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This just showed up on my recommended feed on YouTube and OMG!

I think Wengie is so cute and love her tutorials, but this video was tooootally unexpected!

Turns out, Prince Mak and her went to the same dance school and they're old friends so they filmed a video together :3

She asks things usual Kpop interviews don't get to ask ;)

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Wengie and Max (her bf) are so cute~!
a year ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX i agreee
a year ago·Reply
it showed up on mine too. I was like what's this cuz I didn't even know her
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Same. I subscribed to her after seeing this video. She seems like a really nice youtuber and I think her videos might be helpful
a year ago
This was so adorable.
a year ago·Reply
Hey! This just showed up on my reccomended page, but I didn't watch it yet XD
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