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Hi loves! Mod back with a SpeXial edition to Miracle Gene Mondays. This is going to be a Man Crush Monday, what better way to end it than with my Hubbywubbsikins Seyoung ♡

➺ He's literally the Cutest thing ever. . .

➺ You can always count on him to make cameos in other's broadcast

➺ Sometimes he further instigates things. . . .

➺ Other times he does the instigating, and turns from Angelic to Savage in .01sec, but let's be real, he's my most favorite person. . . .

➺ That second pause made Yongseoks Soul die instantly. .

(Yongseok, it's ok you gross man you, I still love you too. .)

➺ He's so perfect. . . LADIES GET YOU A MAN THAT CAN DO BOTH . . .

➺ From this section we can conclude the following about my loves:

1) Sangmin has no problem eating things off the ground 2) Yongseok is Mr. No Diplomacy. 3) Seyoung is savage. Don't let his beautiful face fool you.

Regardless of how savage he can be, Cross Gene loves him ♡ and so do I

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