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Kim Kibum, the man who everyone feared and respected was now standing before you in his mighty glory. The intimidation radiated off his great stature and those piercing black eyes could have a grown man crying to his mother. You knew this man from the rumors around town. Though there were many stories and rumors regarding his life and work in the infamous gang SHINee, Kim Kibum or Key, was nothing but a stranger to you. A very gorgeous stranger at that. His existence was a mystery, one you itched to solve. Of course there were plenty of times were your curiosity would kick in and your eyes would wonder towards him during the one class the two of you shared but you have never spoken a word to each other. SHINee themselves were dangerous so you would much rather live to see your college years than mess with them. No matter how strong your curiosity was or how attractive Key was with those amazingly high and prominent cheekbones. No one has ever approached Key in fear that he would eat them if they ever spoke to him. Yes, there was rumor of him eating people if they made him angry. Talk about a fear of cannibalism.
It was almost as if you were trapped in a block of ice and Key's stare left you immobilized. Those beautiful but cold eyes were locked on your now frozen body. Unspoken words were passed through that gaze in a language you did not understand. Finally you worked up the nerve to break eye contact and made your way back inside the club to find your friends. It seems that time stops for no one even though it felt like that with your first real contact with Key, the party inside increasing in energy at every second. The already crowded dance floor was now a sea of people that seemed to never end. Teen girls trying to attract there partners for the night and men going after their next conquest made you feel sick to your stomach since this was never your scene to begin with. Hopelessly you gave up on finding Chae Rin because you knew it would be a lost cause. With this many people crowded into one space, finding her was like trying to find a needle in a hack stack. Mission Impossible.
You slid across the wall to avoid being trampled and to stick to being invisible from unwanted attention. A dimly lit hallway worked itself into your vision and you quietly slipped in coming across a small lounge. Voices rumbled from inside and your blood ran cold when something in your stomach was telling you to run. Through the small crack of the slightly jarred door, you saw burley men surrounding a broken down poker table dressed to the nines in perfectly tailored suits. Beautiful but barely dressed woman were slung across the laps of twice their age powerful looking men. The smell of cigar smoke slightly choked you but what made your blood run cold was not the strange men or even the guns in their holsters. "Did you delivery the package? I don't care about excuses Chan Woo! I care about money and you know what I do when I don't make money? I take care of the problem. Permanently." Were you witnessing a crime ring?! Panic set in and that's where you drew the line, wanting to get as far away as possible quietly. Luck was not on your side however and a old floor board creaked underneath the pressure of your feet. The room went deathly silent. "Someone is outside." "Check the hallway for any unwanted 'guests' Maybe even greet them with the barrel of a gun. Just make sure not to leave a mess like last time Minsu." "Oh no! This is the end! I'm sorry mom! I lied! I was the one who broke your favorite lamp and blamed it on the cat! I'm sorry dad embarrassing you infront of your co workers by letting it slip that you fart after every time you drink a beer! I'm sorry Eun Min for being a bad sis..." With a sense of urgency, your arms were pulled from behind and you were slammed into a wall. "This is the end! Goodbye world!" You were prepared to take a bullet to the head but nothing prepared you for this. Your very first kiss was taken by a gorgeous stranger. Key's lips claimed yours, moving in sync while his demanded dominance. His huge and callous hands exploring your body while yours wrapped themselves tightly around his neck instinctively. A sense of urgency radiated off his body and you seemed to forget about the impending doom for a moment before you were brought back to reality. Pushing yourself away was no use because Key's strength overruled yours, meeting your lips together again. "Who's out here!" The man you assumed to be Minsu demanded but Key payed him no heed, instead angling his head to where he could deepen the kiss. Your body was pinned to the wall with Key against you like a second skin "Horny teenagers." Minsu grumbled, stalking back into the lounge with his fellow criminals. The door was shut tightly with a slam to avoid any more disturbances. "What was that?" You asked, breathing heavily after breaking apart. "I believe I just saved your life sweetheart." Little did you know that one night would be the beginning of the next chapter of your life. Key being the one of the main characters in your life story. That was the night life changed for you and the gorgeous stranger forever. THE END!