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I know I have been MIA for awhile well that's because ALLERGIES SUCK!!! Annnnnyway I stopped the theories after the 2nd short film cause I felt like the short films were the same as the book....boy did I have it wrong (again)...Ok so before I start theorizing I recommend you guys read Demian (not only because of BTS, but also because it is a masterpiece)
Like I had explained in my Lie theory I think their plot revolves around youth and growing up. I have seen many theories about how Jin might be Emil Sinclair...while I agree with that I also think all of them are Emil Sinclair. I think each of them are the different stages of Sinclair...
Jungkook represents the young Sinclair that is just learning about the two sides (In the beginning of the book Sinclair has nightmares. This was nothing but the stage where he was discovering the two sides). The bird represents independence, something Sinclair hasn't had while living under his parents roof (so when Jungkook starts discovering the good and the bad he gets the wings to start his journey)
Jimin represents the dark side of Sinclair. Sinclair had lied by telling that he had stolen some apples. This was where it all started for Sinclair. He was then bullied by Kromer and was stuck in this dark place...
“Caught in a lie find back the innocent me I cannot get out of this lie”
Taehyung represents the defiant Sinclair that goes through the dark phase (the other realm “A richly colored flood of monstrous….prison, alcoholics and bickering women") After Sinclair tracks mud into his home his father scolds him...but what his father doesn't realize is he has committed a bigger crime (he had lied) So he feels superior to his father and that is where his defiant journey beings..being bullied by Kromer leaves Sinclair broken if he hadn't lied then he wouldn't be in this situation
"Please illuminate my crimes. Deeper. Darkly. I feel like I'm dying. Please punish me. Please forgive that crime. Please"
Suga represents the Sinclair when he finally discovers who he is. In the voice over Rapmon says, “There are numerous ways in which God makes us lonely and lead us back to ourselves” When Suga misses the car that is rushing towards him you see blood on the road. I think the blood represents Demian’s death “You will have to listen inside yourself, and then you’ll realize I’m in you. Do you understand?”
The short film could also be talking about Sinclair and Pistorius relationship. Pistorius plays the organ and Sinclair hears him playing and is fascinated. During their talks they somehow end up talking about Abraxas and from then on they experiment with fire worship...
Rapmon represents Sinclair’s inner voice during his dark phase. On numerous occasions Rapmon has written “Must live on” (Prologue, Reflection and now in Awake) I think he is telling himself to hold on. Although things might look bad now they will probably get better. Due to the constant bullying by Kromer, Sinclair has lost himself leading to self-hatred
“I wish I could love myself”
Jhope represents the young Sinclair who struggles with his inner conflict because of what he is learning (the two realms) (Jhope suffers from munchausen syndrome). Also every time Sinclair has a nightmare his mother gives him chocolate. Jhope eats a snickers when he comes out of the room (his nightmare)
Jin represents the adult Sinclair that has finally been reborn. He has let go of his past (burning the 6 petals) and is moving on. In the last paragraph Sinclair says, "But sometimes, when I find the key and climb fully down into myself, where the images of destiny slumber in their dark mirror, I need only bend down over the black mirror and I see my own image, which now looks exactly like Him, Him, my friend and my guide"
Finally when Jin gets up and walks out we see the six polaroids he has laid out...each representing the different stages of his growth...Jin has finally grown up...he has to destroy a world to be born again and that is exactly what he does by burning the petals...in the past he might have thought he could conquer the world, alas the reality is a lot more different..
It’s not like I believe it,
I’m just bearing it,
because this is all I can do.
I want to stay.
I want to dream more,
but it’s time to leave.
Yeah, it’s my truth.
I would be full of scars
But it’s my fate.
Still, I want to struggle.
Maybe I can never fly.
Just like those flowers,
Just as if I had wings.
Maybe I never will.
Maybe I can’t touch the sky.
But I still want to outstretch my hand,
I want to run just a little more.

Phew...and there you have it...I'm pretty sure Bighit will release something tomorrow just so I have to throw this theory out too...anyway what do you guys think??? Is there anything I might be missing out???

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