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I finish fairy tail like three month ago but i don't know when the new season is coming out! :( I waiting for it but does anyone know when it coming out? I miss them already!! :( I had so much fun watching fairy tail, also sometime i cry too! but i need to know!! :( I was so ready for the new season but WHYYY?? ANYONE KNOW???
I heard it comes out in March 2017 but then again who really really knows besides Hiroshima
Doesn't it come out some time next year?
I guess..
yeah they are just taking a 1 year long hiatus but its starting to get close to a year so don't worry! they just wanted to take a break and I think focus more on the manga but don't worry it's coming back!
when the manga finishes
Not necessarily. Anime usually comes out once the manga is pretty far ahead because they don't want to catch up to the manga (in the anime) too fast and have to put in fillers. At the same time, they might be waiting for the next anime season to roll around like for example when the winter animes come out in 2017. So the manga could be far enough ahead but the creators might wait for the next season. For longer shows like Fairy Tail, one that doesn't have a foreseeable ending (hopefully), waiting for the manga to end to make the anime would take years and be a bad idea.
Im so excited for 2017 like everything i need in life (for now, at least xD) is coming out then
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