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Today I woke up from a dream, I forgot the dream as soon as I woke up but I knew what I dreamt, it was in my heart, in my soul and I knew the dream without remembering it. I dreamt that I finally got the girl I love, I finally had her I finally could kiss her tell her how I feel about her ,tell her she's the most beautiful ,tell her she's smart, tell her she's my sun and my stars the light of my life and I could finally hear her tell me back those words that I always wanted to hear, "I love u jose!" but I knew that the dream I felt was a look at what could have been, but not what i will have, I finally told her two months back and now the dream is to finally have me see that "what if" and move on
so today I had extra fun with my friends cause I knew that my heart is open and I'm ready to love another girl I can finally live... so dudes, dudettes tatakai tsuzukemasu!!!!!!