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A short shot of yummy...Tomato and Cream Soup with Grilled Chicken and Croutons served at Canvas Bistro in Cebu Philippines
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oh myyyyyy!!!!!!!! seriously you know the best eateries around cebuuuu!!! you should make like a collection for theseee!! people would appreciate it so muchh whenver they ahve to travel ; )))
@roselee89 It depends on how adventurous you are when in comes to food but I must say that Filipino cuisine is acceptable to tourists except I'd be lying if we also have our share of exotic food that can very well be part of the FEAR FACTOR series...but you should try the Filipino Restaurants in the malls or those that have stand alone restaurants. I will make a separate card on the list of restaurants to visit when in Cebu...if not send me an email of what you want to see and do in Cebu. email: iluvcayenne@gmail.com