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Sorry guys for taking so long with my Hongbin fanfic update! So to make it up to you guys here's a Hongbin one shot. Hope you like!

(You pronounce the girls name like if it was Debie) Moorim School filming of the last episode. Hyunwoo and I are on one bed. "Do you want to go under the covers?" Hyunwoo says. "Yah. We're in school." I say. Hyunwoo pouts and I pull the covers over our heads. Hyunwoo stares at me and leans in for a kiss. I don't know why but I go along with his kiss. He pulls away and I stare blankly at him. "Cut." I hear the director say. We come out from under the covers and I look over at Hyunwoo but he doesn't look at me. "Good job everyone!" Hyunwoo says to everyone and I do the same. I get off the bed and bow to the director and producers while I walk towards Hongbin. Hongbin smiles at me and hands me a bottled water. I snatch it from his hand and gulp down half of the bottle. "Are you ok?" Hongbin asks. "I..I think so?" I say. "Ok. So get all your stuff our van is outside waiting." Hongbin says. I nod. I'm in my dressing room packing up all my stuff when I hear the door open. It's Hyunwoo. My heart starts racing. "Hi Devy. Um.. Can we talk?" Hyunwoo asks. "Su...sure." I say. "So what happened earlier.." Hyunwoo rubs the back of his neck. "Um. I didn't mean to. Well I DID mean to." "It wasn't part of the script." I say. "I know.. It was my way of confessing to you." Hyunwoo says. My mouth opens. "Confes..confessing?" I say. "I've liked you ever since we started filming this drama I just never had the courage to tell you. And since today is our last day I built up the courage to confess." Hyunwoo walks to me and now we are only inches apart. "You don't have to give me an answer now. Just think about it please." He says before walking out. I watch him leave my dressing room. I plop down on my dressing room chair and take a deep breath before grabbing my bag and heading to the van. "What took you so long?" Hongbin asks. I'm still spaced out. Hongbin taps my shoulder. " are you ok?" I snap back to reality. "Ye...yes I'm fine...Hongbin-ah...the reason I took long was because...Hyunwoo confessed his feelings for me." Hongbin looks at me confused. "Confessed his feelings for you?" "Yea. On the last scene that we were under the covers he kissed me." I say. "But you guys had kissed before in other episodes." Hongbin says. "Yes but this kiss wasn't part of the script. And when I was in my dressing room just now.." I start off saying. "He kissed you again?!" Hongbin practically screams. "No! He just told me from his own mouth that he liked me ever since we started filming the drama together." I say. "Do you like him?" Hongbin asks. "I don't know. I don't think so. Ugh! I don't know." I say putting my face in my hands. "What kind of confession is that?" Hongbin says under his breath but I heard him. "Are you jealous?" I ask. "No." Hongbin pouts. "Are you worried he's going to take your best friend away?" I ask pinching his cheeks. He moves my hands away from his face. My mind replays what Hyunwoo said to me earlier. Why wouldn't I like Hyunwoo he's a sweet guy and he's cute. But my problem is that I have feelings for Hongbin but I don't know if he feels the same way I feel. We've been best friends for almost two years now and I've been getting mixed feelings from him. Ugh! I don't know. I put my headphones on but leave one ear open. I close my eyes and lose myself to the music. I suddenly hear Hongbin saying something. "The truth is I don't like the fact that Hyunwoo confessed to you. I been wanting to tell you that I like you but I can't. " Hongbin says. I keep my eyes closed. He probably thinks I'm sleeping. Wait? He likes me? He's BEEN wanting to tell me? What was stopping him? Am I not worth it? I feel the car come to a stop. "Hyung can you get me some snacks too please?" Hongbin says. I hear the car door slam shut after the manager leaves the car. I hear Hongbin sigh. "Why do you look so pretty when you're asleep?" Hongbin says. I feel him move a strand of hair away from my face and then I feel his lips on mine. I abruptly open my eyes and push him off me. "What are you doing?!" I ask. "I don't know! I don't know what came over me." Hongbin says. "I don't get you. You confess your feelings to me when I'm sleeping and then you kiss me." I say. "You were awake for that?" Hongbin asks. "Why didn't you say anything?" "Because you confessed to me thinking I was sleeping and I didn't want you to feel embarrassed so I stayed 'sleeping' because unlike you I think about other people's feelings." I say. "What do you mean by that?" Hongbin asks. "You know what just forget it." I say. I open the car door and move to the front passenger seat. Our manager comes inside the car. "Devy what are you doing up here?" The manager asks. "I was getting car sick back there." I say while I put my headphones back on and close my eyes once again. I hear Hongbin's phone ring. "Hey Hemi. What's up?" Hongbin says. Of course SHE would call him at a moment like this and he sounds excited to hear from her. "Yea I had fun last night too." Hongbin laughs. I could feel my blood boiling. "Manager oppa can you please drop me off at the company?" I ask. Hongbin stops talking to Hemi and stares at me. "The company? It's almost 2 in the morning." The manager says. "I know but I'm not really tired and I don't want to go to the dorms right now. Also if you still plan on dropping me off at the dorms I'll go by myself to the company. So please don't make me walk from the dorms to the company at this hour." I give him a sly smile. The manager sighs and drops me off at the company. I get out the car. "Are you really letting her go?" Hongbin asks the manager. The manager just nods his head. "Hyung!" Hongbin says. I walk into the company's dance room drop my bags on the floor connect my MP3 to the speakers and walk to the middle of the dance floor to start stretching. Ed Sheeran's Thinking out loud starts to play. While I'm stretching I start thinking to myself. How can I have a best friend like him who just plays with my emotions. He confesses to me and kisses me but is still talking to Hemi? Who knew becoming an idol would come with this type of drama. The Chainsmokers start to play and I start to dance my heart out for the next five hours. I'm sweating the room is spinning but atleast my head is not anymore. "Devy?" I hear Hongbin walk in the dance room. I walk towards the radio and put on another song. "Did you stay here all night?" Hongbin asks. I ignore him and start to dance again. Hongbin sighs. He walks towards the radio and shuts off the music. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I say walking towards the radio. I turn the music back on and Hongbin turns it back off. "Are you serious?" " Are you still mad at me?" Hongbin asks. "What do you think?" I say. "No?" Hongbin gives me his sweet smile and I roll my eyes at him. I walk to the bench and Hongbin follows after me and sits next to me. "Devy...about last night." Hongbin says. "What happened last night?" I act like I don't know anything. "Are you really going to act like nothing happened?" Hongbin asks. "You do so why can't I?" I say under my breath but loud enough so that he can hear. I walk to the radio and turn the music on once again. I walk to the middle of the dance floor and Hongbin grabs my arm and pulls me towards him. He grabs my face and kisses me. He pulls away from the kiss and gives me his puppy dog eyes. "I'm sorry." Hongbin says. "Have you eaten?" "No." I say. Hongbin grabs my hand and takes me to a restaurant that is near the company, where he buys me my favorite, cold noodles. "Eat up." Hongbin says. "Thank you." I say. I start eating my cold noodles when Hongbin's phone rings and I see that the caller id says Hemi. "Are you ok? Yea sure I'll be there." Hongbin says into the phone. "Devy I'm sorry but I have to go." I stand up and slam my chopsticks on the table. "Where are you going? You haven't finished eating." Hongbin says. "I suddenly lost my appetite." I say and walk back to the company. I'm glad it's Sunday. Nobody is usually in the company on Sunday's. I'm still hungry. "I can't believe he did it again. He kissed me and now he's once again with Hemi. He says he's my best friend but when Hemi calls it only takes him a few seconds to be there by her side." I say to myself. "Why do I keep putting up with this?" "Devy are you here?" Hongbin walks in to the practice room. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "I came to see if you were ok." Hongbin replies. "What happened with Hemi?" I ask. "My relationship with Hemi is not what you think." Hongbin says. "Whatever." I say. My phone rings. It's Hyunwoo. "Hey Hyunwoo." I say into the phone. "Yes I would love to meet up with you. Ok see you then." "You're meeting up with Hyunwoo?" Hongbin asks. "Why do you care?" I ask. "Because I like you Devy." Hongbin says walking up to me closing the distance between us. "No. You can't do this. Is it fun for you to be playing with someone's feelings like this. It's not fun for me!" I say. Hongbin closes the distance between us. "Hong...Hongbin." I breath. Hongbin leans in to kiss me but before our lips touch I say. "I need to go." I walk to the radio to get my MP3. "Fine I'll just go back to Hemi." Hongbin says. I turn to face him. "Are you serious right now. When the fuck are you going to grow up Hongbin?" I say. "Hemi thinks I'm grown." Hongbin says hinting that him and Hemi have had relations before. "Then why don't you go to her!" I say. "Maybe I will." Hongbin. "Fine and I'll make sure I stay by Hyunwoo's side. He will take better care of me than you would." I say. "Go ahead I don't care." Hongbin says. "Great. I rather kiss him anyway." I say. Hongbin grabs my face and kisses me. I push him away and slap him across the face. Tears fill my eyes. Hongbin walks to the door but I stand in front of it. "What do you think of me?" I ask. Hongbin doesn't look at me and tries to reach for the door knob but I block it. "Am I nothing to you?! Did our friendship mean nothing to you?! Huh!" I scream and tears blur my vision. Hongbin opens the door and when I close it I accidentally smash my finger. "Ouch!" I scream. "Are you ok?" Hongbin frantically holds my hand. Trying to figure out which finger is the injured one. I slowly move my hand away. "You have to go." I say calmly and move away from the door. "Devy." Hongbin says and I turn to look at him. I put my hands behind my back. Hongbin walks up to me gently grabs my face and says "You mean everything to me. I've liked you ever since I first saw you as the new trainee that entered the company. I wanted to get to know you better so I became your friend but I always wanted to be more than just your friend. I don't see Hemi the way I see you. She is far from that. Hemi and I have been family friends since we were young that's why I'm so attentive to her but nothing more than that. I like YOU Devy." Hongbin kisses me gently and I feel my tears roll down my cheeks. He pulls away from the kiss. "Sorry." I say. "Me too." Hongbin says. I suddenly feel the room spinning and my sight goes black. Director's POV Devy faints in Hongbin's arms. Hongbin lays her down on the floor and lightly taps her face. "Devy-ah! Devy-ah! Wake up!" Hongbin says panicking. Devy doesn't wake up. Hongbin carries Devy and gets in a cab and rushes her to the hospital. The nurses take Devy and put her in a room. A few minutes later the doctor comes out. Hongbin runs up to the doctor and asks, " How is she? Is she going to be ok?" The doctor smiles and says, " She's going to be fine. She was just really dehydrated and she said she hasn't eaten for two days so that's why she fainted but she is perfectly fine." "She's awake?" Hongbin says almost running inside the room. "She was but she's sound asleep now. You could go in and see her though." The doctor says. "Thank you so much doctor." Hongbin bows to him before stepping inside the room. Hongbin slowly walks up to Devy's side and sits on a chair that is right beside the bed. He gently grabs Devy's hand and places a light kiss on it. "This is all my fault. I'm sorry that I don't know how to express myself correctly or control my words when I'm angry. I promise that from now on I won't let myself or anyone else get in between our relationship ever again." Hongbin says. Hongbin looks at Devy's right hand and notices a silver clip on her ring finger. "Why do I cause you so much pain?" Hongbin asks a sleeping Devy. Hongbin lays his head on top of Devy's stomach and falls asleep. Devy's POV I open my eyes to see myself in a hospital bed with an IV on my right arm and a silver clip on my ring finger. I feel pressure on my stomach and I look down to see Hongbin sleeping on my stomach while holding my left hand. He looks so innocent when he's not talking. I take my right hand and move his hair away from his eyes. I look at his lips and remember the kisses we shared today and last night. I pass my thumb across his soft lips and the corner of his lips move up. I panic thinking I woke him up but he's still sleeping. The nurse walks in the room. "Oh. You're awake." She says. I place my index finger in front of my mouth and then I point to Hongbin. "Sorry." The nurse says. She checks my IV. "You're almost stable. In a few more hours you will be able to go home." "Thank you." I say and bow my head at her. The nurse leaves the room. Hongbin suddenly wakes up in panic. "Devy!" "I'm here. I'm ok." I squeeze his hand. Hongbin gives me a worried smile and a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry." "You know we need to expand our vocabulary more." I smile. He laughs. "Ok. How about from now on I will protect you from any harm even if I'm the one causing it." "That's a BIG promise don't you think?" I say. "I'll live up to it." Hongbin says confidently. Hongbin's phone rings and my heart jumps. Hongbin sees my worried face. "It's not her. It's manager hyung." Hongbin says giving me a reassuring smile. He walks to the right side of the room towards the window. He passes his hand through his hair. He hangs up the phone and walks back to me. "Is everything ok?" I ask. Hongbin looks worried and unsure. "What wrong?" "I have a meeting to attend real quick but I'll be back as soon as possible ok?" Hongbin says still worried. "Yah. I'll be ok without you for a few." I say. "Don't be too ok without me though. I'll be sad. Manager hyung will be here in a few to take my place." Hongbin says. Hongbin holds my hand and kisses it then he kisses my forehead. "I'll be back soon I promise." Hongbin says before placing a light kiss on my lips. Director's POV Hongbin leaves the room and sees his manager and Hyunwoo outside of Devy's room. "What are you doing here?" Hongbin snarks at Hyunwoo. "What is he doing here?" He says again but this time at his manager. Devy can hear everything from inside her room. "Hongbin!" Devy screams and Hongbin stops his words and just sighs before leaving to his meeting. Devy's POV Hyunwoo enters the room and I smile at him. He gives me a get well pink teddy bear that has a pink flower in its hands. "Thank you." I say. "How are you feeling?" Hyunwoo asks. "I'm better. Just a little dehydration." I say. "Just a little?" Hyunwoo raises an eyebrow. I laugh. "Ok. Maybe a lot. How did you know I was here?" I ask. "I went to pick you up and I ran into your manager and he told me that you were here." Hyunwoo says. My phone dings. It's a text message from Hongbin. "Just to be clear we are dating now. So you can't look, talk, or hangout with any other guy, araji?" Hongbin writes. "Mhmm." I reply. I look up at Hyunwoo. "Sorry." "Hongbin right?" Hyunwoo says. "Yea." I say. "Hyunwoo.." "It's ok I already know your answer." Hyunwoo smiles his sweet smile and my heart melts. My phone dings and it's Hongbin once again. "Don't you smile at any other guy either." Hongbin writes. I don't write back this time and put my phone on vibrate. I feel a little bad about Hyunwoo and receiving my answer this way. Hyunwoo and I talk for about thirty minutes before he has to leave for his appointment. "Wait Hyunwoo before you leave can you do me a favor?" I ask. "Sure anything." Hyunwoo says. "Can you help me walk to the restroom." I ask. "Yea sure." Hyunwoo says. "Can you also pass me my bag?" I ask. Hyunwoo grabs my bag but instead of giving it to me he puts it over his shoulder. "I could carry it. It's ok." I say. Hyunwoo shakes his head and proceeds to walk me to the restroom. He hands me my bag and before I step in the restroom he says, "I'll be waiting here." And I nod. I brush my teeth and wash my face. Director's POV "Why are you waiting for Devy outside the restroom." Hongbin suprises Hyunwoo. "She needed help to walk. That's why I'm here." Hyunwoo says. "Well I'm here now. I can take it from here." Hongbin says. "You're lucky to have a girl like Devy by your side. Tell her to take good care of herself." Hyunwoo says and walks off. Devy's POV I walk out the restroom to see Hongbin waiting for me. I look at him confused and he takes my bag and puts it on his shoulder and gently grabs my arm and leads me back to the room. I sit down on the bed still looking at him confused. "Please tell me you didn't do anything to Hyunwoo." I say. "I didn't." Hongbin says. "I just told him to leave." He whispers. "Hongbin!" I scold him. "I promise I was nice to him." Hongbin says without looking at me. "Did he say anything." I ask. "Nope." Hongbin says. "Hongbin." I glare at him. "Ok. Ok. He said to take care of yourself and that I'm lucky to have someone like you." Hongbin says without looking at me still. "But I already knew that." I smile. "Hongbin?" I call to him but he doesn't look at me. "Hongbin-ah." I call him once again and he looks up at me. With one finger I signal him to come to me. I grab him by the collar and kiss him. 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