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Zico/JiHo: Cunnilingus, also known as oral sex or to simply put it -eating pussy, would be JiHo’s main kink. He’d be so into eating you out, anywhere and everywhere. On his couch, on his bed, in his kitchen, in his shower. He wouldn’t be able to get enough of your taste on his tongue, craving it every second of every day. His stomach would always twist with need until the moment he had his plump lips wrapped around your pretty clit.
Taeil/Tae Il: Girl-dominance, girl-dominance girl-dominance girl-dominance. Taeil would love to be controlled by you, be dominated by you so god damn hardcore. He’d love it if you tied him up and teased him, took control and held his hips down, allowing yourself to do all work. He’s the boy to not let either of you finish unless it’s on his thrust though, his turn to hold your hips down as he takes the last few seconds over when fast hips.
Kyung: Licking and Biting. I guess he has his tongue out a lot or something so he’d be hella into dragging his tongue all over your body, mapping out the parts he’s never had time to memorize. He’d nip and nibble on sensitive places of your body and have you shivering underneath his teeth and tongue, smirk adorning his face as he trails down.
B-Bomb: This baby’s obsessed with asses, like obsessed obsessed, so he’d be really into spanking. He spanks the members all the time right? He’d smack your ass while pounding into you from behind, or rip your pants down as you’re bent over his lap and slap your ass until it’s bright red. He’d get a sick sort of satisfaction from seeing your ass bruised and flaming. He’d smooth his hand over his work before going back to having you scream.
P.O/Pyo: BDSM. Like being handcuffed, tied up, blindfolded, paddle to the ass kinky shit like that. He’d be into using toys on each other - yes, each other - and everything would work both ways. He can be the one blindfolded while you play with him, or you can be blindfolded and helpless while he has his own fun. He can be the one handcuffed while you bounce on his lap and make him whine in need, or you can be the one tied up as he teasingly fucks you so slow you cry.
U-Kwon/Yukwon: Public sex. Like full blown, let’s sneak you under the desk before this guy walks in and you blow me while he’s interviewing me, public sex. He wouldn’t be afraid to moan either, not caring if anyone around knew what you were doing. Stereotypical movie nights with the boys with you cuddling under a blanket, either your hand fisted around his hard cock or his fingers pushed deep inside of you, both working until the other makes a noise first. It would sort of be a game, but when someone eventually realized what was happening and screamed at you two, you’d have to leave and finish your little game elsewhere.
Jaehyo: Dress up? Not necessarily roleplay, but I think Jaehyo’s the type of boyfriend, or friend with benefits, to enjoy you in his clothes. Him coming home late from practice to find you in his giant t shirt? You better believe he’ll wake you up and fuck you hard right on that coffee table. He’d especially love it when you wore his big hoodies with just panties underneath or his basketball jersey, reaching all the way down to your knees and swallowing your body whole. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from jumping on you and maybe even plowing you up against a wall with the clothing still on.
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*thinks to self "how did I turn into this...I thought this was going to be just a little hobby BUT NOOO I HAD TO GET DEEPER INTO IT AND THIS IS WHERE LIFE BRINGS ME* 😭😂😂😂😂
damn all of them are too good to decide who's the best
wow! will it make me naughty if B-bomb spanks me 😉