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The Dissociative Identity Disorder Theory

So this is going to be a series of cards on what my sister @BrennaTran and I realized after watching the most recent wings video Awake. There is so much information to this that we are going to have to make 3 or 4 cards in order to hit everything. If you would like to be tagged or untagged in future cards please let me know. As well as if you have any questions or see any holes in our theory please let us know we’d love to try to answer them in future cards.
So to start out with let me explain what Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is. Many people know it as multiple personality disorder. This is an extremely rare disorder that forms when someone undergoes extreme, and I mean EXTREME trauma at a young age. This trauma is widely varied and usually comes in many forms including physical, sexual, emotional abuse and extreme neglect. DID occurs when the victim is unable to cope and begins to lose connection with their thoughts, memories, feelings and so on. In other words they separate themselves into different areas (personalities) in order to help them cope with the abuse. You’ll also need to know what Munchausen Syndrome is. This is a factitious disorder. Basically someone with Munchausen is not sick. Those with this syndrome are trying to draw attention to themselves or seek sympathy. A lot of times this is a way for them to find reassurance that people do worry about them. Each case is different with some Munchausen Syndrome cases the patient knows they are seeking attention. In other cases the patient does not realize that they are. So as I mentioned in the intro card this theory centers around Jin having DID. This makes all of the other members the different personalities and emotions in his head. This first card is just going to be the who’s who of the personalities. Basically which member represents what and so on. In future cards we’ll connect the videos and Demian. We’ll introduce the personalities in the order of the videos.
Jungkook The first personality is Jungkook. He represents the protector or the one who knows what is happening.This also goes with the title of his Wings video Begin. This represents Jungkook most likely being the first personality as he is the protector. Through all of the original videos including I Need U, Run and Prologue, Jungkook is the one who seems to worry about the other members. He seems to always be lost in thought and at times trying to get them to see reason or gain control of them. In his wings video Jungkook shows that he is losing control of the others. This is why his realm is so dark and he looks afraid. Most notably he is losing control of Suga which will make more sense later.
Jimin Jimin is a bit more hard to explain. We believe him to be the personality that takes all of the pain and abuse. In the video Liar you can see that Jimin is keeping a calm exterior but seems to be suffering on the inside. He is always seen in association with a bath tub. We believe the bath tub signifies the amount of pain and abuse he’s taking on. This is why at times it seems like he’s drowning from it all.
V V is anger and bravery. He’s angry with what’s happening to him and angry at the world and brave enough to act on it. This is most easily shown with him killing the father in I Need U. The father represents the person causing all of the pain and suffering and V had enough of it. We think that this action is what has triggered all of the events in the wings videos.
Suga Suga is suicide and depression. His and Jimin’s personalities are the strongest due to what they are involved with. Fire seems to be his choice of way to die. This is seen in the lighter he plays with as well as him setting the room on fire in I Need U. We’ve come to think of fire as representing Suga’s character. This is why most commonly you see Jungkook with him. Jungkook as the protector has the ability to keep Suga calm and in control. You see an example of this in the Run video when Suga and Jungkook fight. This is Jungkook seeing Suga on the edge and doing what he can to reel him in and bring him back under control in order to save them all. Music seems to be the main thing that can keep him calm. That’s why he breaks into the store in order to play the piano in First Love. This video combined with Jungkook’s shows a losing battle. Jungkook seems to be losing control and Suga or depression is gaining control.
Rap Monster Rap Monster is another difficult to pinpoint personality. The best we can figure out is Rap Monster is responsibility, innocence, and fear. This ties in with the fact that we see Rap Monster eating lollipops quite often. This shows a level of innocence and in the scene of I Need U where the lollipop turns into a cigarette this shows a loss of innocence. We see Rap Monster as the one holding a job and in Reflection he seems to be the one V calls for help as well as the one Jungkook seems to reach out to for help. These moments signify responsibility but then the fear sets in. He’s scared to help when Jungkook asks for help he covers his ears and when V calls for help he tries but quickly gives up and turns his back on the phone booth, too scared to fight to help.
JHope JHope is the attention seeker. As many of you already know in JHope’s video Mama, JHope’s psych evaluation reads that he has Munchausen syndrome (see above). This fits with him taking too many pills in I Need U and being in a hospital room in Run. We see his character interacting with Jimin most and we believe that to be because the pain would lead to JHope looking for comfort, attention and sympathy. As well as if anything taking pills and collapsing would only lead to more pain and Jimin is the holder of the pain.
JIN Jin is the original personality and the only real person. He would be considered Sinclair from Hermann Hesse’s Demian. For the most part in the original videos of I Need U, Prologue and Run Jin seems to be more observing than anything. We got the impression that his personality is sleeping almost and that the other personalities are in control. I think the title of his Wings video Awake speaks for itself.The original personality is waking up and starting to become aware. In later cards we’ll touch on why we think that is. More importantly the Awake video makes it clear that Jin is the original personality because you see him interacting with different objects that we have connected with other members. For example the apple which we saw in Jimin’s video and we see Jin playing with a lighter that we’ve only seen Suga with. Also if you look around his room you will recognize different objects from other member’s videos. The biggest blue is the six polaroids that we see left on the floor of his room, each representing a different member. First you have the mirror which would be Rap Monster, the picture of Eva which would be JHope, the apple which represents Jimin, the piano which is Suga, the picture of the bird which would be Jungkook, and the door with scratches that is V.
**The Butterfly The butterfly is not exactly a personality but it exists in Jin’s head. The butterfly is Jin’s guide and comfort he has his moments of realization when the butterfly is around. It’s partially because of the butterfly that Jin’s personality is waking up. The butterfly seems to represent Eva from the book. We’ll be sure to go into more detail about this later.
**The Bird We believe the bird to represent Demian. He exists only inside Jin's head and acts as a guide to Jin to help him overcome the other personalities. This one like the butterfly we will go into more later. This is all just our opinion and what my sister and I gathered from watching the videos. We do not own any of these pictures nor claim to. We hope to have the next card out soon. @AnyameTenchu Thirst Squad <3: @fruitypoptart @BrennaTran @AaliyahNewbell @twistedPuppy @IsoldaPazo @MichalJamerson @Sailynn @kolai4 @pharmgirlerin @Kolai4 @InnocentiaKishi @Junhwanbae92
I would love to be tagged in these, they're well researched and thought out~
Just wanted to point out that we changed a part of the theory already. So many little things to take into account. 😂😂😂 I have put an astrix next to the changes.
theory 101
This is brilliant! Love you clever ladies!
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