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Hey guys!!!! Happy Monday to you all, although mines can go to the dogs!!! Here I go shaking up things for Monday!!!!
So who do you all think is the best dancer??????? Of course I'm gonna go with my hunnybunni Donghae, but I do have to give it up to Eunhyuk.
AAAhhhhhhh, who do you guys think is the sexiest member of Super Junior????? I really want to hear your thoughts on this one!!!!!!
Welp, I hope these videos didn't kill ya. If so, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!!!
Tagging my lovely ELF Rep's:
Tagging my ELF Buds:
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These were great videos! The top three in the dance video we're on point for me. I'm always impressed by them. When it comes to "sexiest" members, that's hard. I'd probably say Siwon is "Sexiest" but like it all depends on what kind of things you find sexy. Like you can incorporate their actions and mannerisms, you could get a whole other list.
Kyu is my bias but Siwon is the "sexiest"
I love how Leeteuk dances, but I have to give it up to Eunhyuk!
I agree with your top 2 for dance though sometimes I have Donghae first. Heechul I wouldn't place last because he is gifted at remembering the dance steps to everyone else's songs as evidenced by his performances on Weekly Idol. I think Siwon is georgeous, but love Donghae gentleness and more down to earth looks. Thanks for sharing your lists.
Siwon is the sexiest member in my opinion 😉
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Oh yes!