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Ch 6/?

Hakyeon barely had enough time to make it to the bus stop. He let out a breath of relief when he was finally able to sit down. It was a fifteen minute drive by bus so he took the time to relax. Placing his earbuds in, he let his mind wonder. When his stop came he climbed off the bus and made his way over to the busy coffee shop. Fans where lined up out the door. Hakyeon had to force his way through the crowd just to get to work. 

“Aish these fans.” He huffed in annoyance. He was grateful that his hyung was so loved but this was worse than usual. He realized why when he walked in the back door. All the members where here today. 

Hakyeon mouthed formed an 'O' shape when he entered the building.
“Hello.” He spoke politely. He got various greetings from the boys who made room for him to get to his locker. He replaced his jacket with his apron and made his way to the front. 
The back wall behind the counter was a forest green with chalkboards that listed the days specials and prices. Various pictures of the group where placed around the cafe. Every table and counter top shined. In the middle of each table was an encouragement and thank you letters to the fans. It wasn’t large building but it was decent size.

“Good morning Hyung!” He greeted as he took a previous employee’s spot. 

“Ah Hakyeon-ah!” He smiled warmly. “Good morning!” 
There was no more room for conversation as the customers began ordering and his hyung doing some fan service. Hakyeon didn’t sit all morning as he kept serving customers. Lunch was even worse.
Finally Hakyeon had a break before the dinner rush. He went to the back and sat down to rest his feet. The members took turns going out and taking selfies with fans phones. 
“Oh hyung I was wondering if I could ask a favor?” Hakyeon spoke up. His hyung turned and raised an eyebrow. All playfulness gone from his face.

“What is it?” 

“Well, I have this friend who is in need of a job. I was wondering if you would consider interviewing him for working here?” 

“Hakyeon-“ His hyung began. Hakyeon interrupted before he could go on.

“He’s in the same boat I was when you hired me and has a little girl around the same age as Hongbin and Wonsik.” 
Silence hung in the air as he the air. The only sound being the chatter from the front of excited fans. 
“I’ll interview him but no promises.” 

“Yes! Thank you Hyung!” Hakyeon took his phone out to call Ken and inform Leo. After his phone call it was back to work. They where hectic busy until close. The members all helped clean up before leaving. Hakyeon cleaned up before switching out his apron for his jacket. 
He arrived home feeling worn out. Hopefully the boys hadn't run Ken into the grownd yet.
They where quite energetic little boys. He wondered how Yuki was doing. She was practically glued to Leo when he left. The poor girl must of been traumatized at some point in her early life. Upon opening the door he was met with squeals and laughter. 
“I’m home." He announced causing the boys to run to him. Hakyeon groaned as he fell to the ground with two little boys atop of him.

“Hi Hyung!” They spoke in unison. “We defeated the big nose dragon!” 

“Big nose dragon?” HE asked raising a brow. He wondered if he should scold them or laugh. It was hard not to. Yuki peeked out from around the corner and waved shyy. 
“Hello Yuki. Did you have fun today?” HE asked as he moved the boys so he could at least sit up. She smiled and nodded. Hongbin went over and took her hand leading her out from behind the wall.

“We saved her from the big dose dragon!” He declared happily. It was clear he and Wonsik were very proud of themselves. 

“She’s not scared anymore!" Wonsik spoke with a firm nod. “Well, maybe a little! But Yuki!” He turned towards the girll. “You can learn to be brave like us!” 

“We’ll teach you everything!" Hongbin nodded. Yuki smhled at the two and spoke a quiet. 

“Okay Oppa’s.”

“Oppa’s?” Hakyeon questioned. 

“That's what we told her to call us! Since we are family now!” Hongbin declared. The words tugged at Hakyeons heart. HE didn’t have it in him to tell the boys Yuki may not be living with them forever. Instead he just smiled and ruffled their hair as he passed them.
Ken was sitting stiffly on the couch while Leo looked right at home relaxing on the opposite end.
“Welcome home Hyung.” Ken spoke almost stiffly.

“Hello Ken, Leo. How did things go today?” He asked taking a seat betaeen them. He let out a content sigh as his body finallyy relaxed. That was until two little monsters decided to climb up on his lap. He held back a groan and wrapped his arms around them. They may be busy little monsters but they were his busy little monsters. 

“G-good.” Ken stuttered.

“How did Yuki do with you being here?” HE asked causing the boys to giggles. 

“Yuki didn’t want to play at first.” Wonsik began.
“But after we defeatted the big nose dragon she same out to play.” Hongbin finished. Ken looked at the boys with a frown. 
“Must you call me big nose dragon?” He asked.

“NE!” The boys spoke in unison while giggling. 

“You do have a big nose.” Hakyeon shrugged earning him a glare form the younger. He just grinned before turning to Leo. 

“Do you think Yuki will be okay with Ken if you get the job?” Hakyeon asked Leo. Leo stared at the ceiling thinking. He looked down when he felt Yuki tug on his borrowed shirt. They seemed to speak telepathically. Leo gave a slight nod to Hakyeon. Hakyeon smiled and began to fill Leo in on everything he needed to know. The kids scampered off and went to play.

~Somewhere else~

“Have you found the boy and the girl yet?” A fierce voice asked his subordinate. 

“N-not yet sir. We l-l-o-ost them in the storm.” the younger man quivered. His boss was not someone to upset. His temper had proved that on a daily basis. A string of curses left the mans mouth as the glass shattered against the wall. 

“I don’t care what you have to do to him but I want that child! She is mine!” He all but spit out.

“Yes sir.” 

“If you fail me again I’ll send the twins to play with you.” The man promised. The twins?! There was two sets of twins and neither pair had a kind bone in their body. 

“I understand sir.” He bowed and quickly excited the room. He was determined to find that girl at all costs now. He’d kill anyone who got in his way.
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