you started it so everyday you chose to fuck her, I chose to fuck him. He's amazing too, he knows just the right spots to hit, he knows how to make me scream his name. He's knows how to go down one me and make me so fucking wet." You said through angry tears and emphasizing how well Jongdae was just to hurt him more.
"Shut the fuck up. Don't say stupid shit like that, don't talk about him touching you. He's not allowed to touch you, no one is, you're mine. You know you are just admit you still love me Y/N, I know you do."
"Go fuck yourself." you said.
You tried getting up again and the force he used to slam you down had you scared he almost broke the bed. His hand released your other wrist and he grabbed your skirt and ripped it off of you. You called his name trying to get him to stop. He grabbed your shirt ripping it open so that the buttons popped every where. He pressed his body against yours and reached between your two to unhook his pants and he dropped them.
"Minseok stop it." You said pushing against him.
He opened your legs and fixed himself at your entrance and slammed into you without warning and gave you no time to adjust to the pain. You screamed out in more pain than pleasure and your gripped onto his arms. Hot tears ran down your face,
"Minseok, stop it hurts." you said cried.
He seemed to have lost himself in the new information you gave him. You thought it would make him get off of you; he only lost his sanity though. He fucked you harder pressing your thighs into the bed with incredible strength and he watched himself disappear into you. You gripped onto him tighter hearing his heavy breathing and desperate groans.
"Baby girl say you love me." He demanded.
"Minseok you're hurting me." you said.
He slammed into you harder and your toes curled, you clenched around him and tried to hide your cries of pain. You may have liked it rough but this was too much it hurt. He raised your butt up and leaned against you so his face was in your face.
"Why are you crying baby girl. You like it like this right? You love it when I punish your body."
"Minseok it hurts, calm down."
"Say you love me."
"Minseok- stop it." you cried wrapping your arms around his neck.
He slowed down for you once you did that. Perhaps he started to really get that he was hurting you. You were breathing hard and the feeling of pleasure was slightly coming back but there was pain still shooting through you.
"He knew how to touch you when you two kissed." Minseok said in your ear.
"He's kissed me before, he's done more than that before."
"He was the reason why you were so wet yesterday wasn't he?" Minseok asked.
"He was going down on me before you showed up. He was in the bathroom watching for a little bit too."
"You let him cum inside you?"
"Never." you said.
"He came in your mouth before hasn't he?"
"Yeah." you answered truthfully.
He slammed into you again hitting a perfect angle that threatened to make you cum.
"I'd rather you have my baby girl all to myself. Now that you know, I don't have to deal with her any more. I won't stay with her. I won't be in the kid's life if that's what you want. I'll do anything for you baby girl just tell me you won't leave me. Let me make love to you all night, I'll fill you up. We can have our own family."
"No Minseok. You made your bed now lay in it. Go have your love child with that whore."
"No, I'll have one with you." he said.
He hit deeper inside you making you scream his name in pleasure. You saw him crack a smile from hearing his name come from your lips. He moved faster sending your body into a hard orgasm. Your toes curling, your walls clenching. You let him do all of this despite telling him to stop and the only reason he continued was because he knew you really didn't want him to let you go. He continued his thrusts inside you hard and passionate, he pinned your arms to the bed so you could no longer hold onto him. He dipped his head down to kiss your neck making you shudder at the contact of his tongue licking up the small beads of sweat. His thrusts became uneven and you knew he was close,
"Minseok don't come inside me." you warned him.
"You loved it last night baby girl you'll love it again."
"Minseok." you begged.
He came inside you with no problem and kept moving. He kissed you again and his hands went to your hips to grip you tighter. He slowed down making his movements long and sensual. He wasn't going to let you go anytime soon. You doubted he was going to pull himself out of you either. It felt so good to have him in you like this. It felt good to have him pushing in you at a slow pace and after the slight pain he put you through it was a relief. His jealousy had never gone that far though but it probably hurt him more than you understood that you slept with Jongdae just to get back at him. He would've flipped his lid if you slept with any other man that wasn't him but it was worse that it was Jongdae, his best friend. He couldn't justify what he did though, he couldn't say that he was innocent, not when he had made the first move.
"Minseok." you cried.
You tugged on his shirt, he was still mostly clothed,
"Stop this." you said.
"I can't, you'll leave me. I just need you to see how much I love you. I need to hear you tell me you love me. I'll make love to you all night if I have to." Minseok said.
Your body shuddered under his and he began to kiss your neck again. You pushed off his shirt and he happily tossed it aside. You made more space between your neck and shoulder for him. He kissed and sucked and bit at your skin while you released light moans. You were looking at the suitcase he had thrown against the wall. He made a hole in it.
"Say you love me." he whispered against your neck.
You shook your head, you didn't even want to speak anymore. Just the reminder of her being pregnant with his kid made you cry again. He moved his kisses up to your face and wiped away your tears. He kissed your cheek gently as he softly rocked his hips into you. You tried to push him off of you but he didn't budge. Your hands ran down his body and he took in a slow breath. He rocked into you a little harder but nothing that hurt you. He cupped your cheek as he moved his mouth back down your neck and kissed your collar bone down to your breast.
"Say you love me baby girl." he said.
"No." you said tired.
"Please baby girl. Say you love me, say you love me like you did yesterday. Your body loves me, you want me don't you? I can keep making you come until you're the one having my baby. You love me baby girl just say it. We can make a family, just give me a chance to make it up to you Y/N just promise me you won't leave me. I can't live without you. I won't do it again."
"I don't believe you. I can never love you again not when she's pregnant."
"You really think I care about that bitch? Now that you know she has no leverage over me, a baby is not going to make me hers. They can both disappear for all I care." he said.
"When you say things like that it scares me Minseok, you had just as much to do with that baby as she does."
"I don't fucking want it. I want you." he said sitting up.
His hips moved faster again and you watched the way he breathed heavily. His dark eyes falling on you, he didn't look mad but his movements said that he was still upset. You couldn't go back to him, you couldn't listen to him when he said that he wanted you to have his babies and for you to have a family with him. You didn't want to listen to him say that he didn't give a shit about the child growing inside her even if it was Sin Hye. The idea that you would be the reason he'd neglect a child made you hate yourself slightly. You just didn't want to be in this situation.
"Pay attention baby girl." he said.
He could tell that you were spacing out so he slammed into you harder making your back arch. He took the opportunity to snake his arms around you and he switched positions so that you were on top of him. Involuntarily, because your body knew what to do, you began to move with him. He groaned when his hands made contact with your butt and he helped you ride him while he kissed you hard. His hand came up to move your hair so he could clearly see your face. He looked so good underneath you, you were used to round after round with him. You didn't know how long it would take but maybe you could wait it out, until he was finished and he fell asleep. You could grab the bag and leave him. The sooner you were away from him the better. You couldn't fall for his tricks again like you had now only because it was Minseok. Your little game night trick was meant to end this charade of sneaking behind each others backs you didn't expect the bombshell that came out to happen. His cheating was enough you didn't need to deal with a pregnant Sin Hye. Minseok seemed to believe she let herself get pregnant or at the very least that she was going to use the baby against him. Still if she got rid of the child she was just as stupid and selfish as him. There would be nothing more to call her because bitch and whore wouldn't be words accurate enough to describe what she was. To use a baby against him, to do it to trap him.. what did she like his money or just his dick? Did she think having a baby with him would keep him tied to her, it would but that didn't mean he'd love her.
"Y/N, baby girl I love you. Please- say you love me too."
"I do love you." You whispered in his ear crying.
I just don't want to love you anymore.
It hurt to love him, so eventually you'd have to make it stop.
After switching positions a few times, he released inside you again despite you saying no. He wasn't listening to you, even when you told him it was enough, he wanted more. Even when he was cheating, his hands were all over you and he was always getting jealous. Your brain was begging you no to be stupid and stay with him but your heart was singing a completely different tune. He calmed down after two more rounds but by then you were just a mess. You figured it was his anger and jealousy that fueled his ability to have sex with you for so long. He laid you two down with your head on his arm and his other hand wrapped around you. He kissed the top of your head sweetly. He liked having you in his arms this way after sex, it gave him some sort of comfort.
"I love you so much baby girl, please forgive me. I'll be better, I'll always treat you right I won't be stupid lIke this any more."
"You have a baby on the way Minseok that changes everything."
"No it doesn't, it doesn't have too. I've already told her that I don't care about either of them I don't want them in my life. I only want you."
"You can't just shun your own child." You said.
"If it were our child I would take care of it and love it till the end of the earth."
He moved closer to you, bringing him into your body. This was the second night he'd come inside you. Normally you two were very careful but you forgot to ask him to slip one on last night and today he was just so upset he wouldn't stop long enough to put one on. Perhaps his main goal was to get you pregnant within the time frame that he had you. His hand came to your stomach and he said,
"Maybe we've made one already."
You looked up at him but his eyes were already closed. This man that you loved through all of his jealous tendencies, his possessive nature and his business manners looked so innocent and at peace in his sleep. That only made you cry, you would stay here a little longer in his arms just to completely set the memory of his body next to yours in your mind. Once you were sure he was into a deep sleep you would leave. Almost half an hour passed when you slipped out of the bed, got dressed again and headed to the door with your suitcase. You stole one last glance at him before you forced yourself to head outside in heavier tears. You called Jongdae, he was the only one that understood your pain and he as the only one among your friends you actually wanted to see at the moment.
"Y/N are you okay?" He said immediately after he answered your call as if he had been waiting for it all night.
"Can you come pick me up please I need to get out of here before he wakes up."
"Y/N what did you do?"
"Don't worry he's not harmed in any way, he's just asleep but he'll get upset again if he knows I left. I'll explain later, you're just the only one I want to see right now."
"Alright Princess, I'm on my way."
"Thank you." You said sniffling.
He was there within in a few minutes and you had him take you to one of the twenty four hour drug stores where you bought a morning after pill. You weren't sure how well they worked you only really heard about them being available and that they could help prevent you from becoming pregnant. Jongdae had gotten a hotel room after you had left, he told Sin Hye she had to move out by the next day and he didn't want to see her again. He let her stay the night in his bedroom but he couldn't bare being in the same place as her. She was cheating on him with his best friend and then she was having his baby. Of all the irresponsible things they could've done, although to Minseok's point condoms could break. You had a feeling she poked holes in it just because it was her. Jongdae said it was a relief to finally break things off with her and he was happy that you had left Minseok. All that left was you two single and heart broken but you two were together. You explained everything that happened between you and Minseok and Jongdae had gotten furious that he had hurt you. It didn't matter if you liked rough sex if you told him no he should've had the good sense to stop and at the very least be careful with you. It still kind of hurt where his hands gripped your legs, your arms and your hips. Never before had Minseok used such force with you but at the same time never before had he been that angry during sex. No matter how much you teased him and used his jealousy against him to get what you wanted out of him, which was most often his punishments, he never used so much force that it hurt. You couldn't help but remember his sweet peaceful face when you left though. You remembered the desperation in his voice for you to stay with him and it broke you a part. Jongdae held you as you cried and you apologized for being so selfish knowing all of this was hard for him too but he didn't care because he was with you.
"I'll take care of you princess you just have let me okay? I'll put you to bed tonight the right way." He said.
He kissed you softly which was different from most of your kisses and you found yourself leaning into him to make the kiss deeper. He cupped your neck keeping you steady and his hand slipped up the small of your back and he leaned you back into the bed with his body just on top of yours.
"Sunshine, I'm all dirty." You gave him a notice.
He smiled,
"That's okay princess, I'll clean you up."
His lips fell to yours and you were his for the rest of the night, leaving Minseok and his whore behind....
*Three weeks later*
Jongdae was pacing the floor back and forth.
You two found a little apartment to rent out, which officially made you roommates with benefits. Minseok was upset to find you and your suitcase gone the next day from what Baekhyun had told you and Jongdae. He had called your phone hunderds of times and from his voicemails he was just begging you to come back to him and he was telling you that he was sorry. He thought since you laid with him, since you told him you loved him that you were staying with him, that maybe you two would find a way to make things work out. Each time you heard his voice you wanted to go back to him, Jongdae told you it was a bad idea and you knew it was but three years with him couldn't be easily erased. You kept telling yourself you hated him just so you didn't have to face the fact that you still loved him. Sin Hye was never for Jongdae in the first place and Jongdae continued to say he was fine but you knew he wasn't. He was even more upset when he heard she got an abortion and then came to the house to apologize and get him back. Baekhyun and the others knew where your new apartment was, Minseok and Sin Hye didn't. Neither one dared to show up at your job so they continued to harass the boys to find out where the two of you were staying. Neither one was even aware you were staying with each other, or that you two had continued sleeping together just to deal with your broken hearts. Minseok had sent you roses to your job though and a teddy bear. The bear sat in your office, you weren't able to get rid of it just yet, you didn't know why. Junmyeon said just after Sine Hye had said she had gotten an abortion Minseok went out to the bar to get drunk, they ended up taking him home. The place had pictures of you two scattered on the floor. They said your old photo book had been out on the floor and it looked like, out of a fit of rage, he just threw it across the room so the pages and the box that held the photos you hadn't yet put in them were all over the place. So much had happened in just three weeks and you two had only just moved in with each other only to end up here.
"Is it time yet?" Jongdae asked.
He leaned against the bathroom door frame without a shirt on and his jeans being the only source of clothing on him. You were in his buttoned down white shirt, it was opened just barely covering your naked breasts and your white underwear on to match it. You sat cross legged on the bed and looked up at Jongdae when he spoke,
"It'll be time when the timer goes off on the phone Jongdae just calm down you're making me nervous." You said.
"This is the longest two minutes in my entire life."
"If only your orgasams lasted that long." You smirked at him.
"Okay see that's just not nice and completely false." He said.
You chuckled as he pushed himself off of the door frame and made his way to the bed. He crawled on, taking a spot right next to you. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck and your hand came up to meet his cheek.
"I'm sure it's fine Sunshine."
"What if you are?"
"That doesn't mean it's his."
" Y/N he had sex with you two nights in a row without a condom in which one of those nights he repeatedly filled you with his sperm. I had a broken condom once."
"I took the morning after pill I should be fine I think. "
"Yeah but you took that kind of late didn't you and when it was me you didn't take one at all."
"Maybe I should just invest in birth control, it makes for less stress." you said.
He sighed against your neck and your phone's timer went off. You turned around and stopped the timer and Jongdae sat up. You looked at him and took a deep breath, he kissed you quick.
"Are you ready?" He asked.
You nodded,
"One, two, three." You counted.
You looked down at the pregnancy test you had been holding for the past two minutes. You swallowed when you saw the results.
"Positive." You said.
You looked to Jongdae,
"Damn it, so which one of us is the dad?" He said.
You shook your head, you truly didn't know. This time Jongdae let your head rest against him and pulled you back to the bed. Your hand clung onto his shoulder and your head rested on his chest. You mostly just hoped your queasiness the past week and a half and your dizziness was all just from work stress and maybe a little food posioning. You were hoping it was a false positive because if it wasn't you would be facing Minseok again much sooner than you had wanted to and you didn't trust yourself not to fall back into him......
So my phone stopped working and I lost everything I wrote for Rappers Intent final chapter so I decided to work on the third chapter for this story on the computer. Once I get my phone working I will release the next chapter. I'm so sad right now. I think my updates are going to slow up more please don't hate me.
(-_-') Anyway thank you for reading bunnies and I hope you enjoyed. 🐰🐰~Babydollbre
I want it to jongdae baby just so minseok can feel how it feels to find out that she pregnant now and its not his
Wow! I think it'll be Minoseok's baby
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