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So I am doing a Kai one shot for the Exo fan fiction contest done by @SarahVanDorn and the exo squad members I'm not the best with shorts but I did my best. so after submitting it to Exo mod squad I wanted to post and share! it's short but omg . . . this just has me blushing. enjoy reading!

Warning tho this is a smut!

Sneaking away was one of the best ideas Kai had. Earlier in the night he had come to my apartment and told me we were going on a trip. It took three hours of driving until we approached a cabin. Instead of going inside he led me away and through the trees to find a beach and water. "You brought me to the beach?" I questioned turning to him. I was so excited about it "I wanted to see the sunset with you" he grinned at me as he wrapped his arms around my waist. "We can stay up the rest of the night and be awake when the sun comes out" he said "Oh Kai, that is so sweet! So romantic" I smiled. Moving closer I stood on my tip toes so I could reach up to kiss him. His arms tightened around me and he deepened the kiss when I broke away I took a step back from him. "So does this mean that no one can bother us?" I asked moving away to looking out at the water. "No babe, no interruptions" he approached from behind. Whirling on my heels I turned to him with a grin in place. "So, we finally are alone? " I asked. "Yea babe, finally just me and you" he said. A squeal escaped and I jumped up and climbed the man like a tree, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Kai chuckled as he held onto me so I wouldn't fall. "Wow woman, really know how to show me you like me" Kai grinned. His look made me melt and I couldn't help but press my lips to his. I didn't linger there long as I moved down his neck and sucked. I grazed my teeth against his skin and felt him shiver under my touch. With a last lick I moved my mouth leaving a large hickey on him. "I like leaving my mark on you" I said tilting my head so I could look at him. " My turn " he smirked. He went from kissing me to trailing kisses down my neck, exposing my neck he latched on and the sensation of his lips and tongue on my neck. It made me forget where I was or what was happening. All of a sudden my back was pressed to a surface and his hands were roaming up my shirt. I could feel the heat of his hand as they slid over my skin and when he unclasped my bra his fingers worked to take it off. "Baby I need to see you" he whispered against her skin. "Can we?" His eyes peaked up to look at me. Trapped in that look I slowly nodded. This would be the first time we got to do it, after a month of being together we had never gone further than this. Always with the interruptions or the awkwardness between them but this, this just felt right. It was the perfect setting, not what I had expected . . "I want to see the moonlight glisten against your skin" his voice was husky as he pulled away so he could remove my shirt. "Make me stop thinking" I order him. He got that smug look on his face that did things to my stomach, making it twist and turn. "Oh as you wish princess" he swooped in to kiss me. He slid my bra off and it joined the shirt on the ground. Clawing at his shirt he chuckled and leaned back a little so he could pull it off. My eyes were glued to his exposed chest. Running my hands over his pecs I could feel the muscle twitch under my touch. I ran my hands down his chest and undid his belt. I couldn't get to it entirely. Unwrapping my legs for his waist I let them move to the ground then got a smirk on my face as an idea formed in my head. "What are you thinking?" Kai questioned as I went to my knees pulling his pants down and exposing his member. My eyes feasted on the length of him, he was already hard and wanting. "Princess?" Kai said. "Hmm?" I looked up even as I wrapped my hand around him. A sound came out of his lips and it was like music to my ears. With a tentative looked up at him my tongue licked up and down his member. He leaned in so he could hold onto the tree for support. Feeling braver I slipped my mouth over him and sucked. I worked my fingers up and down as I continued. His hand went to the back of my head and his fingers dug into my hair holding onto me. He came against my tongue unexpectedly and I drank him down. "Oh princess you shouldn't have done that" his voice was raspy as he spoke. LIfting me up off the ground he kissed me and then gave one of his smirks to me. Something was on his mind. He lifted his pants up before picking me up and swinging me over his shoulder. "You bad girl" he said as he slapped my ass. The sensation sent sparks to my core. He relocated us to the beach, there was a blanket laid out ahead of time and he laid me out stripping me of my leggings and underwear. His eyes devoured every inch of me making me shiver under his gaze. "You're okay with this?" He asked nervously. "Sweetheart if you don't get your butt over here and start touching me I'm going to start without you " I told him feeling brave. A chuckle came out of him before he removed something out of his pocket and then took his pants off. The sight of him in the moonlight was an epic sight. "Kai, you are beautiful " I mumbled as he covered my body with his. "No princess you're beautiful " he told me. He pressed kisses down my body as he slipped his fingers into me. The sensation made me clasp at his hand. He worked me until I was just about to orgasm, feeling it coming he stopped. "Are you ready for me?" He questioned. I could only moan out his name, begging him without words. Shifting he entered and my world shattered. The feel of him inside me, pumping in and out was amazing. After we were finished I cuddled into Kai's side. We both were laying on our backs with my head on his arm as we looked up at the sky. I could make out stars in the dark now. Time had past and the light of the sky was gone leaving us in darkness. "What are you thinking about?" Kai asked me breaking the silence. "Hmm, I'm thinking you have me seeing so many stars tonight" I told him. I looked over at him shy about that but he got the meaning and chuckled. "After all those times, I'm glad we waited until now." I mused out loud. "It was worth it. This was perfect " "How about another round of seeing stars then?" He said. I turned to see him staring at me, waiting for my response. "Inside, on a bed this time so I can take my time with you on a nice comfortable surface" kai grinned making me giggle. "Sand not so friendly" I said.
Awe this is awesome!!!!!
This was really good!