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Lee Min-ho and Park Sin-hye in "The Heirs" Actor Lee Min-ho and actresses Park Sin-hye and Krystal are headed for America. They are joining the making of the new SBS drama, "Those Who Want the Crown, Withstand the Weight of it - The Heirs". It should take about 3 weeks of shooting in the US and they will return at the end of September. The shooting will take place in LA and the beaches of Malibu. The purpose of the US location is to reflect on the luxurious life of wealthy children. "Those Who Want the Crown, Withstand the Weight of it - The Heirs" is about the love and friendship high school students from wealthy families. They are all heirs to a plutocrat company, a luxury resort and authority. Other than Lee Min-ho, Park Sin-hye and Krystal are Choi Jin-hyeok, Yoon Son-ha, Choi Won-yeong, Hyung Sik, Lim Joo-eun and more. To be aired in October. Original source: http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/entv/201308/sp2013082107020994350.htm Credit http://www.hancinema.net/lee-min-ho-and-park-sin-hye-in-the-heirs-59520.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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hurry up and air HEIRS,,excited much!!!